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Overview PBEM 2 - Teams 2on2 | PBEM (Start date:  1 March 2019)

Prefered playtimes:

MARKYMARK 17:00-23:00 vs Jaggysnake82 19:00-23:00

I would like to 

Organisator: MARKYMARK | Joined so far: 2 | 4

Our First Team Game!

When you have no Team Mate, just post here, then we check if we can assign someone.

Turn timer : 30h (will move to 54h after first request)
Trades are binding, other than that unrestricted diplomacy.
Early Ages
no Mods.
Game link : not now
Hall of fame entries : 15 (instead of default 10)
Global enchantment slots : 6 (instead of default 5)
Human AI level : Mighty (instead of normal default)
Score grraphs : No info on other nations
Story events : Minor
Map : random

Level 3 thrones : 0
Level 2 thrones : 4
Level 1 thrones : 0

Please do not forgot to join!
When Interest please not forgot to post it.

So we can see it and can organisate Maybe another games!

Published on 2019-09-10 14:39:47

hmm you know another Team:-) Well, Maybe we shall announce the game in steam.

Published on 2019-09-10 13:47:46
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Jaggysnake82 joined !!