History Pointsystem for Leagues

About the pointsystem

A good Ranking needs a good and fair Point System to rank and classify the Players.

What is the ranking system?

Based on the Pointsystem, the Players are sorted descending after Points,Players with more Points are on top and Players with less Points are underneath.

Who is ranked in the Ranking ?

All Players who have at least playes ONE match !

Starting Conditions

A Player starts the Ranking with 1000 Points and is listed in the Ranking when he has player at least ONE match. Players without at least ONE played Game will be listed but unranked ! Players under 1200 Points get doubled Bonus

Start Bonus

Players under 1200 Points get doubled Bonus, so can new Player faster climb at start

Computing of the History Value

Only experienced Ladder Players have a Game History. Top League Gamers have
good results in their History, unlucky or Newbies dont. After a complex
formula Ladder Players get their "History Value".
Only Wins are regarded in History, but the rankings statics(Wins/losts) will too influence the value. More wins in ladder ranking means better value.
In case that a League Player only beated Newbies or that he just joined the league he get a History Value of 0. Players in game will not influence the History-value (best example friends who often plays, this players will not count in History)

First computed:
Win Points from all beaten Opponents (points-1000)

HV = (1 + log10(summedpoints* wins* wins / losts))/ 2
Wins = actual from the ranking (W/T/L)
Lost = actual from the ranking (W/T/L)

Reduction of the HISTORY VALUE against often beated Opponents:

If you win often against the same Player points will be reduced, dependent
how often a Player was defeated. This is to prevent that 2 Players or a
Group of Players push each other within the Ladder and abuse the Bonus.

Reduction as following:

1-3 Wins : No Reduction
4 or 5 Wins : 25% Point Reduction
6 or 7 Wins : 50% Point Reduction
8-10 Wins : 75% Reduction
> 10 Wins : 90% Point Reduction

Computing of the Base Value

Basis Points are calculated as following:
--> 1% of Starter-Bonus
= 1000 Points mean 10 Points (1%)

Points that are achieved by the Player are multiplicated with the Wins and
after devided through Losses and also a %-value is taken. Those TWO Values
are added.

Player A = 2500 Points | 25 Games played | 10 Wins
1000 Start-Bonus-Points = 10 Points (1%)
2500 - 1000 = 1500 Points achieved
--> 1500 * 10 = 15000 /(devided) 25 = 600 Points; 1& = 6 Points
--> 10 + 6 = 16

Result: That makes 16 Points as Basis Point Value.
Basis Value depends on achieved Points in League Games and Wins. The more
Wins and Ladder Points achieved the higher the Basis Value is.

Point Relation Faktor

Only the Last Team or Player will not win points....how computed look StarterBonus/historyvalue and Base Value. But only the Winner will hold all this Points, all others players will be related, better position in game are worser related than not good position in game
So the Relation is dependly from the Players:

FFA Game with 6 Players
1. get 100% or 6/6
2. get 5/6 beaten from 1
3. get 4/6 beaten from 2
4. get 3/6 beaten from 3
5. get 2/6 beaten from 4
6. the last will always get 0 Points

Computing insert value

That are his insert points. The POINTS who can win the Opponent. Newbees and Player with HV of 0 will get only 5 Insert PointsInsertpoints = HistoryValue * Basevalue

Computing of the Game Value

Gamevalue = summed insert Points from all Players, see computing before.

Player 1 has 1200 Ranking Points , Player 2 1100 Points, Player 3 1000 Points they both play a FFA
League Game :

Player1 has a history value with 1.6 and a BaseValue of 12
= insert points = 12* 1.6 = 19,2
Player2 has only beat Newbees 0 HV and a Base Value of 11
= insert points 5
Player3 is a Newbee = 0 HV and a Base value of 10
= insert points 5

Gamevalue = 29.2 (19.2 +5+5)

Follow Result:
1. Player2
2. Player1
3. Player3

Player2 has won the insertpoints from Player1 and 3
= 19.2 + 5 = 24.2 and has the starter BONUS * 2 = 48.4
Player1 has won the insertpoints from 3
= 5 but no more Starter Bonus = 5 * 2/3 = 3.3 Points
Player 3 has lost and is continue newbee with 1000 Points
= 0

1. Player2 48.4
2. Player1 3.3
3. Player3 0

After the Game

The Winner will reports the game ( WINNER ALWAYS REPORT ! )at the related
All loosers and the Admin get an Email Report about the Game. Everyone can
delete the report was not correct or contact the admin, so we can check it and
maybe change the report and clear the situation. So always check the
Report ! Please not forgot to rate Players and Game.
Contact us when something is wrong, that helps up to upkeep our fair Ranking !

Computing of Ranking Points

Every League Game Result will influece the Ranking, All Players (except Players who take over last position)
who played a game will get a new amount of Points!

back to our Example
Player 2 won 48 Points which means :
1100 in Ranking + 48 from his Report = in the updated Ranking he will have
1148 Points.
Player 1 win 3.3 Points which means :
1200 in ranking + 3.3 from the Game Report = in the updated Ranking he will
have 1203.3 Points.
Player3 will hold his Points with 1000.

Ranking Order

Only Players with at least ONE game get ranked ! After the report the
ranking will be sorted descending.
The Player with the most Points leading the Ranking. Players with lessPoints are the last in the Ranking.

[Further Rules / Exceptions]

1) Guarantee for every beaten Player == 5 Points (see computing insert Points)

2) A loser can never win Points.

3) If Ranking are very activ, we will include an extra Rank factor ( beating the best you will get a benefit) )

4) League Bonus / Penalty depending on the Game. Check the Games Forums for more Infos

5) Quitter Penaly -20 points (dependly)

6) SUBPLAYER is a symbolic Player, which stand for a human Players.
When the orginal Player was banned in the meantime or he cant anymore play and someone other overtake

7) Top Player Penalty only when much players in Ranking. One Top Player must beat another Top Player in 2 caleandar month or he will lost points. Top Players who fight with the best cant get this penalty. But only optinal Rule, dependly who activ is the League.

8) Players who are very activ get more Points. Game-dependly. Check Forums

9) TOP-5 Player ( Rank 1-5 )with a negative value ( more losses than wins
)for at least 2 calendar month lose 20% of their total points. Consult the related
Forums for further information.
An activity status is displayed for each player based on how active they are in the ranking:
- Hot: three games or more reported in the last 90 days
- Regular: at least one game reported in the last 90 days or participating in at least one ongoing game where there has been a blog post in the last 90 days
- Cold: one game reported in the last 90 to 180 days or participating in at least one ongoing game where there has been a blog post in the last 90 to 180 days
- Freeze: inactive for at least 180 days