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Current game 1vs1vs1  (Organisator Skuns453Lirik902) - PBEM Game

When everyone knows the values (classes / races, leaders) of others or at the end of the game, the values can be updated on this page, which will feed the meta statistics (please avoid revealing your or other player’s values when it may provide strategic information to your opponents).

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Published on 2019-10-17 06:50:43

Hi guys. I have to notice that I'm going to weekend vacation (from 18-th till 21-nd of October). So probably I can't play my turn this period. Sorry for this <smiletext21>

Published on 2019-10-13 12:03:03

Novo, be careful - there was one match Mark vs Jean (№1 of our rating). Mark attacked with his 3 stacks of T1\T2 halfling units his opponent's stacks with T2\T3 units and ... won  I'm afraid of such unexpectable opponents with more than 100% luckiness))

Published on 2019-10-13 11:19:43

Then try to kill Novo first  Or he will come for your empire 

Published on 2019-10-12 15:49:55

We have found us now :-) Lets fight<smiletext24>

Published on 2019-10-12 07:49:23

Yeah, yeah, Novo, I know this trick  with over sixty units for such games to say: "I lost few units, 1 hero and in a whole All is really bad" It's saying to put to sleep opponents' alertness <smiletext17>  

Published on 2019-10-10 20:41:49

Well in this game I'm in really bad situation.
my leader still 7level, same as turn 10 in normal game.
and lost several units already.
and the reason I don't put guard on throne is I need that small units also to make clearing stack.
About evengelists, they are very short cut in research.

Published on 2019-10-10 20:29:05

As for me, Mark and me should create an alliance against the strongest opponent 

Published on 2019-10-10 20:27:14

@Novo You said: "It's quite brutal to take 2 cities" It's very cocky to leave your cities undefended, especially your throne 

Published on 2019-10-10 20:19:45

To make alliance with him to absorb his empire easily?   You have already at least 1 T3 Theo unit and will make more soon, so why do you need an alliance from one of us? Next time, I think I will try to make a run Theo vs Theo  Although your speed to grow as Theo is exciting))

Published on 2019-10-10 11:45:22

Ohhh i,m Not. Shall i Come? Which direction 

Published on 2019-10-10 02:06:53

Who is rogue? Maybe Skuns? As I think MARKY don't bother me with scout.
It's quite brutal to take 2cities in this 1vs1vs1...
you get nothing from it!
And you are making enemy)))
Now I will try to forge alliance with MARKY.

Published on 2019-09-30 18:38:26

I forgot to preset teams for each player to avoid creating alliances.  Especially for such small maps

Published on 2019-09-19 11:59:52

Hi guys. Sorry for slowing down my playing turns. I have to notice that I'm going to vacation from 22-nd till 28-th of September. At this period I won't be able to play, but I'll try to do my best to play anyway 

Published on 2019-09-15 08:40:17

Ok, then will continue 

Published on 2019-09-14 19:34:16

make fast game and then search a Player for a 2on2:-)

Published on 2019-09-14 19:25:50

I knew it and I think it's good to play with small map.
if it continue 30turns, it's ok for me.

Published on 2019-09-14 19:24:21

M-m-m, none of you didn't notice that there is small square map setting in the match So it will be very fast match  Or we could restart with bigger map than now. How do you think?

P.S. Anyway, sorry for such inconvenience

Published on 2019-09-01 11:21:05

ok everyone joined

Published on 2019-09-01 09:51:50

Well, it looks like I have to rehost this game with only 3 players and without team setting)

Name - "1v1v1"
Password - 051

Published on 2019-09-01 09:22:30
System notification | 2 vs 2 Teams

Hi everyone. A few words about the settings: tournament settings, PBEM balance mod - the main branchStrong Defenders Normal Rewards MOD. Turn timer is 3-4 days.

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