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Nickname: Jundland Banshee


blackwill357 voted on 2018-01-09
Fairness: 1 - Excellent Player

Skill: 3 - Good Player!


Not sure if you read your emails... I just wanted to say thanks for the games and the good sportsmanship throughout. Murderous scoundrel.

Hiliadan voted on 2016-09-17
Fairness: 3 - Regular Player

Skill: 3 - Good Player!


We played 1 match and Jundland was killed by independent so not so sure of his skills. :D But he had a decent army so I guess he is a good player!


Rating Fairness

1. Excellent Player!
Very fair Player, very good behavior, can lost games with a smile. Very honorful.
2. Fair Player!
Fair Player, nice and always trustful!
3. Average Player!
Nothing to say negative but too not positive, just playing....
4. Not play this player.
Sometimes unfriendly, provoking but when no alternative, maybe
5. Bad Player, ignore !
Ignore this player, makes problems and nervs...best is not play with this player, take an AI

Rating Skillness

1.Excellent Player
Player knows all tricks and tactics ! With his long time experience in thegame this player is very hard to beat and very skilled. The player knows the game like thedevelopers !
2.Strong Player
Experienced Player which know most of the tricks and tactics, stronggameplay !
3.Good Player
Gameplay skill is better than a regular player and the player even knowssome tricks and a few tactics.
4.Average Player
To become a better player the gameplay needs to be improved. More tacticsand tricks have to be learned.
5.Weak Player / Newbie
This player is new to the community. Gameplay and knowledge of tactics andtricks is very limited. All parts must be improved to become a betterplayer.