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Overview Devil Knight 2021 4v4 | PBEM (Start date:  14 October 2021)

Recommended turn order based on play times:

Player Playing time ClassesRaces

Slot 2 Still Free

Slot 3 Still Free

Slot 4 Still Free

Slot 5 Still Free

Slot 6 Still Free

Slot 7 Still Free

Slot 8 Still Free

I would like to


Organisator: $eeR | Joined so far: 1 | 8

3 layer map

at least 10 mods

start settings rookie friendly

grab a seat asap before game fills

teams to be decide by host and final settings and mods confirmed within the coming weeks

if game not fill by haloween will reduce to 3v3 or even 2v2

first come first serve

Published on Sat, 13 Nov 2021 04:42:04 -0800

Hi $eeR, no one has joined this game, can you please delete it (or fill it)?