Game #46 | Seers Tournament PBEM Group 4

gabthegab vs  Eskild vs  Host vs  leon feargus vs  Larks vs  rrrrookie

Match Details

Rating 2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:6
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 66
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 gabthegabArchdruidTigrans683410here
2 EskildArchdruidDraconians18341-50here
3 HostRogueGoblins23316-100here
4 leon feargusRogueDraconians500-133here
5 LarksWarlordTigrans400-133here
6 rrrrookieArchdruidElves300-133here
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Nice game <smiletext0>

Published on 2016-01-06 22:02:22

Confirmed by rrrrookie
Very late response. I played this game very poorly. I misplayed this game financially early and Gab (also a druid but tigran) took my nearby elf town as a vassal. I was unable to get them to join the first turn it was available but would have enough money the second turn. From there I knew it was probably over and I was handcuffed by my need to always be ready to defend from Gab who knew very early he was much stronger than I. Indeed, I was cannon fodder for Gab and it led to me being first to be defeated. 

Published on 2015-10-28 17:14:39

Confirmed by Eskild
Confirmed by Eskild

Published on 2015-10-28 10:46:07

Geschrieben von MARKYMARK
Congratulation gabthegab to your next win:-)

Published on 2015-10-28 02:25:27

46 | Age of Wonders 3
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Published on 2015-10-28 02:25:25

46 | Age of Wonders 3
Nice game <smiletext0>
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Published on 2015-10-12 22:38:03

Eskild has written at 12/10/2015, 10:38 PM >>
 I´m going on a holiday tomorrow evening (like 16:00 CET), but might be luring my PC with me. I don´t know yet if I have internet connection, but I sure hope so. If not I´ll miss a turn or two. Maybe we could change the turn timer for a while? The holiday is with my girlfriends family, so it´s not good pratice to leave for a game of AOW3... The holiday is for a week btw.

Cheers, Eskild.

Published on 2015-10-10 11:50:48

Hiliadan has written at 10/10/2015, 11:50 AM >>
@Eskild: v1.703 has been officially released (on GoG too), no problem to play with it.

Published on 2015-10-10 10:05:04

Eskild has written at 10/10/2015, 10:05 AM >>
Hi everyone. I am going away for 1 day and should take my turn in less than 2 hours from now.

I don´t know if I should just go ahead as the latest turn have been uploaded with the open beta on. Shouldn´t I revert the turn? I think Host can only use the v.1.700 as the 1.703 open beta might not be working with GOG that Host uses.

Hoping for a quick reply...

Cheers, Eskild.

Published on 2015-09-30 19:40:27

gabthegab has written at 30/09/2015, 07:40 PM >>
My girl friend crash the game when start TV, sory i play my turn later....

Published on 2015-09-18 06:58:29

gabthegab has written at 18/09/2015, 06:58 AM >>
Hey every body, do we pass on v1.7 for continu the game?

Published on 2015-09-17 12:56:56

Larks has written at 17/09/2015, 12:56 PM >>
Right, that was what happenened to me also when i missed some turn.

Published on 2015-09-17 10:24:01

Host >> No AI on missing a turn?
Well, that was weird... I thought that this PBEM game was set up such that if we miss a turn, our empire would be controlled by the AI for that turn. However, when I played my next turn, none of my units had moved and I didn't seem to have done anything. Are we sure that the AI-takeover effect is functioning correctly?

Published on 2015-09-13 10:54:34

Eskild has written at 13/09/2015, 10:54 AM >>
I dunno if the AI did anything to your stuff Host. I only wrote because one of the other players notified me that you did miss your turn, and I wonderede if had any kind of policy on that matter. Hope things still look bright when you commence your turn - it´s ready now...

Published on 2015-09-13 07:46:58

Host >> mistakes were made
Eh, just human stupidity. Got carried away reading zeonquest's archive, forgot I had a turn to play and went to bed.

Published on 2015-09-13 07:00:24

gabthegab has written at 13/09/2015, 07:00 AM >>
What happen? <smiletext0>

Published on 2015-09-13 03:36:27

Host >> Uh, did the AI do anything terrible with my stuff, Eskild?
Uh, did the AI do anything terrible with my stuff, Eskild? Probably isn't anything I can do about it, but if anything wandered too close to your concealed unit, I'd appreciate some mercy... not that you're obligated to give any.

Published on 2015-09-12 17:31:57

Eskild >> Missed turns...
Hi, am I supposed to do anything in particular if people looses their turn? As it says on the forum - I think it states that losing your turn (due to the time limit) is just bad luck. What are your takes on this?

Published on 2015-09-10 10:39:35

Larks has written at 10/09/2015, 10:39 AM >>

It happened to me again i repeated my turn by ironman. This time was an AoW3 error, dunno why, it happeneed at the 20 seconds more or less of opening my turn. If I have any other problem i will take a photo of the screen to not be like I abusing of it.

Published on 2015-09-08 17:08:52

Larks has written at 08/09/2015, 05:08 PM >>

I had to repeat my turn becuase I lost electricity in my home meanwhile I was doing it. Escuse me.

Published on 2015-09-07 12:36:22

Larks has written at 07/09/2015, 12:36 PM >>
Ok, I'll try for now slow my turn flow at weekends so it arrives yours at the end of it. Cheers.

Published on 2015-09-06 21:41:16

leon feargus has written at 06/09/2015, 09:41 PM >>
Ow shit. That's my second miss. I guess this one day timer is not for me. Thing is, on weekends I am usually out drinking and partying a lot and sometimes I don't end up back home by ... well, sunday evening.

No worries, I'll try to keep up.

Published on 2015-09-06 19:51:29

Larks has written at 06/09/2015, 07:51 PM >>
Leo feargus didn't made his turn, any problema?

Published on 2015-09-03 21:28:35

Eskild has written at 03/09/2015, 09:28 PM >>
My PC crashed once again not far into my turn, so I didn´t get an advantage out of this. Of course, I repeated the few actions I made to that point.

Cheers, Eskild.

Published on 2015-09-01 20:14:07

rrrrookie has written at 01/09/2015, 08:14 PM >>

Thank you for helping me not miss a turn! I am assuming that this is our official group 4 game even though there is another one out there? 

Best (worst) of luck to all!

Published on 2015-08-31 15:15:54

gabthegab has written at 31/08/2015, 03:14 PM >>
Very good <smiletext0> i think you just miss one or two turn max <smiletext1>

i hope i have healer for the next hero because i change 6 time and for the moment no healer, when game is not with heros of the same race you have more chance to have no healer...

How many heros max in our game?

Published on 2015-08-30 15:12:20

Larks has written at 30/08/2015, 03:12 PM >>
Ok, then i'm back into the game

Published on 2015-08-30 14:10:49

Eskild >> Just play...
Hi Larks, I think you should just continue playing the game. The more, the better! Hope you had a nice week out of town.

Published on 2015-08-30 12:49:51

Larks has written at 30/08/2015, 12:49 PM >>
Well I'm back I can make my turn finnally and raze my citys now if you want.

Published on 2015-08-27 19:01:01

Eskild >> Time limit...
Hi rrrookie...

I would be happy to change the timer if not getting a verbal overhaul in here.

The status shows that Larks has 17 hours to take his turn and as he is out of town and therefore not taking his turn this time period will pass before Leon is taking his turn and so on. I will either change the timer or wait to take my turn (calculating from your message) when I have the next move.

Best wishes, Eskild.

Published on 2015-08-27 17:46:13

rrrrookie >> Hey guys
I see that the host is not changing the turn settings for this weekend, even though he changed it for himself once. I have a few comments on that for our host but I will keep them to myself. I ask that anyone could take as long as possible to complete your turn. I will be able to play Sunday afternoon.

Thank you for your help!

Published on 2015-08-24 08:50:16

gabthegab has written at 24/08/2015, 08:50 AM >>
Give your login and pw of steam at seer, we can find solution...
You can give your login to me, i am sur we can find player in the other pbem game for play you this week.
My mail :

Published on 2015-08-24 06:57:25

Larks has written at 24/08/2015, 06:57 AM >>
Dem i can't raze my citys because still my turn and I'm leaving already my iternet area. I' sorry , I  hope you can manage this an have a competitive game.

Published on 2015-08-22 16:38:15

Larks has written at 22/08/2015, 04:38 PM >>
Ok, now i know my options, I'm really sorry about this situation i couldn't prevent  this. I was really enjoing the game, wathever I will wait until tomorrow then if there is not another human player i will raze and surrender.

Published on 2015-08-22 12:11:38

gabthegab has written at 22/08/2015, 12:02 PM >>
bad news Larks, if no humain player take your place you must raze all your city  and surrender when it s do.

Or we must find neutral player who just do the minimum for play you.
no one can attack you...

Or you find connect where you go <smiletext0>

Published on 2015-08-21 21:33:39

Larks >> Must be out of the game next week (day 24 to 30)

I leave my home next weak, and i won't have internet. I'm really sorry about that, can we fix it?
¿Can I be repalced by another human player or only option is turn into the IA?

Published on 2015-08-14 18:42:27

leon feargus has written at 14/08/2015, 06:42 PM >>

"I don´t really know why the board above of here states that rrrookie and leon feargus are allied." - It's because I was messing with buttons and I don't really understand this site.


Published on 2015-08-14 18:22:53

Larks has written at 14/08/2015, 06:22 PM >>

Can we do some kind of pact or not? Just for clarify.

Published on 2015-08-14 16:27:16

Eskild >> Back on one day...
Hi all...

Sorry for the selfish action - it shall not happen again. The turn timer is back on one day and will remain that way.

I was away for a little more than 48 hours on a camping trip with some new high school students, I´m going to teach for the next ½ year.

The game is a FFA without alliances. I don´t really know why the board above of here states that rrrookie and leon feargus are allied.

Published on 2015-08-14 08:17:48

gabthegab >> Turn Limit at 2 days

Elskid why you pass turn limit to 2 days, it do 40 hours you don't play do you have problem?

if we make 2 days by turn by players we will finish the game in 2017

The game is with alliance?

Published on 2015-08-11 19:13:05

gabthegab has written at 11/08/2015, 07:13 PM >>
Like i have write to all player with message in the game, i have problem with my computer it crash 2 time on turn 2 but now problem is solve.  Sory for that i think that don't happen again :'(

Do you know at what turn the other game are?