MARKYMARK 2020-06-05

Story and Learn game

Share your experience and learn together!
The goal is to learn from each other from this game! 
And we're going to play with more magic ... Early Age!

For this reason, we want to host the game ourselves so that everyone can upload their turn or send it via email and it will be provided to everyone. So you can see what players do!
Try to write a story about your turn!  We will use the BF Platform ( for this game

A friend makes a map with 10 players for this, it is important that everyone who wants to participate, therefore name their starting nation.

If you are interested, just let me know.

It could also be the first game for our BF platform that we host independently, but we also have to learn a lot to automate this.

So who wants to participate in the educational game?
So far we are 2! The goal is to be at least 6 players.

We'll write more details later! Want just collect players! Thank you.

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