Current game 1vs1vs1 (Organisator Skuns453Lirik902) - PBEM Game

When everyone knows the values (classes / races, leaders) of others or at the end of the game, the values can be updated on this page, which will feed the meta statistics (please avoid revealing your or other player’s values when it may provide strategic information to your opponents).

Pos: Players name: Playtime ClassesRacesTeam Rate
1 Skuns453Lirik90217:00-21:00RogueTigrans1here
2 MARKYMARK18:00-0:00SorcererHalflings2here
3 novograd12:00-0:00TheocratDwarves3here
Published on 2019-11-22 11:04:24

Written by Skuns453Lirik902
It's not me who bested Novo   It's Novo was trying to win in bad position with using Justicars <smiletext6>  And if he would win, he would save at least 6 cool units to continue his march + his stack which was not involved in final fight <smiletext1> It was cleverly, but untimely (too late). So he'd lose <smiletext17>

Published on 2019-11-22 02:51:56

Confirmed by novograd
Confirmed by novograd

Published on 2019-11-21 21:19:35

Confirmed by MARKYMARK
Hmm what Shell I say. I had no battle and then skuns bested Novo. I give up. I,m sure. The Game is decided 

Published on 2019-11-21 21:16:52

Written by MARKYMARK
Okay like you want. 

Published on 2019-11-21 16:24:10

Written by Skuns453Lirik902
Score: 2vs1.jpg

Published on 2019-11-21 16:18:40

Mark, why you did so? Why you didn't retreat? 

Published on 2019-11-19 19:51:15

I'd like to continue right to the end. Especially when you are so close from my borders.  <smiletext1>
Though, I think, Novo will be for a new match <smiletext0>

Published on 2019-11-19 19:45:24

Game was planned than 2on2, we can end game and Maybe do a real 2on2....i have three (four) stacks far away and not concentrated and lost Capitol too….do not think i can beat skuns in next 10 turns and after using a second Capitol, going too strong.

Published on 2019-11-19 04:55:26

Well, I think, throne is very important. And I was hoping that you won't chase me after my buyings in the inn or, at least, will go some aside from me.  And for that time you could rebuild your throne)) 
By the way, if you would attack me at the previous turn you'd win for sure   And without Justicars the battle would end after your leader's death.

Published on 2019-11-18 22:16:54

well throne isn't important, become void or not, without that army I can't play.
And my slow units have same speed as you so if you just run away, they never can join fight.

I could just hold my situation and don't attack, but your army did so much damage, so I wanted to revenge or die.
the critical points was your vassal killed my 2heroes.
they were at town, so I thought that they will not attack me.
With that 2heroes, maybe I could win last battle.

Published on 2019-11-18 19:02:26

@Novo It's interesting and clever to use Divine Justicars for battles even while not having a throne city   But you should complete your armies before this battle and you could bring your throne to your another city for that turns  (since you allowed me to take and destroy your previous throne).

It looks like that Mark is coming for me   But it's a bit late, possibly   

@Mark  Aren't you afraid of T4/T3 roaming army with Bone dragon near this area? Be careful, poison attacks are dangerous for some your units <smiletext1> 

Published on 2019-11-18 17:20:50

Could you, please, give us more information then these 2 words ? 

Published on 2019-11-18 07:20:21

I lost...

Published on 2019-10-31 10:57:55

Hi guys. I have to notice that I'm going to weekend vacation (from 1-st till 5-th of November). So probably I can't play my turn this period. Sorry for this

Published on 2019-10-24 20:16:54

think shall be not a league when 2vs1:-) But can be a fun game without report.

Published on 2019-10-24 12:43:55

In my opinion, making alliances at such small match is not fair at all. <smiletext6> I was hoped for your both' shrewdness but it was vainly. Well, my loss is not far off. Especially since novo promised it to me 

Published on 2019-10-24 10:12:52

All right.. Skuns killed my 4units.
I will rush to you.
MARKY and me are already allies and if you lose, maybe our win?
allied victory is checked or not?
If not I will surrender after kill Skuns.

Published on 2019-10-17 06:50:43

Hi guys. I have to notice that I'm going to weekend vacation (from 18-th till 21-nd of October). So probably I can't play my turn this period. Sorry for this <smiletext21>

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