We appreciate your interest and support! FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What is ""?

"" is a portal for players of all kinds. G4L is an abbreviation for gamesforleague. You can also reach our site URLs and Anyone can join us, old or young, big or small, because we are all the same - we are the gamers!We give you the opportunity to create your own leagues and community.It's important to note that this gaming does not even have to happen online! For example, your league might have a foosball character.

2) How can I join?

Nothing easier than this! Just use the following link and become part of the community.

3) What if I forgot the password?

You can quickly change it with "New Password" button, or via the following link

4) How do I find my league / opponent?

Overview of the leagues can be found on the left, in the navigation. To find an opponent in league, you need to create a game and then write to players.You can invite them to your friend list (see below "friends" on the start page).You can always advertise the game wherever (Discord / Steam / forums etc.)

5) I accidentally agreed to a game. Do I have to play now?

Just contact the admin before the game starts - you can also write a comment in this game page.Game rules may also specify how such situations gets be resolved.

6) Why is it important to play about our community and to play games?

It is about not playing alone, but together. If there are games and reports there are more players, as many do not like to play alone. But somebody has to start. That's why activity on the page is important. Together, everything is much more fun. And with more players, the stats are much more valuable.

7) I would like to add prices to my league! Is that possible?

Sure! Just write to our admins, they will help you!Otherwise, can be donated by tournament via Paypal

8) Where can I find the chat?

As a player, you should have it available. Otherwise, follow the Link

9) Can I change my e-mail?

Yes, either in profile, or write us via contact form!!

10) Is everything really free?

Yes of course. We do this as a hobby and hope for donations.Maybe we can also use one or the other advertising.

11) Can I use the site without ads?

Of course it's possible. At the moment there is no advertisement at the moment. If the advertising bothers you, contact us via the contact form. We'll see what we can do.