Game #436 Tournament game#15 | Round 2 : PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016 #15

Jundland Banshee vs  Lightform vs  Boze vs  embahr

Match Details

Amount of Humans:4
Kind of Report:PBEM 2v2 team tournament 2016
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 55
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 Jundland Bansheeunknownunknown137180here
1 Lightformunknownunknown11050here
2 Bozeunknownunknown200-49here
2 embahrunknownunknown200-49here
Posts to the game:

Admin report as Boze and embahr did not show up.

Published on 2016-12-04 19:15:36

I would also like to add... I will be going away in January for about 3 weeks, so if the game isn't finished by then then we will either have to forfeit or pause.

Published on 2016-12-04 19:09:03

Here are the screenies

Published on 2016-12-04 18:49:14

Hi Hiliadan.. I did send the class / race that Jund and I will play in a PM. I'll set the game up now with PW cake

Published on 2016-11-30 18:31:12

Guys, please do something! At least one team!

Published on 2016-11-26 07:50:40

Hi there, it's been 11 days since round 2 started, please send your class/race ASAP to the judges and start the game......

Published on 2016-11-17 16:22:44

Hi all! Please all send your class/race to the judges. Shadow and Flame is hosting, please post the screenshots of the settings.