QA : League - Administration

What purpose does the league administration serve?

The main thing is to keep our community together. Activity is important for that.Admins help and on their own post news, host games, invite players and organize tournaments..

How do I become an administrator?

Contact our team. Someone from our team unlocks the player to the admin. After, you find an Icon in the top-Navigation for adminstration the league. Furthermore, useful links to the administration are always displayed in the page, such as editing of News ....

Would like to administer more, what can I do

If you want to edit something you do not find, contact us. We can certainly do it. Our goal is to have a page where someone without database and HTML knowledga can administer.

What can I do on league page as an admin, using the admin tab?

Here you can add players, teams, write news and newsletters, administer sub-tournaments / leagues and much more!

Can I also deactivate my admin account again?

Yes, you can demote yourself, but please contact us via contact form.

Can I set a password for the players?

Yes, you can create player accounts with email and password! But you can also reset passwords if they already have an account. But best of all, you help the players to help themselves.

Which graphics / files can I upload?

- Tournament graphics like banner / roster
- Graphics or attachments to the news
- Own videos for embedding on the main page

Which links can be added or edited on the navigation bar?

- Link to your forum
- Link to your Facebook community
- Link to your chat (Discord Channel)
- Link to your Youtoube videos
- Link to your Twitter community
- Link to the official community
- Link to the manufacturer
- Link to the publisher
- Link to a wiki
Please contact our team.

What parts of the page can be customized?

- Your rules
- Your prices
- Your sponsors
- Your team
- Your partners

Can I use skins for the site?

No, not yet.

Are there any technical limitations?

Tournaments can only be played up to 128 players. The league itself is unlimited.

Can I set an age protection?

Yes, it can be unlocked technically. Contact our team here

What are the meta statistics?

The meta statistics are taken from the reports (completed games). They contain a collection of statistics and its correlation with the ranking. It can also determine what strengths a player uses.

Can the report template be changed to get more data for the meta statistics?

Yes, a distinction is made between:
- Game Settings. Example: card size, map, mod
- Player Settings (Player Options). Example: crew, color, race
- Free fields: example How many points in the end?
- Points field: Value according to what is rated, eg. Goals, kills, goals achieved

Can I make "confirm report" mandatory?

Yes. Can you make an obligation for it. Can also be unlocked. Contact our team here

Can the background music be set?

Yes, but make maybe not sense. Contact our team here

Where do I set my rules for tournaments?

In tournament administration area

Can I also set specific banners for my other tournaments?

Yes, select tournament in the admin section.

I want to reset ranking, can I?

We don't have it in plans yet. Maybe in the future we will consider yearly subrankings.