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Overview Laughing Leprichauns 3v3 | PBEM (Start date:  17 March 2020)

Recommended turn order based on play times:

I would like to


Organisator: $eeR | Joined so far: 1 | 6

Well i Suspect all the guys in the Chivalrous Intent 3v3 i hosted will thouroughly enjoy it

so.... i am hosting another one with the same modset

Pbem balance mod Main Branch

Structure Reward Variety

Chivalrous Intentions mod

New Arsenal

Mariner Mod 2

Game Setup as Follows

Village Start , Few Skills , Strong Start Army , Very Strong Site Defender Strength

Leader Plus 4 heros , max Lev 20

Cosmic Events Easy , Seals off , Beacons off , Empire Quests off

Map will be Large Surface and UG

Reduced underground walls , increased map water , Decreased Mountains    

Land Map type *( will have some lakes and rivers )

Treasure Structures Many

Far Start Distance , few city few dwellings etc

rest on normal or average

any further questions don't hesitate to ask

map will be up and hosted already with my usual PW :   beer

i will attempt to sort out balanced teams once guys have joined here , but since game is already hosted feel free to hop in and choose a side in the war , i will only adjust teams if i suspect unfair 

cheers to Green beers