Game #424 | Blight&Ice vs Shadow&Flame 2

Hiliadan vs  AlXStormrage vs  Lightform vs  Jundland Banshee

Match Details

Rating 3 - Regular Game
Amount of Humans:4
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 62
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 HiliadanNecromancerDraconians1800here
1 AlXStormrageRogueGoblins1500here
2 LightformWarlordElves200-38here
2 Jundland BansheeNecromancerFrostlings200-66here
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Published on 2016-12-27 19:54:53

Confirmed by AlXStormrage

Confirmed by AlXStormrage

Published on 2016-12-27 16:37:59

Geschrieben von gladis

I think it´s not that easy to say that Necro Needs further BIG nerfs. You Play this race very good and have much experience in it. I fear further nerfs will make this race very hard to Play for not so good (Necro) Players? Referring to Whispers of the Fallen (I have still no experience in that) we may think about to nerf it further because I think the most Players didn´t rely on that much in the past anyway. In our Tournament Game, Earl got only T1 due to ghouling strike, so it was not that important for him at the stage we quitted. And I want to make T4 mind Control immune anyway, so you shouldn´t have got the giant in the 1st place Maybe we Need more games to make conclusions? But yes, Ghouled Units shouldn´t start with full HP, because their bodies were smashed, burned, shot, bitten, stabbed and beaten before they died. And we can think about 0 MP for them. This could be nice for balancing because this would harm good Players more than others I think. The simple reason is that unexperienced Players are more cautious and don´t do that much fights per turn anyway (waiting for undead healing in the strategic turn etc)

Published on 2016-12-27 01:20:29

Confirmed by Hiliadan

This was a 2vs2 with AlX and me vs Lightform and Jundland. The game used v1.18 of the PBEM & Single Player Balance Mod. AlX started UG and I started on the surface to maximize clearing and expansion potential. Lightform and Jundland started both on the surface and Lightform had a bad starting area with rivers West and rapids (unpassable except for floating or flying units) south. His "vassal" city was on the other side of the rapids, so that was really an unlucky start. He also told me Jundland did not give him space to clear but instead cleared where he wanted to clear. To make all this worse, Lightform lost many units in early fight and eventually lost everything (as in our previous game). He made the mistake to tell that to me so I rushed toward him as fast as I could and when I realized rapids would slow me down, I sent a fast attack stack with 1 Draconian Flyer (evolved), 1 floating Fey (reward) and a few Lost Souls. By turn 16, I had reached him, taken his outpost and his throne and he suicided his leader (he had 2-3 units left anyway). To illustrate that Necro is OP, I did some stats every turn of the game for turn 4 to 16 (if not said otherwise, when I say "1 level up", I mean, 1 for the hero and 1 for the leader): - turn 4: lvl 5 with both leader and hero, cleared 4 sites (double level-up for both) - turn 5: lvl 6, cleared 3 sites (1 level-up) - turn 6: Whispers of the Fallen cast, the party begins! Lvl 6 (no level up), cleared 2 = 75RP gained thanks to Whispers - turn 7: lvl 7, cleared 2 sites (1-level-up), 1 hatchling became Flyer, 51RP - turn 8: lvl 9, cleared 3 sites (1 to 2 level-up), 49RP, 1st ghouled unit - turn 9: lvl 9, cleared 2 sites (0 level-up), 51RP, Harbinger of Death researched - turn 10: lvl 10, cleared 2 sites (1-level-up), 36RP - turn 11: lvl 11, cleared 2 sites (2 level-up), 108RP, Giant Dwelling cleared, ghouled a T4 Giant (defending the Dwelling) - turn 12: lvl 11, cleared 1 site (0 level-up), 3RP, 2 ghouled units (including a T3 Panther) - turn 13: lvl 11, cleared 0 site (0 level-up), 24RP (from clearing elsewhere, I'm counting only the clearing by my leader + Necro hero here) - turn 14: lvl 13, cleared 2 sites (1 to 2 level-up), 84RP - turn 15: lvl 13, cleared 2 sites (1 level-up from 12 to 13 for the hero), 29RP - turn 16: lvl 13, cleared 3 sites (0 level-up), 36RP So in average I'm at 1 level per turn until level 13 (it slows down in the end because I focus more on ghouling and getting XP for my key units rather than my heroes) and about 35 RP/turn thanks to Whispers of the Fallen. This is massive and snowball into getting key techs like Harbinger of Death, Necromancy up to level VII, Healers of the Dead, etc. There is clearly an issue with Necro, despite nerfs present in the balance mod (as of v1.18). v1.2 will address some additional issues (like ghouled and raised units having full MP) but others will remain, one of the biggest being that Whispers of the Fallen provides too many RP. After having killed Lightform, I moved toward Jundland. In the meantime, AlX was expanding and clearing UG but he had had a difficult start, losing units in early fight, so his army never reached the battlefield (though one of his crow took Jundland's throne). It quickly appeared that Jundland's army was not in his lands any more and I had an easy time taking his vassal (looks like he didn't build an outpost?). As I was starting to realize he was probably getting close to my land for a counter-attack, he appeared at my gates on turn 23. I had already sent my rapid attack stack back toward my throne at that time so it was able to reach it in 3 turns (by using some Berries and water structure which regenerates MP). My leader had left the main army several turns before and travelled alone on his flying mount to reach my rapid attack stack when it was in Jundland's territory. Now my leader was heading my rapid attack stack to counter Jundland. In parallel, my 2ndary stack, led by my 2nd hero - a Sorcerer with a reanimator staff (!) found in a cleared site - was also moving back toward my throne. I had also launched the production of T3 Flyers (I had started the production line many many turns before). Jundland had split his stacks: his leader and a Dreadnought on one side, and his Necro hero on another. I positioned myself to be able to strike both (depending on his movements). On turn 26, he kept his stacks split as he had done for 3 turns (big mistake!) and I was able to attack with my leader + Champion Flyer from my rapid attack stack (the floating units had not enough MP), my 3 Flyers from my throne (using Haste Berries on the way) and my 7 units with my Sorcerer. Jundland had no throne so the fight ended very quicky when 2 Flyers cut his leader to pieces on round 2 of the fight. This was a very unbalanced game as Lightform had a bad starting position and did mistakes in tactical fight, and Jundland played Necro badly (level 5 and 6 after turn 20...), but still it showed me what I wanted to see and demonstrate: Necro needs further balancing.

Published on 2016-12-16 13:22:00

Hi! I'm taking a plane back to France in about 6 hours and I still have work to do before I go on holidays so I'll probably not be able to play my turn... Sorry for the delay!

Published on 2016-11-22 16:05:48

Hi there! I am organizing an international workshop today and tomorrow and am thus quite busy so cannot play my turn on that game. Will probably be able to play it tomorrow or the day after, sorry.

Published on 2016-11-11 05:29:58

@Jundland: please explain the reload @Lightform: I'm going to revert turn. Please activate email notifications for your opponents as I already asked you. That would help me to remove turn timer if you don't play. Otherwise I have no idea if it's your turn or not.

Published on 2016-10-21 18:05:11

Lightform didn't know where to find the beta branch of the mod. I told him and now it's good, eventually! Good luck all!

Published on 2016-10-17 08:39:02

Hi,  it seems that our session is going to get wiped from the server due to inactivity.  I think we either need to put a timer or if Lightform is unable to play now - just concede the match. 2 weeks is enough time to play a turn after all...

Published on 2016-09-29 16:44:40

Hey there! Jundland, please don't forget to join! Name is same as here and password is battlefield.

Published on 2016-09-14 17:45:48

I finally hosted the game: it's called Blight&Ice vs Shadow&Flame 2 and password is battlefield. Tournament settings. But it uses the beta branch of the mod: so that we can get v1.18 sooner. Please join!

Published on 2016-08-14 15:37:30

Yes... However, I'd like to wait until v1.18 is released on the beta branch of the PBEM mod (probably in 1 week?), so that we can directly test it. As I'm also a bit busy now, with a very tight vacation schedule (a lot of places to visit), it will also help me. I currently have 3 turns to play and I also have to spend a lot of time for the tournament on "judging cases".

Published on 2016-08-13 12:50:59

Looks that we' re ready to start anytime now

Published on 2016-08-10 17:07:58

Looks like we may need to wait the end of the game 2 vs 1 against Lightform before starting this one.

Published on 2016-08-07 10:38:53
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Blight&Ice vs Shadow&Flame 2

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Published on 2016-08-07 10:38:52
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Published on 2016-08-07 10:37:52
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