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CIV5 Herbstturnier 2015 Halbfinals beendet 

Finale komplett

By myl_supporter | 10:56 30. 11. 2015  |  Log or register To write comments
A community-made expansion is under work! 

Several fans of Age of Wonders 3 are working together to create several mods which will result (probably in several months) in an expansion for AoW3: new layer, Race and Dwelling are to be expected!

By Hiliadan | 09:50 18. 06. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments
Registration for a PBEM 2 vs 2 team tournament will open next week 

A 2 vs 2 PBEM tournament should start on July 15 and gather about 32 players, with registration opening on 15 June

By Hiliadan | 10:26 09. 06. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments
PBEM balance mod v1.1 released! 

Zaskow and cbower collaborated to deliver v1.1 of the community mod fixing Necro, conversion and XP farming issues

By Hiliadan | 06:09 04. 06. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments
$eer Tournament story 

Whisky alarm in france

By myl_supporter | 23:53 26. 05. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments
Watch Techno vs Azzazir 

LMP Duel Tournament

By myl_supporter | 16:44 11. 05. 2016  |  Log or register To write comments

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