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Overview St Patricks Day Brawl 2021 2v2v2v2 | PBEM (Start date:  30 December 2020)

Recommended turn order based on play times:

Player Playing time ClassesRaces
$eeR1:00-5:00Favourite: SorcererFavourite: Draconians

Slot 2 Still Free

Slot 3 Still Free

Slot 4 Still Free

Slot 5 Still Free

Slot 6 Still Free

Slot 7 Still Free

Slot 8 Still Free

I would like to


Organisator: $eeR | Joined so far: 1 | 8

Game start around mid march 2021


Some mods included  but list to be amended

- Chavalrous Intent

- New Arsenal

-Mariner Mod 2

-Drunken Mercenaries

-Epic Hero Levels Scaled

-MP Tweaks for Chivalrous

-Triumphant Heros Set

-Double Underground

-Dark Elf Dwelling

-Beastman Dwelling

-Old Man and SEa

= Gloweyes compatability patch

-No Path of Anything

- maybe one or 4 more who knows

Map Sizer = Large + Ug + Ud

ability to drink beer or whiskey ocoasionaly while playing turns = pw requirement

Start City - town start army strong hero not match race max heros - 255 , very strong site defender strength

seals - maximum

eq = on

start skills few

land map with slight water increase for lakes , ug walls reduced to around 15 percent

choose an ally before joining , discuss , and join at same time please declaring your team barstools