Game #703 Tournament game#52 | Round 5 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #52

Hiliadan vs  Mr. Hawk

Match Details

Rating 2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:2
Kind of Report:2017 PBEM Duel Tournament
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 44
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 HiliadanSorcererDraconians2500here
2 Mr. HawkSorcererDraconians100-28here
Posts to the game:

Will post videos of the match later. I had never played a match like that before, was interesting! We were mirror Sorcerer Draconian vs Sorcerer Draconian and we took each other's Throne more or less at the same time, but I got less loss. Then we both reinforced for several turns and I finally took back my 2 old cities while I had a good defense vs his new attack. 35 turns. Well fought Mr. Hawk! <smiletext0>

Published on Thu, 11 Jan 2018 16:32:23 +0100

Confirmed by Hiliadan
I finished uploading the videos of this match, here is the playlist:

Here is the log of events from my side, feel free to complete Mr. Hawk! <smiletext0>

Turn 1
Explanations of the plans for the game for Hiliadan: use of highly mobile floating stacks (Wisps, Phantasm Warriors, heroes and Leader...) to launch surprise attacks and harass the opponent, burning his cities (Destruction Adept's Scorched Earth and Hasty Plunder), and using Guerilla Tactics (Partisan) and cheap units at Inns (Partisan). Grey Guard's Essence Harvest helping to get free CP.
Hiliadan cleared a Great Farm and got a Dread Monkey as a reward.

Turn 2
Hiliadan clears a Great Farm (gets a Warg) and a Gold Mine, losing a Crusher in that second fight. The Wisp cast this turn levels up at the Great Farm then go explore the rapids and find the closest independent city which declares war on Hiliadan and is beyong the rapid: not the best map!

Turn 3
Hiliadan clears a Resource stash and gets a free Store House at his Throne. He finds a way to "cross" the rapids and reach the rebellious Draconian who declared war on him, as a stretch of land allows passage north of the rapids: he sends the smallest group possible to take the city: his Leader, hero and a Warg. The scouting Wisp will join them. The rest of his troops go east to clear sites to prepare for settling.

Turn 4
Hiliadan finishes researching Produce Apprentice and launches the research of Guerilla Tactics (120 RP, 6 turns). His AD reaches level 3, he takes Nourishing Meal. He clears a Great Farm 3 (AD, Sorcerer Leader, Warg) vs 5 (shown on video) and gets a Tiger as a reward, while his Leader reaches level 3 and takes Charged Army. His 2nd army moves toward the settling site and discovers a Brigand Hideout and is sent to purge it. A 2nd Wisp is summoned to reinforce the 2nd army.

Turn 5
Hiliadan conquers the rebellious Draconian Village with 1 Wisp, 1 level 3 Sorcerer Leader, 1 level 3 AD, 1 Tiger, 1 Warg vs 2 Raptors, 3 Hatchlings behind Wooden Walls (shown on video). He summons a third Wisp to reinforce his 2ndary army and clears a Brigand Hideout with it, then wait to heal, before clearing the 3 sites for his next settlement. The Village's vassalization starts, while a Settler is rushed at the Throne (was 3 turns), following the completion of a Builder's Hall.

Turn 6 [2 videos to merge]
Hiliadan clears a Scroll of Knowledge site with his Leader's stack and loses a Tiger (AD, Sorcerer, 1 Wisp, 1 Warg, 1 Tiger vs 3 Phantasm Warriors and 1 Tigran Apprentice shown on video), but his Leader and AD both reach level 5, giving him access to Call Ancestral Spirit with the AD (+ Lesser Befriend Animal). His 2ndary army clears a Gold Mine and Great Farm and loses the Draconian Raptor on the 2nd fight. The Settler moves toward destination. RG1 is reached thanks to the RG of the conquered Village, Economic RG is chosen and a Shrine is launched at the Throne. Guerrila Tactics is researched and Sorcery I is launched (3 turns).

Turn 7
Hiliadan clears a Flowrock Quarry with level 5 Leader, level 5 AD, Wisp and Warg vs 2 Flyers, 1 Hatchling, 1 Crusher, 1 Raptor without casting spell because of lack of mana (shown on video). He then clears a Magma Forge (losing 1 Wisp) and weakens a Watchtower but retreats, benefiting from Guerilla Tactics. His Throne launches an Apprentice (3 turns) and he settles his 1st Outpost.

Turn 8
Hiliadan clears a Racial Governance Tent with his Leader's stack and his AD reaches level 6 and doesn't take anything. His Wisp gets to Expert. He tries his luck at an Inn but retreats as he has not CP and mana to cast anything to help. He does use Nourishing Meal to heal a little bit and benefit from Guerilla Tactics. His 2ndary army tries to clear the Watchtower again, without the Warg who made contact with the Giant Dwelling (which proposed Peace!): it's a failure, the Crusher and Dread Monkey die, though the enemy Cavalry and Longswordman accompany them to their graves. It would have been better to wait and do nothing to heal! A Builder's Hall is launched at the first Outpost settled.

Turn 9
Hiliadan clears the Inn he retreated from last turn, then takes another rebellious Draconian Village, despite its Wooden Walls. The Raptor, Charger, Crusher and 2 Hatchlings are killed by level 6 Leader, level 6 Sorcerer, Wisp and Warg without casting spell, by killing the ranged units and letting the melee units get out (shown on video). His 2ndary army clears the Watchtower where 2 units died the previous turn. Sorcery I is researched and Sorcery II launched. The Leader takes Inflict Stun on level 7 and the AD Druidry II. The first conquered village is released as Vassal.

Turn 10
Hiliadan loses his AD to a Critical Strike (44 damage) from a Dragon Ancestry-boosted Flyer, he retreats from that fight and clears a Brigand Hideout, getting a Halfling Adventurer as a reward. He recruits a Tigran Rogue hero and sends him to reinforce his 2ndary stack which gets ready to clear a Necromantic Circle. He starts casting a Wisp to build an army to attack Mr. Hawk, w hich he just found (but didn't officially meet, to keep the surprise effect!). His Throne completes an Apprentice and launches a Hatchling.

Turn 11
Hiliadan clears a Gold Mine with his Leader stack and gets to level 8. He takes Dragon Slayer Party and 20% Fire Protection to fight a Flowrock Quarry defended by Draconians (and also because he believes Mr. Hawk plays Draconian too). He retreats from the Flowrock Quarry without killing any unit, and then take +1 Ranged Strength (which would have helped kill a Flamer). His 2ndary army waits above Ancient Ruins, letting the Apprentice arrives to help with a difficult fight with 3 Hunter Spider Babies. RG2 should be reached in 5 turns, so a Crusher is started at the Throne. The Outpost builds a Shrine.

Turn 12
Hiliadan clears 2 Gold Mine with his Leader's stack, losing 1 freshly summoned Wisp and his Warg at the first, then fighting with 2 Wisps (one Champion I), his Leader and 1 Adventurer vs 1 Hunter Spider Baby, 1 Dread Spider Baby, 2 Boars, 1 Skewer, 1 Marauder (shown on video). His 2ndary army clears Ancient Ruins. The Throne launches a 2nd Crusher. The Leader reaches level 9 and takes Inflict Spirit Breaking. The Giant Dwelling gives a Vassal Quest with 2 Ogres as as reward.
Both opponents meet.

Turn 13
Mr. Hawk loses his Throne to 3 Scoundrels but retakes it in the same turn.
Hiliadan clears a Flowrock Quarry: 1 Flyer, 2 Elders, 1 Flamer (slightly injured from turn 11's fight), 1 Hatchling vs 3 Wisps (1 Champion I), level 9 Leader, 1 Adventurer, putting Inflict Stun + Inflict Spirit Breaking to good use (shown on video). He then clears a Gold Mine and spots a Shrine of the Guardian Angel which will be used before attacking Hawk. His 2ndary army clears a Necromantic Circle and moves toward the Giant Dwelling. His Leader reaches level 10 and Rogue level 3. He builds 1 more Crusher at his Throne and a Settler at his Outpost. His 2nd Draconian Vassal is established.

Turn 14
Mr. Hawk sends a Wisp toward Hiliadan.
Hiliadan dispatches his Champion I Wisp to deal with the spy (with dire consequences, cf. infra). He clears a Watchtower and a Great Farm with his Leader's army, losing the Adventurer who was low on HP. He tries a 3rd fight at a Magma Forge but does not see that a Wisp enters into range of a Flamer at some critical point and thus loses his Leader... His 2ndary army completes the Quest and he gets 2 Ogres + the Giant Dwelling. He starts a Temple at his Throne.

Turn 15
Hiliadan finishes the Magma Forge fight with his Champion I Wisp, a 2nd Wisp and his Tiger. He clears an Arcane Catalyst with his Rogue's stack and gets +79 CP. Blocked by rapids cutting the map in two, he starts looking for a Cave Entrance. He asks for a Tribute to his first Draconian Vassal, and sends units to garrison his Vassals and scout Mr. Hawk. 3 units are recruited at the Giant's Inn, taking advantage of the -25% cost of Folk Hero.

Turn 16
Mr. Hawks' Leader stack gets in position above a Lost Library and spots Hiliadan's Harpoon Thrower. His Leader is level 4 and he has a level 5 and a level 3 Rogues.
Hiliadan moves his 2ndary army toward the Shrine to the Fallen Angel, ready to ambush Mr. Hawk. He clears a Gold Mine with his 2 Wisps and Tiger vs 1 Raptor, 2 Crushers and 1 Hatchling, losing 1 Wisp to bad play (shown on video). He gets RG2 and chooses Regrowth on Crushers and Chargers. He recruits 2 units at an Inn visited by Mr. Hawk (who also recruited 2 units).
Sorry for the video abruptly cutting, my headphones unplugged and it broke the recording.

Turn 17
Mr. Hawk clears the Lost Library and moves toward through a Lucky Cloverfield and a Bountiful Melon the Giant Dwelling.
Hiliadan clears and visits the Shrine to the Fallen Angel with his Rogue's stack. He tries to get in position to attack Mr. Hawk next turn. His Leader gets back from the void and moves toward unexplored sites to reach level 11 and Master Illusionist. He summons 2 Wisps. A small stack of 4 fights 2 Bleak Wargs and 1 Kobold roaming near them: Hiliadan loses a Flamer and has to retreat twice, killing only 1 Bleak Warg and using 40 CP on Harmonizing Energy.

Turn 18
Mr. Hawk clears a Flowrock Quarry and starts moving toward Hiliadan's Throne.
Hiliadan regroups 4 units to move toward Mr. Hawk's Throne, while his Rogue's army also moves in that direction. His Leader's stack clears a Magma Forge, losing a Wisp to a Lesser Fire Elemental. He tries a Shrine of the Fickle Mermaid fight but has to retreat. His Leader reaches level 11 and takes Master Illusionist. He rushes a Lab at his Throne to build defensive units. A small army tribute is accepted from the 1st Draconian Vassal.

Turn 19
Mr. Hawk clears 2 Mana Nodes with his Leader stack and gets 2 turns away from his enemy's Throne.
Hiliadan scouts the 6 defenders at Mr. Hawk's Throne and sends his Rogue's stack with Regrowth toward it. He spots a Watchtower, casts a Wisp and takes it, then spotting a Settler and sending the Wisp to kill it. His Leader consummes the Lucky Cloverfield adjacent to Mr. Hawk's Leader and then conceals itself on the rapids with his 2 Wisps, thanks to Master Illusionist. He cancels a Lab at his Outpost to build a Hatchling and sends the garrison toward his Throne, where he rushes a Wooden Wall.

Turn 20
Mr. Hawk does not move much with his Leader's stack.
Hiliadan clears a Shrine to the Fickle Mermaid with his Leader's stack by attacking it twice, using Guerrilla Tactics (shown on video). He then takes Haste Berries and move toward the East but is not cautious and ends up 2 hexes away from 3 nasty roamers... and may die next turn! While Hawk is at his door. He himself gets 4 + 6 units + 2 Wips in position to strike Hawk's Throne on turn 21. Reinforcements are also 1 turn away from his own Throne. He also does a misclick and rejects the nice Warlord hero who is proposed to him, so will get another hero on turn 21.

Turn 21
Mr. Hawk gets in position to attack Hiliadan's Throne.
Hiliadan's Leader is safe, the roamers moved away. He goes after them and exterminate them but has to sacrifice (his strongest) Wisp as the Mature Shock Serpent is tough to kill with a shock-oriented army (shown on video). He takes Hawk' Throne with his 12 units, losing only 1 Tiger (shown on video). Regrowth was overkill and not necessary (no unit would have died without it). He gets ready to defend vs Mr. Hawk with a freshly recruited Necro, who took Throw Curse, Raise Corpse and +1 HP, +1 Resistance.

Turn 22
Mr. Hawk successfully takes Hiliadan's Throne, losing his level 5 Rogue, Elite Raptor and his Tiger. He's left with his level 6 Leader, level 7 Rogue, Expert Phantasm Warror and Recruit Phantasm Warrior (+1 Wisp somewhere).
Hiliadan starts releasing his Outpost as a Vassal (2 turns), hoping Hawk won't take it before release. He finishes the Empire Upgrade giving mana and starts Summon Phantasm Warrior. He moves his Leader toward the Giant Dwelling to complete the Quest there and his Rogue's army north, first toward a Dungeon and then to head toward his old Throne.

Turn 23
Mr. Hawk continues his conquest, taking Hiliadan's Village, losing no unit.
Hiliadan, having lost 3 battles in a row gets -100 Empire Happiness for 5 turns and reaches a net -200. He cannot afford to get an additional -100 from changing alignment so he lets defenders of a Great Farm run instead of battling them. He then moves to complete the Giants' Quest and go take the Dwarf city on the Artic. His Rogue's stack tries to clear a Dungeon but has to retreat and he loses his Champion I (almost II) Wisp, due to very bad tactics (shown on video as an example of what NOT to do)...

Turn 24
Mr. Hawk takes the Watchtower between Hiliadan's old lands and the Giant Dwelling with a Wisp.
Hiliadan completes the Giants' Quest and gets an Ogre as a reward. He prepares himself to clear the Haunted Boneyard. His Rogue's stack clears the Flowrock Quarry where his AD had died (and gets back his gear), the hero reaches level 5 and takes Assassin's Strike. The Vassals can't be absorbed because without any city controlled on the map, the price of absorption shot up by +200%.

Turn 25
Mr. Hawk sends a Wisp through a Shrine of the Fickle Mermaid and toward the northernmost Vassal of Hiliadan.
Hiliadan fails again a battle and loses his Rogue hero, an Ogre and a Hatching (at a Lost Library). He still gets Voluntary Union as a reward, which might prove useful. He does a good battle vs the Haunted Boneyard, losing no unit. He gets a Very Hard Quest from the Giant Dwelling but rejects it as it requires killing a Eldritch Horror, a Earth and Blight Elementals, a Cockatrix and 2 Wisps which seems too dangerous, and also because the units are too close from him and could attack his Leader in auto. He asks a Tribute from his Northernmost Vassal and gets 3 Flamers, which burns to ashes the Bleak Warg and Kobold ho are roaming the area.

Turn 26
Hiliadan clears a Magma Forge with his leaderless army. He moves his Leader's stack toward the Dwarf City to take it. He starts researching Magic Fist and starts casting his first Phantasm Warrior.

Turn 27
Mr. Hawk moves his Leader toward the North-West corner of the map.
Hiliadan takes the Dwarf City defended by 2 Firstborns, 2 Forge Priests, 1 Crossbowman, 1 Prospector, 2 Axeman, 1 Deepguard, with 1 Phantasm Warrior, 1 Ogre, 1 Longbowman, his Leader, 1 Crusher and 4 Wisps (shown on video). He also clears a Vault of Knowledge (finishes Magic Fist and starts Chain Lightning) and and a Flowrock Quarry, losing an Ogre and a Royal Guard. He reaches Wealthy Empire. He launches Absorption (2 turns) of the Dwarves.

Turn 28
Mr. Hawk clears a Brigand Hideout with 3 Phantasm Warriors, his level 6 Leader and level 8 Rogue (with Invisibility). He then kills the Wisp of Hiliadan with the 3 Phantasm Warriors.
Hiliadan scouts his old Throne (defended by 1 Crusher) and Village (Vassal of Hawk). He clears an Inn, recruits a Gryphon Rider, and clears a Flowrock Quarry and recruits an Eagle Rider. His Leader reaches level 13.

Turn 29
Mr. Hawk moves back his Wisp on the water.
Hiliadan seizes the opportunity of the enemy Wisp being at range and cast a Phantasm Warrior to kill it, together with his own Wisp. He clears a Hall of the Forefather and gets a Crown with True Sight, +1 Resistance, Minor Bard Skills, and a Nightmare Mount (+40% Fire Protection). He also clears a Shrine to the Fallen Angel with his 2ndary army and gets Regrowth on it. He starts an Artica Embassy at his newly absorbed Dwarf City and pays to absorb one Draconian Vassal, where he starts moving his Throne.

Turn 30
Hiliadan continues scouting Hawk's Throne: 1 Crusher, 1 Hatchling. He moves his Leader's stack to the Shrine to the Fallen Angel and gets Regrowth on his Invisible stack. His 2ndary army moves back toward the city where he is moving his Throne, while his small floating/flying stack is also moving nearby to then move toward his old cities. He gets an Easy Quest from the Giant Dwelling: kill 1 Bone Wyvern and gets 1 Ogre as a reward. Having finished Chain Lightning, he starts Sphere of Protection (3 turns).

Turn 31
Mr. Hawk casts a Wisp and takes back the Watchtower between his lands and the Giant Dwelling. He appears very close to where Hiliadan is migrating his Throne and sends a Prowler to remove Regrowth from one of Hiliadan's stack. He recruits a hero.
Hiliadan buys 4 units at the Inn close to his future Throne and regroups behind the Wooden Wall. One stack of 4 can't reach the city so stays outside and out of range of Hawk's army. His other armies move toward Hawk's territory. Hiliadan delays the recruitment of a Necromancer hero at his Dwarf City.

Turn 32
Mr. Hawk clears the Shrine to the Earthen Mother and moves away. He consummes the Shrine to the Fickle Mermaid with his Wisp near his cities.
Hiliadan reaches Dwarf RG1 and takes the economic upgrade (both upgrades are not very useful in his situation). His Leader's army continues to move toward Hawk's cities. His 2ndary army regroups to protect his freshly migrated Throne. He starts building 1 Yeti and 1 Hatchling and recruits the Necro hero which spawned on turn 31.

Turn 33
Mr. Hawk moves his units out of his city to complete a Quest at the nearby Vassal.
Hiliadan gets ready to attack the ungarrisonned city. He garrison 13 units at his Throne and a Nightwatch resets the counter for the Shrine West of the Throne. He starts researching Star Blades (1 turn). He gets a new Easy Quest from the Giants and accept it.

Turn 34
Mr. Hawk completes his Vassal's Quest and gets a Draconian Elder as a reward. He moves back toward his city with his Necro's army. His main army moves back toward Hiliadan's Throne after having cleared several sites for XP and units to mind-control.
Hiliadan prepares for impact at his Throne. He takes Hawk's city and Vassal and positions his Leader's stack to be able to strike both depending on what Hawk decides to retake. His Necromancer starts moving to complete the Giants' Quest. Having researched Star Blades, he starts Essence Harvest, since Arcane Binding is not available as a potential research.

Turn 35
Mr. Hawk attacks Hiliadan's Village with his Necromancer's stack but Hiliadan's Regrowth Expert (who got to Elite during the fight) Crusher survives, leading his opponent to surrender.
Display of the score and debrief of this quick & dirty game.

Published on Wed, 13 Dec 2017 06:16:46 +0100

Confirmed by Mr. Hawk
Unfortunately I made some mistakes at the beginning and I lost some units that slowed me down a lot, but I did not have much chance of winning anyway: good game anyway <smiletext23>

Published on Wed, 13 Dec 2017 06:06:45 +0100

Confirmed by Mr. Hawk
Confirmed by Mr. Hawk

Published on Mon, 11 Dec 2017 03:58:51 +0100

703 | Age of Wonders 3

Published on Thu, 09 Nov 2017 22:09:08 +0100
System notification

Round 5 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #52
Please click here to read the rules. In order to avoid advantaging one team or the other, for each match, the team who will host the match was randomly selected.The first team in the "turn order" above (who is also the team on top in the tree here) must host the game. Tournament Game #52 Round  ! When players do not show up for their match, the Tournament Judges have the right to change the match!

Published on Wed, 08 Nov 2017 23:11:36 +0100

Ok, I'm going to join tomorrow, sorry for the delay, had to deal with top 8 turn and balance discussions this evening....

Published on Wed, 08 Nov 2017 22:10:49 +0100

Edited my post and attached images from Mr Hawk.

You are good to start!

Good luck.

Published on Wed, 08 Nov 2017 13:35:36 +0100

Ops, sorry, the round 4 seems to me that there was the beta version.

new screenshots

Published on Wed, 08 Nov 2017 08:41:31 +0100

Hi Mr Hawk

Thanks for sending your class/race to me!

And thank you for sending all the screenshots as well, I would copy and paste them here if they where all good, but you need to host the match with normal PBEM mod, not beta.

Otherwise I believe the settings are correct.


Published on Tue, 07 Nov 2017 22:57:24 +0100

You should be able to find the pictures back here: https://www.the-battlefield.c... />But otherwise, yes, you need to use "Insert in text" the first time, as the stuff won't be there when you edit the post.

You should be able to find the pictures back here: https://www.the-battlefield.c... />But otherwise, yes, you need to use "Insert in text" the first time, as the stuff won't be there when you edit the post.

Published on Tue, 07 Nov 2017 22:40:58 +0100
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Information Round 5 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #52
Mr. Hawk joined !!

Published on Tue, 07 Nov 2017 22:26:38 +0100

ops, sorry, I'm wrong to leave the match 

Published on Tue, 07 Nov 2017 22:25:36 +0100
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Information Round 5 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #52
Mr. Hawk quitted!

Published on Tue, 07 Nov 2017 22:07:53 +0100

I can not to able to upload the screenshots <smiletext6>
For a moment, the pictures is loaded, but when I make "edit post" the pictures disappear

Published on Tue, 07 Nov 2017 22:06:09 +0100

Game ready, good look <smiletext0>

Published on Mon, 06 Nov 2017 22:40:28 +0100

Arrived safe, and the wifi works so ready to start on my side. <smiletext0>

Published on Sat, 04 Nov 2017 16:06:25 +0100

Not problem, I still have to choose my class/race
Have a nice trip<smiletext20>

Published on Sat, 04 Nov 2017 10:44:56 +0100

Hi Mr. Hawk! I sent my class/race to the 2 other judges. <smiletext0> Looks like you're the host this time.
I'm going to take a plane in about 5 hours, I'll be travelling for 20 hours, then in Africa for a business trip for about 30 days. In theory I should have good wifi - at least next week -, but I may not be as easy to reach as usual. So I guess we'll be able to start on Monday.