Game #372 | Round 1 : PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016 #1

Tussell vs  gabthegab vs  Evgendil vs  marcuspers

Match Details

Amount of Humans:4
Kind of Report:PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 64
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 TussellNecromancerTigrans235170here
1 gabthegabNecromancerTigrans2800here
2 EvgendilRogueFrostlings1-130-30here
2 marcuspersNecromancerDraconians1-160-37here
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Published on 2016-08-18 00:20:31

372 | Age of Wonders 3
Match has been reported, please confirm!
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Published on 2016-08-18 00:20:30

372 | Age of Wonders 3
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Published on 2016-08-15 11:42:41

I am sory to finish the game like this.
My apologies to three crash and if my English is bad Marcuspers you say you write a message to me but i have no message from you, I've never wanted to be unpleasant with you as I say to you, you're the best.
I know this is very hard to have warning or can lose a game because of bug or crash i hoppe judges take more attention of the moment of the reload warning for have a better expérience of the game.
I hoppe too my new SSD on my computer prevent all problem.
PS:Necro with balance mod stay very strong <smiletext1>

Published on 2016-08-14 17:44:19

Game over.


Published on 2016-08-14 15:32:15

Except if Evgendil wants to play 2vs1, I suppose that's a win for Coup de Grâce.
I won't comment further, I'd like to get Fistandantilus' opinion first.

Published on 2016-08-14 15:00:59

Marcuspers has already left the match, perhaps it is best to stop playing it now and wait for the judge's decision. Although I would like one more turn to test something.

Published on 2016-08-13 19:40:38

No Hiliadan, for me no difference that you wrote to each other with gab <smiletext0>

Published on 2016-08-13 19:00:41

I sent a new PM to marcus (and to judges) + a few lines to gab on the chat. Evgendil, let me know if you want more elements too. <smiletext0>
My suggestion is to continue the match while judges discuss internally to see if we revise the warning: judging from the video + the elements provided by marcus, we might consider the reload is justified by sufficient proof. As I said in my 1st post, the decision was "Pending on potential further elements from the video of marcus", now we have these further elements and we indeed think it might justify a revision. We'll see.

I also suggested to marcus to do as gab and fully record the turn - from the launch of AoW3.exe - with AoW3 in windowed mode so that we can see the time. That would provide a proof that should be sufficient in case of almost all issues. (actually that is not 100% full-proof but in this case and at least until next reload, that will be judged sufficient)

Published on 2016-08-13 12:55:39

Guys, I've been out all day (holidays in Taiwan), I go back to the hotel in about 4h. Please try to wait until then so that I can discuss more with each of you? Thanks in advance

Published on 2016-08-13 09:20:41

Evgentil you can't have see all my army this turn:, do you have see my second heroes do you have see many banshe do you have see the army of the fire giant with gold medal <smiletext0>.
Me i have all your army with your 3 heroes on my last video <smiletext1>

Published on 2016-08-13 08:57:43

Gab, I think you haven`t seen all.
I see your leader and your army on this turn. If we fought this turn, I would crush you for sure despite your 15 lvl leader. <smiletext0>

Published on 2016-08-13 08:31:24

Ok i am sory of course my English is very bad...

Published on 2016-08-13 07:17:36

What do you want from me Gab? Maybe your English is not so good, so your messages sounds like you are arrogant and provocative, it's not very nice to play with such a player.

I write you long message yesterday about this 4 reloads in one turn, to clear the potential misunderstanding.
I have the turn for 24h and wait for judges decision, and during this time I open turn a few times from different computer then normally. I don't know how it can be 4 reloads, I also never experienced this before, I also never experience so many times ironman messages from 4 players in turn 15.

For your second question, I have video of all turns, but the video program stop record when you exit game. And it doesnt allow you to make videos outside the game. But your question is not very good. Because even I make a video before my turn start, and show you when I first press "play game" how is this proof I didn't load the game before and restart? When you have only 8min to do it, you need to use common sense or not?

So, this is my last message, please think how you write and what you want to say.
Please finish your turn so we can be done with this horrible match.

Published on 2016-08-13 07:07:45

Of course the count of reload by player is not good the more great reason is now Tussel without reload can try to cheat 2 times without risk <smiletext1>.
Of course for judges this is very hard to say this crash is real crash no problem, i can't understand 2 thing Marcuspers how he can have 4 reload in one turn and why he don't have a video of the last bug because you say Marcuspers make video of all turn...But this is not a problem for me because Nothing important in the turn.
Evgendil i have see your army and heros for me this is not good start <smiletext0>.
Why you don't answer do you want play without judge?
I wait a little for play my turn of course i will register all my turn in window window <smiletext1>, lol of course in me last turn in window window this is strange to play like this for move screen

Published on 2016-08-13 03:40:21

Guys, I very very strongly suggest you take some break and think again. 

Published on 2016-08-13 01:42:30

Sad that result of this game depend only of count of "reloads", I have a good start and very nice armies.
I will not discuss the judges decision. But Marcus my friend and I can understand his reasons for quit this game. And I support him.

Published on 2016-08-12 22:27:28

This is very hard match for judges, i know very well what you have in mind i have the same, i have take 2 warning for a bug same for you even if really don't understand how you can have 4 reload in one turn? i never see that... Now we can just take pleasure to play and finish this game without judges.

Published on 2016-08-12 22:19:35

Whats the point? You have an accident or bug in next turn, and get DQ? Even you have proof? No, if you have same reloads next match, I expect you to surrender as well. For now, I think the judges need to really think how they judge, and I will surrender because I know I did nothing wrong, so no one else need to be harmed of judges incompetence.

Published on 2016-08-12 22:22:04

but you don't want play ? me i want play! I repeat this game have a problem and we can't play for lose because of a bug, so we can finish without judges ....

Published on 2016-08-12 22:14:52

Just play your turn Gab and the game will be over <smiletext0>

Published on 2016-08-12 22:15:21

i am sur nobody cheat in this game or may be Tussel is the only honest player here <smiletext1>

Published on 2016-08-13 06:03:44

Yes, we know there is some kind of problem.
But Hiliadan and Markymark seems incompetent and can't see that I start the turn with ironman message, and give another warning without proof. (edited)
I would accept a warning with proof. But how are you supposed to protect yourself from bug with message at start of turn, if you make screenshots and show it 8min after turn is given to you?

Published on 2016-08-12 22:00:30

Hello, every body <smiletext0>. i am sur this game have a problem and we have again the same bug. we are all 4 good players .
This game is very hard for judge too,  if you are ok with that we can finish this game without judges?

Published on 2016-08-12 19:32:41

Very strange decision.
I will upload the video, but as stated before, when in windowed mode (for the first time, to show date/time etc.) it it was really hard to navigate the mouse, and I think the video stopped without me knowing it until after, hence why I edited my post below. The video is 3.35 as stated below, it wont show anything against or for my start with ironman message.

I'm really disappointed in the judges decision, and it feels like you haven't used common sense.
I uploaded the screenshot 8min after receiving the email, i finished my turn inside 30min, to avoid any suspicion and problems, because how can I restart a turn, and finish it and make 3 battles in 8min?

Based on the judges decision and my teammates agreement, we surrender this game, and if need be the whole tournament.

Published on 2016-08-12 18:05:19

marcus, could you please send a link to the video the judges? Is it a full screen video from the launch of AoW3.exe or only of the turn?

Pending on potential further elements from the video of marcus, the decision from Markymark and me following this Ironman notification not justified by adequate proof is to give a 2nd warning to marcus and as it is the second time in the same match such a warning is given with notifications not justified by adequate proof, this is a final warning. Similarly as with gab, if another such reload not justified by proper proof happens, King Serpents will lose this game.

I suggest to wait for marcus' video before starting your game again.

Published on 2016-08-11 22:49:42

Yes, I didn`t see, he made his turn even before Hiliadan`s post.

Published on 2016-08-11 22:07:23

No, i think we must wait. Tussel don't have see Marcusper Bug and message of stop...

Published on 2016-08-11 20:21:33

Tussel made his turn despite the Judge`s signal to stop. So we can play again?

Published on 2016-08-11 10:40:41

Hello, every body for me no problem for continu this game we know now we can have reload and judge must don't say you lose because you reload.

 Evgendil for your information,in the final of the last Triumph tournaments , the Judge BBB say for the final you can chose the combo you want, so i start the game with the same combo that my last game, in the final the judge BBB say what you play the same combo you lose this match, only the other player in final can chose the combo he want?????
I say no this is none sense you mistake me! BBB say what are not ok with judge i dispel you of the tournament...BBB do many other mistake against me but this one is really incredible, you have prove of all of this in the forum of Triumph... Sory if some time i don't keep my calm <smiletext0>

I love play <smiletext0>! All the best and many fun for all.
I love Hiliadan Markymark and Fist... <smiletext1>

Published on 2016-08-11 03:07:58

Ok, please stop playong again.
We need to send more details to Triumph to see if they can fix the issue. I send PM to you later.

Published on 2016-08-11 00:03:05

Hi Hiliadan, Hi gubs!

I have a lot of false reloads before I play on BF. And I have a few reloads here, on Battlefield. And I can say for sure, gab reloads is not reason my reload.

I have in mind was not laughing judges. But I really feel about this game is not as serious as gab. I didn`t know the details of the gab`s problems in LMP tournament. Now, after gab`s words I read about his games in this tournament and it very, very funny <smiletext0>

I wish gab win this 2vs2 tournament in a fair fight (if he is able) to get rid of recentment to judges and feeling of injustice that still haunts him <smiletext0>

Published on 2016-08-11 00:15:44

Just sent my turn to Tussell.

Also recorded video of my turn.
(Edit: it seems that during my turn, I drag my mouse out of the windowed frame, and video is stopped after 3.35min)

If you think I have time to restart my turn and play it in 30min, I will happily surrender this game.

Published on 2016-08-10 23:58:04

Like i have say we have problem with this game, no body cheat, we have just this fuking bug!

Marcusper i hope you have nice video of the bug <smiletext1>

Published on 2016-08-10 23:29:06

This is ridicilous.
Gab give me turn 8min ago, and I start turn, it give Ironman message?!

Published on 2016-08-10 23:26:05

1h10 3.7GO of video, i have see the army of Evgendil, i really don't need to cheat <smiletext0>, my boss will be level 15 next turn his boss is level 8...

Published on 2016-08-10 18:00:50

this is completely unfair, i am sur the bug will come again in this game...

Published on 2016-08-10 17:43:31

Markymark and me agreed on giving Evgendil a warning for reload without proper justification. That is his first one. Reloads are counted by players not by team. In addition, we gave 1 warning to marcus for his 3 reloads unjustified and for his single justified reload. So that's 1 + 1 warnings for reloads without proper justification for team King Serpents.

We would like to stress that we feel Evgendil is making fun of us and we do not really appreciate it. As far as I know, Evgendil never had any reload. And suddenly one reload without proper justification happens just after the reload by gab.
Guys, please play properly. This is a game. And nobody wants one team to lose because of reloads.

Published on 2016-08-09 03:07:06

Ok please stop playing again, I check with other judges.

Published on 2016-08-09 02:05:04

Ha haha!

Now judge you have big problem because you say my team will lose the match if i have an other reload without justification my team have 3 reload 2 without sufisent justification OK.

The other team have 5 reload 4 without justification, so i think match is finish?

Me i want play i am not here for have problem, if nothing important in the turn for me no problem with crash or bug or cheat!

I am very upset, because i've already lost a live tournament final that i should win because the stupid judge BBB mistake me and cancel me of the tounament even if i was in final and must win price offer by Triumph the more big mistake i never see, since i have not played live i hate injustice...

I repeat i want play not have problem and please no injustice!

Published on 2016-08-08 23:58:43

Sorry, I have "restart" without reasons, screenshots and videos. Just load turn first time and "Hello, Ironman!" <smiletext0>