Game #533 Tournament game#22 | Round 2 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #22

DarkRider vs  Hiliadan

Match Details

Amount of Humans:2
Kind of Report:2017 PBEM Duel Tournament
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 45
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 DarkRiderRogueHumans21100here
2 HiliadanDreadnoughtDwarves1-110-20here
Posts to the game:
Published on 2017-06-04 11:13:35

Mythical City Upgrade: http://age-of-wonders-3.wikia... Lost Cities allow you to build Feathered Serpents with Temple of the Eternal Serpents.

Published on 2017-06-04 08:12:09

what is MCU?

Published on 2017-06-04 04:53:00

As I said, "I got the Feathered Serpent (only one) through the MCU from Lost City.". If you're talking about the King Shock Serpent, maybe you could be more explicit. I Ghoul Cursed it with my Necro then evolved it.
And regarding the video, the discussion I linked contained many posts... I was obviously not talking about the 1st one but about the last one where I saw the fight in the Lost City in our game, on turn 8.

Published on 2017-06-03 19:02:27

I know this multiple or flanking strategy but this video is with some mod and doesn't contain details on how u got the serpent. Did you get serpent as reward or charmed it?

Published on 2017-06-02 16:33:34

I got the Feathered Serpent (only one) through the MCU from Lost City. Check out here for the fight on turn 8: You're right on time, I had written earlier today I would post the video soon, and I just released it now, while I'm uploading the 3 last turns of my Team Tournament game vs rrrrookie and Jonny Thunder.

Published on 2017-06-02 16:22:35

I am waiting on how he got the serpents.

Published on 2017-05-29 21:07:04

Also I was very impressed in the way he got the Eternal Serpents, but I will let Hiliadan tell himself, it was not bad, and showcase 1 class need further nerf!

Published on 2017-05-29 19:31:11

I want to see how you play AI combats. How did you clear those temple sites so early without taking much causality. I never had a chance to see your combats although I was tracking your positions. Can you post  a video of some of your combats against AI especially legendary or mythical sites.

Published on 2017-05-29 19:16:11

Yes the easiest way to get a secret spell is the AD sanctum (which usually doesn't contain any tier 4). Even in live game this is game breaking as it could give you can summon spell very early in the game. In live we usually bombard with 6 irregulars or summons before attacking with bigger stack which makes it easier to succeed. Unlucky for me it just gave I guess "Shock missile" or some weak secret spell. We need to fix it and change it to have tier 4 of AD like Horned God like any other sanctums.

I guess I got some units from Farm above and a bandit camp. Also that Necro was dwarf so he had cave crawling and he moved out of there fast into here. Where I grouped him some human units. I remember having cadaver near that cave entrance, maybe we both missed out and you moved north.