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Aperçu The Ultimate Mod Variation Showdown | Live-Multiplayer

La partie AOW3 Players est en ligne

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Xiphos Fraznoir5:00-5:00TheocratOrcs

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Date de début: MERCREDI, 18 août 2021


Responsable de la partie: Xiphos Fraznoir | Sont entrés pour le moment: 1 | 8

When you join you want to look in channel


I'll be hosting but also need players that will stay to finish game.

It will run on Simultaneous Turns.

There will be either 2v2v2v2 or 4v4.

Free for all is also an option with diplomacy.

When you join the link let me know you are joining for that so we can play.

Also if you have questions I'll be glad to answer them.

Lets have fun.