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Tourney Name Creator Player Final Date Winner
PBEM Duel Tournament 2017 myl_supporter 162018-04-16 5:32 PM UTC ARISTOBULUS
Multiplayer Turnier 2018 myl_supporter 8 2018-11-30 3:47 PM UTC ARISTOBULUS
PBEM Tournament 2019 myl_supporter 8 2020-02-26 09:06 AM UTC ARISTOBULUS
PBC Duel Tournament 2020 myl_supporter 8 2021-01-31 8:35 PM UTC rage
PBEM Duel league 2020 myl_supporter 6 2020-10-17 08:12 AM UTC ARISTOBULUS
PBC Turnier 2021 MARKYMARK 16 2022-04-19 7:52 PM UTC ARISTOBULUS


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