Game #426 Tournament game#16 | Round 2 : PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016 #16

DreadReapr vs  mauvebutterfly vs  EarL1893 vs  gladis

Match Details

Rating 2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:4
Kind of Report:PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 60
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 DreadReaprTheocratHumans11200here
1 mauvebutterflyArchdruidDraconians130150here
2 EarL1893NecromancerElves2-130-30here
2 gladisDreadnoughtDwarves2-100-30here
Posts to the game:
Published on 2017-01-17 03:54:10

Confirmed by mauvebutterfly

Confirmed by mauvebutterfly

Published on 2017-01-03 07:39:47

Bestätigt durch gladis

Bestätigt durch gladis

Published on 2016-12-29 12:15:21

Please report the match so that we improve visibility on matches finished.

Published on 2016-12-22 17:29:54

Yes, you can report your win. I let you decide if you flag them as quitters or not...
It's a shame it ends like this but I've discussed with gladis and understand his decision. It's not always easy to play in team!

Published on 2016-12-22 14:28:18

Hiliadan? This game is finished, and playing it out is pointless, right? Both opponents are now played by the AI, so there's no reason to continue.

Published on 2016-12-21 22:04:26

Game left

I just left the game because I just cannot play AoW under this circumstances anymore.
I´m pissed every 2nd turn- I really tried my best, thinking of all possibilities before I made decisions in the game, doing a lot of screens and made tactics.

But it left me pissed anyway and I don´t think a computer game is made for leaving me gutted and wasting my time on such a heavy basis?!

Congrats for the win, I don´t think Earl is doing some further actions.

I´m just relieved as hell for putting the rest of my games behind me!

Published on 2016-12-10 09:09:19

I fear we are too slow in this game.
Time zones are the major problem as it seems. Today my turn was ready on 10 AM and I played it on 8 PM - but that was due to a forced change of my RL-plans Normally I would´ve played around 10 AM the following day. On the other hand, my opponent took around 18 hours to do his turn. If we don´t improve, it could take many weeks

As Hiliadan knew I hate timer. If the speed of the game is SO IMPORTANT, the turn-order should be fixed.

But maybe it is possible that you can do your turn 10 hours quicker? Or at least 3 xD
Then there would be the possibility that I can play before work - but no guarantee

Hopefully no one is on holiday around Xmas, because I would be able to play on lunchtime which would be soon enough for mauve. On working days, the is no way I can manage it.

Published on 2016-11-26 23:00:35

Game is under way, I think it´s no secret that I wouldn´t mind a short game
I´m not able to rush though, very hard start - will rely on Earl and drink tea another time

Published on 2016-11-26 22:58:14
System notification

Round 2 : PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016 #16

Please click here to read the rules.

In order to avoid advantaging one team or the other, for each match, the team who will host the match was randomly selected. The first team in the "turn order" above (who is also the team on top in the tree here: index.php?page=tourneyroster&tourneyid=5) must host the game.

Any of the players in the team can host. The host must play in #2 position in the turn order (please check rule 2 for more details).
Tournament Game #16 Round 2!

When players do not show up for their match, the Tournament Judges have the right to change the match

Published on 2016-11-20 17:02:33

relaunched the game.
I was too lazy to restart AoW and turn on the mod - I thought it would depend of the Version the first Player in the turn order has enabled

Published on 2016-11-19 18:40:02

it says that i need to disable pbem mod, plz rehost with mod enabled

Published on 2016-11-17 08:42:47

The random selection resulted in EarL or gladis hosting.
They haven't sent their class/race yet.

Published on 2016-11-16 21:49:17

whos going to host this?