League Rules

We're happy to welcome you on the DOM5 Community of [url=https://the-battlefield.com/][u][u]the-battlefield.com[/u][/u][/url]. Be part of a DOM5 Community who organizes PBEM games, live multiplayer games and tournaments as well as regular LAN partys since AOW2. What do you need to do to play a game? 1. An account on the [url=http://www.the-battlefield.com/dom5/][u][u]DOM5 Community[/u][/u][/url] 2. Join a game there ([url=http://www.the-battlefield.com/dom5/index.php?page=bfmgames][u]list of open games[/u][/url]) or [url=http://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=bfmgames&bfmnew=1][u]start a new game [/u][/url] 3. Join or create the game on Lima Server 4. Regularly visit the website to read messages and news from the community 5. Report your games when they are finished (casual, unreported games, are also possible) [u] General Rules[/u] [b]Preamble: [/b] These basic rules should provide a fair process of the PBEM games. Some topics can be adjusted if requested for a specific game or according to the wishes of the participants. But we (the authors) recommend to adopt the given rules. We make no claim to be complete and should you have additional suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. [b]Part 1: Generality[/b] - PBEM fair-play: negotiations and screenshot exchanges with a given player should be conducted only after in-game contact with this player. - Renaming of cities in order to confuse the opponent is not fair, though renaming after capturing or founding a city is allowed. - Breach of previously agreed "contracts" are part of the game, but be aware that mistrust against you will increase in the future if you do so (and in other PBEM matches too). - Giving threatened cities to other players who have a non-aggression-agreement (or other form of alliances) with the opponent to prevent him from taking them is not allowed. - Voluntarily reloading (to reload a turn in order to get a different fight result) is not allowed. In case you just "misclicked" (without getting gaming relevant information), then reloading is okay. [b]Part 2: In-game-tricks [/b] - Mutual attacks between friends or allied players in order to improve units (e.g. heal them or let them gain experience) are not allowed. - If a player quits, the remaining AI should not be attacked/captured without an agreement between all the players involved in the game. - Players should not voluntarily exploits bug or weaknesses in the game. Players should report any bug or exploit on the official forum when they discover them. For instance, to exchanging back and forth cities between allies to achieve an advantage is considered to be an exploit. One player can [u]give [/u]cities to his allies but then his ally should not give them back [u]until the end of the game[/u]. The only exception is if the initial giver has lost all his cities, in which case his ally can give him one city back. [i]Last updated on[/i]: 01.02.2010 [u]Multiplayer Rules [/u] It is recommended to apply the rules designed by the Dom5 [url=https://discordapp.com/channels/199001663267143681/][u]Dom5 Discord Group[/u][/url] Rules common for every ranked game. If broken the game can't be ranked.   [center][b]Competitive settings[/b][/center] 1. Number of points required to win is always higher than 50% of its pool.   [i][size=2]Smaller pool is a less common setting that makes games shorter. [/size][/i] [i][size=2]  This rule serves to make games more or less equally hard and competitive among each other. [/size][/i]   2. There must be at least 3 thrones. [i][size=2]  This rule serves to make games more or less equally hard and competitive among each other. For example, it prevents a situation in which a player wins after claiming just two thrones around his cap that were the only ones in game. [/size][/i] [i][size=2] [/size][/i] 3. Cataclysm must come not faster than in 25 turns + 5/player (at least 65 turns for 8 players)   [i][size=2]This rule serves to make games more or less equally hard and competitive among each other. Cataclysm [/size][/i] [center][b] [/b][/center] [center][b]Active players[/b][/center] 4. No nation can stale 3 times* during the whole game without an acceptation from players.   [i][size=2]If any nation stales 3 times, any player who is still in game can decide to make the game invalid as a ranked one. He                                                                                                                      can only do that before sending a new turn after 3rd stale has occurred. Exceptions are situations when there are only 3 or 2 players left. [/size][/i] [i][size=2]  *With 3 or 2 players left  stale limit is increased to 4 turns.[/size][/i] [i][size=2]recommendation : it is recommended for game hosts to publicly note whenever a nation is defeated , staled or went AI. [/size][/i] [i][size=2] [/size][/i] 5. No one goes AI without permission.   [i][size=2]A person who goes AI must have a public permission from all other active players. If this happens then every remaining players can cancel ranked status of the game before next turn. A player who went AI without all necessary public permissions can be banned from all future ranked games by admins of this website. [/size][/i]   [center][b]Transparent rules[/b][/center] 6. Game host can add his own rules that if not respected can make it unranked.   [i][size=2]These must be marked as "Ranked rules for this game" with a notification that if broken, game won't be ranked. Anyone (including a host) who would like to cancel ranked status due to violation of these rules, must provide a proof of breaking them unless no participant objects.  [/size][/i] [i] [/i] 7. Rules must be clear and approved by all participants. [i][size=2]  Everyone who applies to a game is assumed to accept rules made by the host. However violating them does not cancel ranking status of a game, unless a rule was noted to be as a ranked rule by the host. [/size][/i] [i][size=2] [/size][/i] 8. Changing rules must be clear and approved by all participants.   [i][size=2]Every game has its rules set by a host. To change them once the game is running all players must publicly agree on them and they must be noted separately from original rules for any future reference. Before that, changes to rules can be made but must be noted by a host in a form of new, separate information given to players if anyone already applied (for example in form of a post). Since that moment every player who did not make an action after this note can quit if he did not make any action meanwhile (sent first turn or sent a pretender). Sending a turn or pretender after such notification is considered as an acceptation of rule change. [/size][/i] [i][size=2] [/size][/i] [center][b]Other[/b][/center] 9. Every participant must join a game on this website.   [i]Game description should have rules listed same as in other advertisements. [/i]    10. Conspiracy cancels ranking status of a game and may cause a ban on ranked games.   [size=2] [/size]

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.