Current game 2vs2 whole time (Organisator Skuns453Lirik902) - PBEM Game

When everyone knows the values (classes / races, leaders) of others or at the end of the game, the values can be updated on this page, which will feed the meta statistics (please avoid revealing your or other player’s values when it may provide strategic information to your opponents).

Pos: Players name: Playtime ClassesRacesTeam Rate
1 Skuns453Lirik90217:00-21:00Favourite: NecromancerFavourite: Tigrans1here
2 El_Lobo19:00-0:00Favourite: TheocratFavourite: Tigrans2here
3 Blad_ua19:00-23:00Favourite: WarlordFavourite: Orcs1here
4 DrLight20:00-0:00Favourite: ArchdruidFavourite: Elves2here
Published on 2020-07-28 20:39:28

It is passed warranty unfortunately, It took me a while for me to notice that was the issue, because it doesn't happen all the time, then  for a long time I didn't play VR, so I stayed with 16 GB and removed those... My motherboard is fine, even the RAMs are fine, but almost with all RAM they recommend you to use them in the bundle they come (e.g. if you want 64 GB, buy 4 16GB DDR4), in my case I bought 2 8GB DDR4 and then few months later I bought another set of the same brand, same speed, same everything... 

My fix is to replace them all together, I have a friend that is going to sell me a set of 64GB that he doesn't use anymore, but I haven't seen him due to the pandemic =(. In the meantime, I doubt there's going to be a hardware damage on the motherboard or the SSD, it is only annoying that I get these blue screens.... =/

You are not annoying... cheers!!

Published on 2020-07-28 20:08:08

How long ago did you buy new RAM? If the issue is in new RAM, so you can try to contact your reseller to change it as guarantee case (guarantee on new RAM 6-12 months).

But the issue is in incompatibility your PC and new RAM, well, it's not guarantee case, of course. So you should check your motherboard's RAM settings (or old RAM bars) and when you'll buy new 164GB of RAM, you won't do such mistake again <smiletext0>  

But I'd strongly recommend to you to buy new bars as soon as possible. Not because of AoW3 or any another game. It's only for your PC's safety and operability   Though it's your choice, of course. To save money now and continue risk of getting blue screens - and finally crush a PC at all (will cost, I think, much more money, no?).  Or check your settings and spend money now to save money in future   <smiletext1>

P.S. Sorry, if my attempts to help you with issue were very annoying for you 

Published on 2020-07-28 19:21:43

Actually I have a screenshot of the blue screen that I get, I googled it, and it said it was related to RAM, and ran the MEMtest with my added DDR4 cards and without them, the test failed with the new ones... So for a time I had my computer without them, but I need them when I run certain VR games, so I added them back in... Eventually I guess I need to buy new RAM and get rid of the ones I have... But I don't want to expend the money right now and I want to keep playing VR haha...