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Game #971 Tournament game#9 | Round 1 : 2019 PBEM Duel Tournament #9

    SpiritSeeker vs      Goh12

I would like to 

Match Details
Amount of Humans:2
Kind of Report:2019 PBEM Duel Tournament
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 40
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 SpiritSeekerDreadnoughtDwarves11570here
2 Goh12TheocratHumans200-34here

Posts to the game:

Published on 2019-06-23 19:38:12

Admin report because the game was not reported properly the first time.
If you use Games / Report a finished game, please select "2019 PBEM Duel Tournament" and not "Quick report (game not created on the BF)". But the normal procedure is to go through the game blog and choose "Report game".

Published on 2019-06-23 19:38:12

Match has been reported, please confirm!

Published on 2019-06-17 19:22:45
System notification | Round 1 : 2019 PBEM Duel Tournament #9

Please click here to read the rules.

In order to avoid advantaging one team or the other, for each match, the team who will host the match was randomly selected.
The first team in the "turn order" above (who is also the team on top in the tree here) must host the game.

Any of the players in the team can host.
Tournament Game #9 Round 1 !

When players do not show up for their match, the Tournament Judges have the right to change the match!

Published on 2019-06-16 23:13:43
| Thx!

Hi Goh12, thanks for the game. It was nice to be able to play multiple turns per day. I see we both did some midnight turns! ;-). 
I had quite a bad starting position, so I was a bit worried, but it seems you were put behind by some heavy losses at the start? That can be hard to recover from.
Just one tip, maybe you already tried, but: just take your leader, and constantly keep moving him with a proper army, try to do at least 1 or 2 fights per turn to level him up, or you will fall behind very fast. Never leave him just waiting in your capital.
Good luck on your next match!

Published on 2019-06-16 22:24:13

Game can't be switched to ongoing idk why but i confirm i lost.

GG to my opponent.

Published on 2019-06-08 20:15:25

Just joined thank you SpiritSeeker for setting up all the thing, good luck. 

Published on 2019-06-08 16:37:36

Ok, you're good to start! Good luck & have fun!

Once the game is started, please update its status to "Ongoing" here (through the drop down list of actions in the game blog).

Published on 2019-06-08 13:57:09


Ok, I have remade the game, with updated settings, see:

Same password!

Published on 2019-06-08 13:36:48

Ok, some issues with the settings:
- map size should be Small Square and not Small
- you need to be on slot #2 (see rules)

Also, a special rule due to some bugs with AoW3: please don't put the turn timer at start, you should start the timer only after the first turn has been played. I'll explain later in the Tournament Player Pool.

You confirm you used the Tournament Edition + Strong Defenders Normal Rewards (SDNR) mods?

Published on 2019-06-08 10:41:26
| Game settings

I have shared pictures of the settings here:

I have created the game, and I will send the password to Goh12.

Published on 2019-06-08 00:44:02

Hi! I have both players' class/race.
@SpiritSeeker: please host the game on the server and post screenshots of the settings here on the game blog so that I can check there is no mistake.

Published on 2019-06-07 00:12:02

Hi! SpiritSeaker is hosting, for round 1, please use the Tournament Edition version of the balance mod instead of the main branch, as explained in the Player Pool:

Please post screenshots of the settings as usual. Pay attention it's Game speed: Fast.

Missing both's class/race. Please send it to me by PM.