Game #1091 Tournament game#25 | Round 2 : 2019 PBEM Duel Tournament #25

leon feargus vs  BBB

Match Details

Rating 4 - Not good Game
Amount of Humans:2
Kind of Report:2019 PBEM Duel Tournament
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 37
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 leon feargusArchdruidOrcs125120here
2 BBBTheocratOrcs200-25here
Posts to the game:
Published on 2019-11-05 23:04:01

Written by Hiliadan
The easiest is to revert the turn and replay it.

Published on 2019-11-05 04:14:45

Confirmed by leon feargus
Unfortunately we didn't get very far into this match before it was cut short with a points victory.

I would like to carry on but could use some help with restarting. I tried putting the savegame back in the SAVES folder I plucket it from, but without success. When I start the game I just get to the surrender screen.


Published on 2019-11-02 23:18:53

Hi! Following analysis of the scores, leon feargus is declared winner of this game. Please report it accordingly. Good luck leon for the rest of the tournament!

Published on 2019-10-31 00:26:59

I followed the instructions. Hope it all worked out.
Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for all the hard work for the community!

Published on 2019-10-30 02:38:59

Hi! The deadline has expired, so @leon: please follow the instructions and send the screenshots of the scores to judges by private message here:

Published on 2019-10-28 19:12:11

I think Leon is the last player in the turn order.

It's a shame if the game ends now, things are starting to get very interesting.

Still, if that is what is necessary for the tournament!

Published on 2019-10-26 23:23:07

Hi guys!
This round ends in a bit more than 2 days at 2019-10-29 5:4 PM +02:00. It seems likely that your game will be decided by a score victory.

Who is the last player in the strategic turn?
That player has to follow these instructions:

1/ AFTER the deadline, the strategic turn is played until the last player in the turn order
2/ that player plays his turn, saves & quits, copy the save game to a backup folder
3/ that player re-enters the game and surrenders, then takes screenshots of all the scores (general, domain, research, military, happiness) . He does NOT end the turn. Instead he quits the game without ending the turn.
4/ he sends the screenshots to judges (marcuspers, Jonny Thunder and me)
5/ judges check the scores and take a decision

Please let me know if this is unclear.

Published on 2019-10-25 21:05:26

Turn played and sent. 

Published on 2019-10-25 20:59:14

I have a cunning plan involving my victory, or defeat, very soon!

Published on 2019-10-25 14:43:38

Well, it's not a gag and it's indeed what's planned by judges. I find it unfortunate that you decided not to follow judges' instructions and made sure the game won't finish in time. I'm going to post the instructions for the score victory soon.

Published on 2019-10-25 14:22:42

More accurately, BBB will start turn 15.
I have refrained from using a turn timer because I thought it would decrease enjoyment of the game for both players if one of them would miss their turns frequently. If need be, I would settle for the old 'winner determined by score' gag, when we run out of time.

Published on 2019-10-24 16:09:50

I think turn 20?

I just played my turn.

And we have just met each other.

Looks to be an Orc lovefest.

Published on 2019-10-23 00:05:13

Ok and so what turn have you reached?

Published on 2019-10-21 21:24:39

Never fear, we are making good progress!

Published on 2019-10-20 23:45:30

Hi there! A bit more than 8 days until the end of round, what turn have you reached?

Do you confirm a turn timer is on?

Published on 2019-10-03 23:28:44

Hum.... Please contact BBB and activate a turn timer of at least 48 hours after he plays his turn. You cannot play at this pace, the game will never end. <smiletext6>

Published on 2019-10-03 04:54:41

It's been a while since it was my turn, which would be turn 7 I think

Published on 2019-09-29 15:10:38

Hi! What turn have you reached?

Published on 2019-09-14 22:04:03
System notification

Round 2 : 2019 PBEM Duel Tournament #25
Please click here to read the rules.

In order to avoid advantaging one team or the other, for each match, the team who will host the match was randomly selected.
The first team in the "turn order" above (who is also the team on top in the tree here) must host the game.

Any of the players in the team can host.
Tournament Game #25 Round !

When players do not show up for their match, the Tournament Judges have the right to change the match!

Published on 2019-09-14 22:03:44

This game is underway. Turn 4 is coming up.

Published on 2019-09-05 22:01:19

Hi! Apparently the password didn't work. leon, can you please repost the password or rehost if you lost it? In that case, would be good to repost screenshots to make sure everything is alright.

Published on 2019-08-30 23:55:51

Hi! Has the match started? If yes, please update its status to Ongoing here? ("I would like to" then "Change status to 'Ongoing'").

Published on 2019-08-28 10:23:41

Have corrected the images. Please use image-files not URLs to a webpage.
You can use "right mouse key->copy link" for getting an Image

Or try to use the share Options maybe with embedding. But not sure if it can work

Published on 2019-08-27 23:19:21

Hi! I was able to look at the screenshots and settings seem good.
We have both players' class/race so you're good to start. Good luck & have fun!

Published on 2019-08-28 10:20:56

Hi guys, sorry I have been really busy and spending some free time with planetfall. I have now hosted the match.

I hope I did this well

Published on 2019-08-25 13:47:04

@Hiliadan, you should have received my race and class choice via Steam.

Published on 2019-08-24 22:08:07

Hi! leon, please host the game and post screenshots here...
BBB and leon, still waiting for your class/race.

Published on 2019-08-17 14:21:33

Hi! The participants of this match are now confirmed. Please send your class/race to judges by PM. leon feargus is hosting. Please post screenshots of the settings here ASAP.
Reminder: you need to use the main branch of the balance mod (+ SDNR mod: