Game #736 | Panda/Hamster/Raccoon/Elk vs The Sinners.

Jean_de_Metz vs  HellBrick vs  Melciar vs  Nook vs  Tasslehoff vs  Mr. Hawk vs  Fistandantilus vs  Warlord Keldon

Match Details

Rating 2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:8
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 88
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 Jean_de_MetzRogueGoblins11200here
1 HellBrickSorcererDraconians12000here
1 MelciarTheocratDwarves12500here
1 NookDreadnoughtHumans192460here
2 TasslehoffRogueGoblins2-260-50here
2 Mr. HawkSorcererFrostlings200-61here
2 FistandantilusSorcererDwarves2-250-50here
2 Warlord KeldonArchdruidElves2-240-50here
Posts to the game:
Published on Sun, 11 Feb 2018 14:09:30 +0100

Confirmed by Fistandantilus
Pity it didn't last until turn 100 but it's been a good ride anyway. Congrats.

Published on Wed, 07 Feb 2018 23:32:07 +0100

Confirmed by Mr. Hawk
Confirmed by Mr. Hawk

Published on Tue, 06 Feb 2018 19:13:18 +0100

Written by HellBrick
It took us 98 turns and 9 months to finish this emotional roller coaster of a game, but it's finally over =) I want to thank everyone who participated in it, both allies and opponents, you all made this game truly epic and thrilling.

This is a game that definitely needs to have a report written about it. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to it and how long will it take, but the story of our struggle for survival that started with losing Melciar on the day 18(?) and eventually ended with us emerging victorious is just too dramatic to be left unshared. So stay tuned, I guess =)

Published on Mon, 29 Jan 2018 16:38:38 +0100

Arnout answered: they upped the limit to 20 Mb so should work now.

I'm still amazed your game reached 16 Mb, that's huge!

Published on Sun, 28 Jan 2018 22:34:15 +0100

Thanks for your help, I did as suggested by you.

Published on Sat, 27 Jan 2018 08:38:00 +0100

Even more recent posts saying the limit was raised from 8 Mb to 10 Mb: and that it's still 10 Mb: />
It's pretty weird yours reached 16 Mb.

Published on Sat, 27 Jan 2018 08:36:26 +0100

Yeah, I'm afraid you reached the save file size limit... See it was 6Mo at one time.
I suggest you report in that same topic or open a new one and report the size of the file and the ID of the session (the number in the name of the save).

Published on Sat, 27 Jan 2018 08:29:36 +0100

the size is 16.739KB, I did not play with debug mode, after saving the game it does not start to transfer any data and the notice is "upload failed"

Published on Sat, 27 Jan 2018 07:56:22 +0100

What's the size of the save file? Did you have debug mode on when you played? We could see what the log says about the upload.

Published on Sat, 27 Jan 2018 06:40:51 +0100

It's two days that I try but without success, while with other games I had no problems, I'm afraid it's just our round that does not work.

Published on Fri, 26 Jan 2018 23:15:25 +0100

Hi! No problem at all, Hawk <smiletext1> Try to restart the game and upload once more time or just wait till tomorrow - maybe the problem disappears. 

Published on Fri, 26 Jan 2018 22:00:19 +0100

Hi guys, I have a problem, I played well my turn but the upload fails every time <smiletext6>

Published on Wed, 10 Jan 2018 09:20:52 +0100

GR, the same problem like torunament 2v2, failed upload and Ironman message.

Published on Sat, 02 Dec 2017 06:17:14 +0100

Hi, I'll be on vacation for a week starting tomorrow (Dec the 3rd) so won't be able to play any turns till mext monday (11/12). Sorry about that <smiletext6>

Published on Thu, 30 Nov 2017 14:52:48 +0100

It's funny but I did the same misplay as Keldon several turns ago: I missclicked and moved in the wrong way.
I asked Keldon if I could take a restart to make the right move (we're approaching each other and it's important to make the right positioning) and he said yes.
Thanks a lot! 

Published on Thu, 23 Nov 2017 01:38:54 +0100

No problem at all, Keldon <smiletext0>
Everything is fine, you don't even need to apologize.
- Jean

Published on Wed, 22 Nov 2017 19:41:29 +0100

Sorry guys for GR, but I pushed the wrong mouse button. my units moved in a stupid position and not close to the others. Is too important at this time of the match.

Published on Sat, 04 Nov 2017 11:19:45 +0100

Hi, guys!
I'm glad the bug was solved.
I'll do whatever Tass decides. If it's more comfortable for him to play the turn once again without bugs I will simply revert it then. Or he decides to make the procedure described by Hiliadan. Waiting for his repsonce <smiletext0>
- Jean

P.S. The game is good though it seems Hawk is gonna rape us with all his stacks

Published on Sat, 04 Nov 2017 11:04:01 +0100

Revert is an option but a better option is:
"Here is the procedure: go to C:\Users\[Windows user name]\Documents\My Games\AoW3\Profiles\[AoW3 user name]\PBEM, find the save game from the the bugged PBEM game, delete the 3 files (.txt, .apg, .~apg). Launch AoW3 with the updated mod, and load your PBEM game as usual: it will give you an Ironman warning, there is no way to avoid that, then your turn will load and you will be able to continue playing as usual."
Sorry for the trouble and thanks Tass for reporting with the screenshot.

Published on Sat, 04 Nov 2017 10:52:21 +0100

Hi Jean, Tass has open hisround with mod bugs, I think you need to make a revert before to the previous player, now they have solved the bug.

Published on Sat, 04 Nov 2017 04:53:51 +0100

Something strange is happening in the game, after the latest updates it seems gone mad ...maybe "Stranger Things"
Jokes apart, the mod must have a bug especially with flying creatures, try to create a test game and you'll find out.

Published on Fri, 03 Nov 2017 23:18:01 +0100

Mod bugged
Hi guys,

I just update mod 1.22 but my flying/floating units on the sea are now embarked and I can't disembark them.
I wrote to Hiliadan about the issue.

Published on Wed, 18 Oct 2017 12:49:16 +0200

do not worry, you can also play with your eyes closed

Published on Tue, 17 Oct 2017 20:13:56 +0200

I have to inform you, guys, that unfortunately I got a quite severe conjunctivitis and I'm recommended not to use pc at all till the disease is gone. So I'll make a short break in turns now. 
I'm sorry.

P.S. Nook is back and I'm gone, damn, the game is cursed >_>

Published on Wed, 11 Oct 2017 08:09:55 +0200

Nook is on another vacation and he'll be unavailable until October 17th. (What is it with people picking the places that got WiFi uninvented as their vacation spots?..)

Published on Fri, 22 Sep 2017 01:43:22 +0200

Sorry, had an overheat of the pc and crash.

Published on Wed, 13 Sep 2017 19:51:45 +0200

Ah, ok, np ^^ I wish him good holidays !

Published on Wed, 13 Sep 2017 17:56:46 +0200

Yep ... but now is WK on vacation till Sunday.

Published on Wed, 13 Sep 2017 17:20:26 +0200

Looks like Tass is back. 
I still don't think we need timer here but let's not stall the game .

Published on Thu, 31 Aug 2017 11:08:28 +0200

I will be on vacation from September 2 to 9. No laptop for a week.

See you,

Published on Tue, 22 Aug 2017 12:56:12 +0200

Sorry, I have a gr, I don't know why

Published on Sat, 05 Aug 2017 15:23:45 +0200

Sorry for the GR at the second time. My PC is broke, it overheats all the time when i play the games. I will try to fix it next time. 

Published on Sun, 09 Jul 2017 00:21:39 +0200

Nook on vacation
Hey, guys. Nook went on vacation to Italy  2 days ago, he won't be available to play till the end of July. That's why I'm not hurrying with my turn.
Actually, this month's gonna be full of breaks cause I myself am leaving soon and, I guess, some of you too <smiletext0> 

Published on Wed, 28 Jun 2017 15:38:08 +0200

No no, don't disband anything

Published on Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:54:14 +0200

Hi, Hawk!
Yeah, well, I got extremely lucky in the last battle. After attacking and losing the big battle to Fist (where his warlord survived) I thought it was over: Fist would escape with the hero, get a new army with phantasmal warriors summoned and take the throne. I had some untouchables left who didn't manage to get to the battle last turn (you might have noticed I had to build a road to be able to attack). So I got my new turn and was really surprised to see the warlord killing the ogre and still staying near the capital with almost no backup. I attacked with all I had + newly built bard (very likely victory) and you saw the result. The warlord would have died anyway, but luckily for me the bard charmed him on auto. 
I've been strugglying with my laptop for quite a lot and it became much worse in the last days. Due to unknown for me reasons it begins to overheat every time I play games (especially some like Overwatch - during it laptop just switches off, that's all). The screen also tends to blink and therefore browser lags and stops working. In case of AoW I save the game after every tactical battle but some turns last 1-2 hours and the game crashes very often.
Since it concerns all my games (only in the top-8 game was I lucky not to have any crashes) I've apologized to the community in the general chat. Today I got the device I ordered several days ago - a special stand for the laptop which have a cooling effect. I've already tested it and monitored the data with Aida64 programm: it became better, the core is only 90-100C maximum during games. I hope it works for the future too.
Once again sorry for these crashes. I know that it might look pretty suspicious that I managed to charm a hero on auto during the turn with IM notification so I can simply disband it if you like. Just tell me <smiletext1>

Published on Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:18:51 +0200

Wow JdM, you too have been lucky: one shot, one alone hero charmed and great scouting.
I saw you did a GR, what's happened?

Published on Fri, 23 Jun 2017 15:44:00 +0200

Lucky Fist xD 

Published on Sun, 18 Jun 2017 15:00:31 +0200

sorry for the GR but my pc crashed when I reload the match