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marcuspers vs  novograd

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Amount of Humans:2
Kind of game:   Live-Multiplayer
Game-value: 43
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 marcuspersSorcererGoblins2200here
2 novogradTheocratDwarves100-42here
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Published on 2019-08-15 20:31:10

Written by marcuspers

Was interesting experience, aim was to play a live game with manual battles vs ai, as well as vs humans.
Sadly we didnt get so far as the horned god, as novograd stated, ended the game.

Published on 2019-08-15 18:02:48

I attacked horned god without knowing entangling strike. So I messed up.

Published on 2019-08-15 17:10:06
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marcuspers vs novograd live

Published on 2019-08-15 17:10:06
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