Game #438 | Team tournament training - 4x2

$eeR vs  Jean_de_Metz vs  Hiliadan vs  cbower vs  gladis vs  EarL1893 vs  Olop vs  Gilafron

Match Details

Rating 2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:8
Amount of Quitter:3
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 88
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 $eeRRogueTigrans14100here
1 Jean_de_MetzSorcererDraconians13700here
2 HiliadanArchdruidTigrans420-35here
2 cbowerWarlordDwarves4-260-55Yhere
3 gladisWarlordHumans3-200-98Yhere
3 EarL1893ArchdruidDraconians3-220-90Yhere
4 OlopTheocratOrcs200-108here
4 GilafronTheocratGoblins200-150here
Posts to the game:

I will post the report soon with a big amount of screenshots. 

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Confirmed by Olop
Confirmed by Olop

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Geschrieben von gladis
Nice Report - I did good in this game, but never forgot I cheated. That was the reason I suicided my leader in UG and retreated because I couldn´t have used deathmarch and would´ve been too weak.. Maybe Earl retreated to go for a quest for his Dragon vassals or we wanted to attack you with joined forces.

My Stack at the Frostlings was mainly there to Keep Control over that area - very important one for me because there was one entry to UG + 2 Frost Shrines + the frostling City. I wanted to attack or at least take a look once but as you casted the sunburst, I decided to retreat because I didn´t want to throw this stack away. As you see I was very cautious her and made sure you can´t attack me with a lot of Units.
I think I wanted the berries but you eat them with your hunter, so I wouldn´t have been as quick as I wanted to be.

That mentioned Frostling City became pretty more interesting at the end of the game as I was able to build one Yeti each turn. I could´ve build Manticores as well at this point but then I quitted for explained reasons.

But as you mentioned, cbowers Earth Elementals would´ve killed me as I had no much other damage channels than physical, Spirit and fire at this Point. I was ready to retreat to my throne and so had plundered that Frostling city instantly. Earl would´ve been too slow to help me effectively I guess.
I came in time to save him against your troops as you have written. And as cbower quitted, and I was strong enough, I send a settler to the plundered Frostlings.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Confirmed by Hiliadan
A very interesting match for me, I learnt a lot: it was my first time playing AD seriously and it was the first time I reached turn 80 in PBEM (as far as I remember) which gave me the opportunity to experience some late-game units and spells.
I learnt that Hunters and Shamans should probably be used earlier to do very rapid stacks to harass enemies behind their lines (which I failed to do). I learnt that Poison Domain does not work on Elementals!...

I played Tigran AD and started UG. My ally cbower played Dwarf Warlord and was supposed to start UG but didn't select the right layer so started on the surface.
I had a relatively bad start after failing an Ancient Ruins fight on turn 6. My Warlord hero got mind-controlled by the indie Bards and I lost my T2 Calvary and 1 Cheetah. After that, I was not able to develop as fast as if I had kept my hero and Cavalry, but thanks to the AD ability to summon units on the go, I was able to pick up speed again relatively quickly.

My first summon was a Vampiric Spider, second was a Dread Monkey. On turn 7, my third was a Baby Shock Serpent. I lost the Spider on turn 7 against indie because I had only 4 units to attack... On turn 9 I got a Baby Dread Spider. On turn 11, a 2nd Dread Spider and a 2nd hero joined me, an Orc Theo.
My ally cbower helped me clear near the Tigran indie which was extremely interesting because it had a Forbidden Sanctum near its domain. That city, Lamur, later became a production center for Resurgent Mystics (thanks to Bound Soul, the MCU of Forbidden Sanctum) and cbower gave me +1 range with the Warlord's strategic spell to get the MCU earlier. While cbower was clearing north and west of my throne, I had headed full east, to discover new lands to settle. As Tigran, the plan was to settle and expand fast to try to get Monoculture and Heptatopia.
On turn 14, my Serpent had evolved to King Serpent and my 2 Dread Spiders to Queen Spiders thanks to the many fight I did in the places which would become my new throne at Farrac and the city of Issit.
I don't remember exactly when but I lost my leader between turn 14 and 17, I don't remember how. So after that, my Orc Theo was alone leading the King Shock Serpent army, while my leader cleared sites near my throne with a 2ndary army and an Elf AD hero freshly recruited. Due to my leader's death, I could not cast new animals for 3 turns.
Around that time, I met gladis in the east, and cbower met SeeR north of my throne. SeeR had a lvl 4 Dreadnough hero, Firak, a lvl 5 Necro Dwarf, Zodar, and a lvl 6 Rogue (Tigran) leader. cbower made a non-agression pact with SeeR.
On turn 22, I had summoned 2 more Spiders with my leader.
On turn 23, gladis shed the first blood and attacked a Prowler, and later razed a fort I had made in the east (I had sent a Builder east to start exploiting resources there, while waiting for my Settlers to cross the 4-5 turns journey and settle there). gladis was playing Human Warlord but had 3 Reanimators and 1 Cadaver from I don't know where.

cbower was clearing very efficiently and his army was already very strong. Together, we planned a simulatenous attack on gladis: he would fly and float toward him on the surface and I would surge from the underground and we would take back the Frostling city he had taken from cbower, east of his domain. That was turn 24. Unfortunately, a few days later, cbower left the game for personal reasons and the AI obviously didn't follow that plan so we never attacked gladis and he survived for many other turns. Had cbower not left, gladis would probably have died around turn 30.

On turn 26, I got a Baby Shock Serpent with my leader.
In the east, I baited gladis and killed his undead army.

On turn 28, I had a glimpse of gladis' main army: his Warlord leader was lvl 10 with 14 def, 10 res, a Cosmic Rifle, and 60 HP. He had 5 T3: 2 Elite Knights, 1 Shock Trooper, 1 Sphynx and 1 Eagle Rider. He was acompanied by a Dwarf Rogue hero, Thastrun, with 1 more Shock Trooper, and 4 T1.
On turn 29, I did the 3rd big mistakes of the game - I did about one every 10 turns: the Ancient Ruins first, then the leader's death, then this - and attacked a Castle of the Lich King with my lvl 10 Theo to try to get the XP for Divine Justicar to face gladis in the east, and miserably failed. I was able to flee but my key hero died. I never got a Theo again and anyway, I could not have leveled him any more as we were already in mid-game and most sites were cleared.

In retrospect, I think it was the biggest mistake in all the game. If I had kept that Theo, I would have been able to fight EarL and gladis much more efficiently. I would also have lost less units in fights against SeeR, which would have allowed me to pursue in his territory.

At that point, I thought I was about to lose. But for a reason I ignore, gladis retreated and did not continue UG. gladis, could you please explain?

My leader died again on turn 37 in a Sphynx Temple fight I screwed. That was to honour my 1 mistake per 10 turns rule I guess.

I sent a Spider to the far east and discovered EarL's lands. On turn 39, his leader - a Draconian AD - was lvl 9 and his Tigran Necro, Jusrath, was lvl 4. He also had a Tigran AD, Saba, at lvl 3. UG, he had a lvl 10 Theo, Telnae, on a wyvern and concealed I think. For some unknown reason (I think he was fighting Gilafron north), he didn't use her to go south and attack or monitor me.
I found EarL's throne on turn 39 and launched a small attack on his forts with 2 Flying units I had recruited at Inns. That was short-lived because gladis's Wraiths arrived and killed them.
At the same time, gladis decided that 10 turns later, it was time to attack me again UG. He sent a stack of 5 Cavalry and 1 White Witch UG, which I spotted with a Hunter monitoring the cave entrance unseen. And at the same time again, gladis sent a Artic concealed stack led by Ela the Runaway, lvl 8 Sorcerer, toward cbower's lands (cbower had been an AI since before turn 30) and toward a cave entrance leading to Farrac and Issit. I chanced to meet them while moving with a Hunter in the middle of the Artic! Lucky me!

By that time, I had recruited a Goblin Sorcerer hero (and later a Dreadnought hero) and it had a small stack with it. I moved it toward the cave entrance of Farrac in haste. I used 1 Mystic to reveal the position of Ela and used Sunburst on it. It frightened gladis who run away again, saving me an uncertain fight.

It was turn 42 now and gladis' leader was now lvl 12, flying, with many protections (only Spirit at 100%).
My leader died again, I don't remember how (not related to gladis).

My troops remaining from the botched Castle of the Lich King fight gathered to face the 5 Cavalry and 1 Witch of gladis but he used Death March and moved quickly in my back, where I discovered with horror EarL had several King Serpents in y back. I retreated toward the west.
gladis and EarL moved away.

Again, something strange happened on turn 47: EarL moved his army with his leader, Necro, AD, a Mature Serpent and a few Shamans 2-3 turns from my Orc Vassal of Bochra, and then retreated east toward his lands. I don't know why.
At the same time, SeeR had launched an attack on my northernmost city of Azyrut, cleverly settled in a narrow UG passage (so that it could be defended 2 vs 1 on both side). It looked like our non-agreesion pact had ended. I had monitored his Draconian city north and seen the small army he had built there. I decided to send my leader with a small army to fight him back as he was trying to push south toward my throne with a poorly concealed Prowler in dense vegetation on one side and a Crow on the other side.

The small army of SeeR at Azyrut.

I found back the army of Serpents of EarL (and the Cavalry of gladis) in the middle-east of the UG, apparently fighting Jean and Gilafron.
On turn 48, Gilafron was killed by Jean.

Probably seeing me coming, SeeR retreated with his army of reapers and I took back Azyrut. I did another mistake (yeah, we were close to turn 50 so I had to make one) and sent my leader toward Firak and his sbires at Uirmo Thi.

On turn 51, a Zephyr Bird doing a regular patrol near my Fey Dwelling (which was trying to build Fey T3 and had only finished 1 building in the production chain) spotted a massive army of SeeR: 3 Giants, 1 Sphynx, 1 Succub,s 1 Ogre, 1 Light Elemental and some small fry, together with his Necro.
When he took the city (12 vs 1), SeeR further revealed his Invisible leader.
I saw an opportunity and sent my now relatively strong army of King Serpents, Sorcerer and Dreadnought to chase them. SeeR cautiously stayed at the Dwelling to vassal it but he failed to scout.

On turn 52, interlude from the chase on SeeR's leader, I hesitated and then launched a stupid attack on Uirmo Thi... which I lost (looks like I didn't take a screenshot of the result, I think only 2 Stalkers were left standing), sending my leader in the void for at least the 3rd time in the game. That was really stupid as on the same turn I had finished researching Horned God and could start summoning them.

During all that time, I had produced no Shaman and very few Hunters, focusing instead on Mystics and a few Sun Guards. I also did not go for Sphynx as I considered they would be of little use against Jean's Horrors. I corrected partly the mistake on Shamans and Hunters and produced Hunters at Issit, which then proved extremly valuable in intelligence gathering.
In theory, Mystics (especially with Resurgence) are good against Shadow Stalkers.  And a leader with Thunderstorm and Regrowth should also deal with them nicely. In practice, the Mystics shapeshift into Panthers as soon as they are hurt and then become totally unefficient against the Stalkers, and the leader just cast spells and do some stupid healing and never use the Thunderstorm...

On turn 55, I spotted a worrying move north of my borders... Jean (Draconian Sorcerer) was eventually coming! He was bringing Birgit, lvl 12 Frostling Theo with Divine Justicars, 3 Champion Draconian Elder, 1 Champion Raptor, and soon Dracnian Flyers followed in his path (and then Irilis, a Theo hero from SeeR, with a small army).
My scouting further north revealed a Giant Dwelling belonging to SeeR, with many T1 and T2 stacks with Blight Doctors and Bards.
I also spotted a dangerous stack of 4 Stalkers and 2 Light Elemental (able to heal and give 100% Spirit resistance to Stalkers) south of Uirmo Thi.
I moved my 3 stacks, totalling 14 units 2 turns away from my Fey Dwelling where SeeR was waiting.

On turn 56, I suddenly appeared at the border of the Dwelling and SeeR fled. However, he didn't take into account one critical element: Dreadnought can get Tunneling! That's what I did and I cleared 1 dirt cavern which freed a fast track to his army, which I then engaged and wiped out. Incredibly, I forgot to take a screenshot of the result... I hope Jean has one because that was my best battle of the game!

SeeR was in the void but Jean was massing 3 stacks north of Azyrut, probably thinking I hadn't seen him coming. He moved cautiously, waiting for his slowest units.
It's worth saying that Jean had killed Olop in the surface at that time and also completed most of the Empire Quest, I forgot exactly. He had completed Monoculture a few turns before me, then Heptatopia, the Grand Palace one, he had captured the Eternal City of Olop, he got Paragon and then later he got Centurion. It was clear he was the strongest and we made a pact with gladis and EarL at some point around turn 50, to not attack each other and focus on Jean and SeeR.
I was checking Jean's cities in the North-East in the surface (where Olop had been) but they were all vassals and I could not attack them with my lone Hunter.

I moved north-east after killing SeeR, to take a city whose domain was visible from the battlefield where SeeR had fallen. After that, following discussions with gladis, we decided that he would attack SeeR's Giant Dwelling and I would move away. So I sent my army toward Azyrut to defend it. I knew I would arrive after the battle but I could take it back.
I also sent a group of about 9 units toward Lamur and my throne through a shortcut.
My leader was back at my throne with no real army. I took a few Resurgent Mystics and tried a crazy plan: move north by a western small passage that SeeR was probably not guarding. Jean was indeed coming from Azyrut and I had no way to beat him so I should move in the opposite direction to go behind his lines. I summoned Horned Gods on my way.
Simultaneously, I built Mystics and Sun Guards to counter Jean's Flyers and SeeR's Stalkers. I built up defense at Lamur and Lugar (my throne).

On turn 59, Jean took Azyrut and SeeR's death stack (4 SS, 2 Light Elemental) showed up near Lamur... Another moment where I thought I was about to lose in a few turns. But SeeR and Jean were too cautious all the time and let me survive many more turns.
On turn 60, I launched attacks against Irregulars garrisoning SeeR's cities on the surface through the cave entrance north of Uirmo Thi.
On turn 61, SeeR had taken Lamur and Jean was 1 turn north of it. My favourite hero, Imane, proposed to join me but it was not really the best moment to do so, I however accepted the offer of lovely Imane, sorry for her for the sure death she was heading for.
On turn 62, Jean positioned Flyers to be able to attack my throne on the next turn but he was too cautious to attack and I reinforced and he didn't attack. I was moving my throne to Farrac, which had a Tomb and thus a MCU with Chant of Unlife, pretty convenient for a throne.
At the same time, I spotted the T1-T2 and Bards of SeeR moving toward Azyrut. For no reason, while they were about to reach Azyrut 2 turns later, they moved back toward SeeR's throne.

Without much to lose at that stage, I decided to try an attack with 3 Elite (or higher) King Shock Serpent and my Sorcerer hero on them. These 4 units were Swimming or Flying (mount) so were able to cross the lake separating me from them and attack them. It was 12 vs 4. I had a crash on the turn of that fight. Here is the screenshot of the 1st result: 1 Serpent died and my hero too.

On the 2nd fight, the 3 Serpents survived. SeeR told me to keep them all.
In retrospect, I should maybe have attacked only with the 3 Serpents. They were good enough to kill all 12 units and I would have kept my hero. However, the hero did absorb some hits that the Serpents would otherwise have suffered so his death may have a big impact on the fight, not sure.

On turn 65, Jean took my 2 cities near my throne. I had taken back Azyrut and Lamur though.
Jean came back to take back Lamur. I played hide and seek with him (hidding Hunters) and keept my units far enough so that he could not engage them, this lasted several turns. His Flyers benefited from Prophet Military Racial Governance so had Martial Arts and 39 MP (+3 thanks to Advanced Logistics), they were really really strong and mobile. Instead of going east to see what I had there, Jean played very cautiously and kept his units together, limited by the low mobility of his Elders (which he sometimes left behind but only temporarily). He also was reluctant to send Flyers alone to scout (and I killed most of those who were sent alone).

Around that time, gladis quitted the game and EarL followed... So gladis never attacked SeeR's Dwelling (history repeats itself, I had the same issue with cbower about 40 turns earlier) and he also never launched his attacks on Jean UG and on the surface. At that point, the game was really lost because I could have won it only with gladis and EarL. But I proposed to continue to experiment more with end game.

I don't have screenshots so I don't remember exactly the timing but between turn 59 and 65, my leader slipped to the surface through the cave entrance at Uirmo Thi, then went to the sea on his flying mount, and one Horned God with Hunters + Mystics took SeeR and Jean's cities. I expected Jean to have Flyers in the area so I never stayed put and always moved to keep a distance between me and his armies and make me difficult to follow (in terms of line of sight). I hesitated to raze them as I was playing Grey Guard Master but I regreted that after and I think I should have burned them to the ground because I had no way to keep them. The cities were taken back quickly afterward by Jean.

Considering that my main army (Dreadnought hero, 3 King Serpents, a few Spiders) could not take on Jean's 3 stacks near my throne, I moved them toward SeeR's throne, planning (with little hope of success) to kill him.
I arrived near his first city on turn 69. SeeR failed to scout again and moved Irilis and his stack in the city. I crushed them with no loss the turn after.

I checked SeeR's throne with a summon and saw a lvl 5 Necro, 3 Stalkers and 1 Sphynx and I had also spotted at least 6 Stalkers and 2 Elemental 2 turns from there. I was expecting them to move toward my Dreadnought (that was already their direction when I spotted them) so I decided to retreat and move east. I spotted 4 Flyers from Jean which later vanished.
Jean was now burning my cities and razed Lamur and my 2 cities near my throne.

I had limited options with my Dreadnought's army: move back toward Azyrut meant a 3 turns journey to nowhere. Going west toward SeeR's throne meant sure defeat as I could not beat so many SS. East was ok but there was nothing there, the lands of Olop were many many turns away. So I tried my luck and checked the surface, as a cave entrance was nearby. I did not spot any enemy units with the 8 hexes vision range of my True Sight hero. I only saw a few Elders and T1 garrisoning 1 city and his throne. Jean had also tried to intoxicate me with bullshit info that gladis had almost attacked his throne and he had lost units fighting back and I half-believed it.
So on turn 72 I moved my army on the surface, hoping to be unseen (ahah). The turn after, this is what I saw after opening my turn...

Well done Jean!

Then nothing much else to say.
My leader moved UG toward all the vassals of Jean that had been cities of Gilafron. I tried the Horned Gods against many T1 and T2 in auto-combat and they worked well! But then my leader did shit in my 3rd try and died, so that was the end of the story.

That was the situation on turn 76, as you can see I had not much left.

A few more things to say:
- a big fight between gladis and cbower's AI
I'm going to report an issue with it to the devs later (it would not have changed the result much but still, there were strange moves by the AI during the fight).

- another big fight cbower's AI won

And then the score.

I took a screenshot with the score of turn 43 displayed. On turn 42, I had put my leader in the void (I killed my leader at least 3 times through botched tactical fights in this game I think.... I really sucked) and had no research as a consequence. My score stalled and in the score chart, it looks like a turning point, though if you read my report, there is nothing special on turns 43+, it's funny. On turn 43, I was 2nd with 13000 points, Jean was 1st with 16000 points and gladis was 3rd with 10000 points. But then gladis went 2nd and Jean's advantage grew larger and larger. After turn 43, I stopped expending (no more Settlers) because I was attacked on both sides. I guess that's why my score stopped increasing: no more settlings and attacks on both sides.

Knowledge: Jean destroyed us, he got All Knowing toward the end. gladis surprisingly did much better than me despite my +200 or more RP/turn at some point (then much less because I lost my cities).

Military: I didn't check the turn when I peaked, but it must have been when I lost my hero to SeeR's T1-T2 I guess. After that I didn't really produce more troops.
I was 2nd and almost first in early game but then I lost my Theo in the Castle of the Lich King and repeatedly lost my leader and was not able to summon.
gladis had a massive army, even before he became an AI.

Domain: Jean pwned us with all the lands from Olop and Gilafron. gladis was good too. Before turn 40, I was on a good dynamic.

CONCLUSION: AD is good early to mid game but then has difficulties to keep up. With all the mistakes I did, it was even more difficult and Jean clearly deserved to win, even if he was too cautious. gladis could have won but he left!...

I can draw my movements on the map but I spent already a lot of time on that report, I don't think it's necessary.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

:'( actually I think I had a bit of a shocker , most credit goes to Jean.....

however at the beginning I was the one told him to Drac Sorc

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Congratz Jean and SeeR! You won! Very interesting game for me, I learnt a lot about AD. <smiletext0> Really a shame cbower left and then later gladis and EarL.
Looking forward to play another 4x2! <smiletext0> I let you report it and I'll comment on it (I took a lot of screenshots!).

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Forgot the screenshot:

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Come on, Hiliadan, stop cheating you dirty bastard , there are only 3 humans left in the game, we're playing in home and nice atmosphere and you're so concerned about proving us smth.  Everything is fine, mate. Don't worry. Be happy. I wish you and your wife nice winter holidays (^_^)

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Got a crash at the very beginning of the turn, while I had played nothing (I was at the airport - again,! I'm back in China - on the battery, I took the risk to play the turn but obviously I would not have done that on my tournament game knowing that I have higher crash chances on battery...).
Here is a not very useful screenshot. I had to hide everything because it shows critical information for you guys.

I also wanted to clarify: auto against cbower, gladis and EarL but not against our (Jean's, SeeR's, Hiliadan's) vassals. We play auto against these 3 because they left but there is no reason to play auto against vassals (more than in regular games). Ah and we should probably play auto against THEIR vassals because if they were here, they would put a unit nearby to trigger an auto.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Hey, Seer.
Now worries, but, please, guys, revert the turn so Seer could play it.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

not suprising I missed a turn over Christmas

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

you can Play on or Report it instantly

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

So what do we decide?
Are we ending the game or still playing it with the future report?

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Yes , I agree with Jean ,

and already did start autobattling the AI players ( in case u dd not notice )

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Hello, fellows.
I don't care a lot about rankings, I mostly play for fun and pleasure so I'm ok even if we all decide not to report this game at all. Unfortunately, yes, there are too many leavers in this game <smiletext6>
But if you do want to finish the game and report it to the rankings system, then, I think, the proposal of Hiliadan is quite good.
Jean <smiletext0>

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

I suggest we try to continue and do only auto battle against the AI players.

For the ranking, I suggest to flag cbower, gladis and EarL as quitters but my team or Jean+SeeR should be 1st or 2nd (according to who survives!), then Olop and Gilafron and then gladis and EarL (because they quitted).

What do you think Jean and SeeR?

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Game finally left
I made a right and important decision today as I left the game because I just cannot play AoW under this circumstances anymore.
I really tried my best for weeks to play on and keep the game interesting for you and my rest of honour, but I just cannot hold on anymore as it left me pissed and gutted every week. It is a big time waster as well -  so I´m just relieved as hell for putting the rest of my games finally behind me!

Happy knight-killing for the rest of the players!

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

ok so u did not send me any pm , I don't care much about the restart until it gets around to my turn perhaps....
so I'm still in the dark about this whole restart

and u sent me no screenshots....

and apparently did things in a slightly better order from the results of your first turn ?

so.....I don't know whats fair

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

I replayed my turn, got better results in the big fight, I suppose I'll disband the unit who survived, waiting for SeeR's instructions and will do it next turn.
I got one worse result in another fight because I didn't do it in the same order - had forgotten one small fight - so my opponent had more CP, so lose some dearly paid unit(s)... <smiletext6> But on the bright side, opponent used more CP.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

You could fight several battles until the outcome is nearly the same xD

Can someone add the missing race and classes?

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

I had a crash earlier today on my tournament game and now I have a crash on this one (but after maybe 50min of play whereas for the tournament it crashed on loading....), I hope it doesn't mean my laptop has suddenly become unstable..... <smiletext6>
As I said, I had played for 50min already so that's really a pain in the ass to redo everything, especially since at least 4 combats had already happened, including 1 big, but I had taken screenshots of the result because it was really a memorable fight, so I can prove my 1st result. Here is the screenshot of the crash:

And I send the screenshot of the fight result to the players involved. So I'm going to reload and try to do the same... but I'm really afraid the result of the big fight will be quite different because it was quite tense.... so maybe I don't redo that one and we disband units ourselves? But then my CP will be different for the turn.... That really sucks...

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Game over
Sry guys, it seems I have to leave the game today as I´m not interested in time wasting
My teammate just don´t care about this game and throws Units away. He wants to give Jean a truly deserved win.

I´m not interested in putting a lot of effort and time in this game to do the best I can but get rewarded like this.

Maybe Earl will clarify his Point  of view later

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Hi there! Sorry but will not be able to play my turn today... I thought I would but I had a change of plan this evening and came back too late... Should be able to play it in about 24 hours...

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Just had a crash in the middle of a fight!... I usually don't have crash on that laptop so I hope it was an exception.....

I was at the middle of my turn so I'm going to replay the same moves...

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Ok I report that to Zaskow but last time I discussed the topic of rewards from sites, I was told it was very complicated to mod because there were lots of variables with unknown effects.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

I think that 'bug' should be fixed asap ...

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

2x restart after I tried to type something in in the menu.
Didn´t offered Earl ressources in the 3rd attempt.

2 hours wasted, I hat this game. Sry guys

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Hello all! This game was advertised with a 1 day turn-timer. It's an 8 player game so it takes time and I don't want it to last for months without end. As I said to Gilafron by PM, I'm ok to put a 48 hours turn timer if it means some people playing after 25 or 26 hours or something like that. But the spirit is not that we start playing every 36 hours, otherwise it will significantly increase the time to end the game.
That's one of my most entertaining game so far and still the best is to come. The only (and very significant actually) drawback is that cbower left. So I hope we can continue having 1 turn every 24 hours quite often as it happens now (sometimes we miss the good timezone between Gilafron, SeeR and me (Canada + China is not the best combo, but otherwise it works pretty well).

SeeR, I'm not sure what you meant regarding your turn since it was still your turn when I reverted it, so you mean you had played it, saved it and quitted without pressing "End of turn"?

I quite like the 4x2 format (even though it's more 3x2 + 1 right now), especially with quality players like you guys, so I hope to do another one later - but not soon because I already have too many games, and I have like at least 3 other games to start in the future -.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

I am good with a 2-day timer.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

2 days are fine for me, too. Otherwise you are forced to play your turn in one single evening/night..
I would like to have an Option for 36 hours

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

I would suggest 2-day timer , as I myself am not all that comfortable with 1-day / 24 hours

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

unfortunately I already had shortly after he missed his , figure second round in a row , wtf ?..... but revert as u must if need be.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Yes I'm going to do that but I'm on a train with bad internet. I should be able to do that only in about 5 hours or more. SeeR, please don't play your turn.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Rollback Request
Hey Hiliadan,

I just missed my turn (barely).  If you could roll it back, I could play it real quick.


Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Since I got only SeeR's opinion, I kept the AI as Lord.

Gilafron, you were not able to play your turn in time? I can revert but please let us know quickly... Also no problem to temporarily extend the turn timer but please let us know in advance.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Yes, I suggested that to get the resource bonus for the AI. Because believe me, even an AI Emperor is way way below cbower.
Mmh, I don't think there is any good solution for this anyway! <smiletext6>

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Even in PBEM Emperor AI will get the Extra Income bonus same as Live or SP games ,

which seems bit unfair , but by all means go ahead and bump it up from LORD to KING

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

I realized my cbower's AI is a Lord (anyway that's the settings in the window I have when I check the settings of the game in the screen where all the PBEM games are listed). Do you think I should boost it to Emperor? I'm not even sure what happens if I change the settings from Lord to Emperor now.

Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:00:00 +0100

Sent my Leader to the Void - maybe a bad decision xD