Game #587 Tournament game#39 | Round 3 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #39

Hiliadan vs  chiveicrook

Match Details

Rating 2 - Nice Game
Amount of Humans:2
Kind of Report:2017 PBEM Duel Tournament
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 42
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 HiliadanArchdruidGoblins2200here
2 chiveicrookTheocratDwarves100-43here
Posts to the game:

35 turns but the game basically ended on turn 28 when I take the Throne and last city I didn't control. chivei had a strong start - though he seems to believe the opposite - and could have killed my Leader and army on turn 12. (@chiveicrook: not sure you saw that?) At that point, his army was basically the same strength as mine, and shortly after, it grew stronger thanks to Exalted Martyrs. I was quite concerned around turn 16 when Exalted Martyrs got researched. But then on turn 17, I was able to buy the Giant Dwelling because chivei took a Quest from them instead of buying them, and in my opinion, he did a mistake not to go on the offensive against me, with his Exalted. Instead, he apparently retreated toward his throne and split his armies, leading to big losses on one army and no clearing on the other (it seems). I cleared a lot, got a lot of independent cities, and when I arrived at his lands, I was much stronger. Nice to play against you chiveicrook! Good luck for the rest of your games and see you in next tournament! I'll post videos after I upload them. There were very strange things with the map though, and I don't think this is possible with the normal settings for the tournament, so I'm not sure what happened? I reported that to the judges early on but at the time, the screenshots sent by chiveicrook seemed to indicate everything was alright. 1/ there was a HUGE area of Dirt Cavern Wall which I basically mined for 10-20 turns without interruption, it was something like 14 * 12 hexes. And at the end of the game, I think I spotted another one. We NEVER have such big Dirt areas with our settings. 2/ there was at least 1 independent city on the surface (normal) + 1 Goblin, 1 Orc, 1 Tigran, 1 Draconian and 1 Dwarf independent cities UG, so in total 6 independent cities, which I have never seen on a tournament size map. The normal number is 1 of player A's race, 1 of player B's race and sometimes a 3rd one, so 3 in total.

Published on Wed, 30 Aug 2017 08:25:56 +0200

Confirmed by Hiliadan
I finished uploading all the videos of this match, which will we can consider as my game report! It's here: />
Descriptions of the turns:
Turn 1
Explanations of the plans for the game for Hiliadan: rush with cheap Goblin units and especially Hunters, razing and plundering enemy cities.
Hiliadan cleared a Great Farm and explored, finding a nice site to Settle with a Magma Forge and a Vault of Knowledge, to produce Hunters with the Focus Chamber MCU. He recruits a Halfling Theocrat hero and builds a Builder's Hall.

Turn 2
Hiliadan finds the nearby Goblin Outpost (very close to the Vault of Knowledge, but the site is 3 hexes from its domain) and uses Cartographer Tents to reveal the Giant Dwelling UG and an Orc city of unknown size south of him UG. He does not clear any site but positions himself near a Gold Mine and a Mana Node, and casts Transform to Destruction Mana Node.

Turn 3
Hiliadan clears a Mana Node then loses 1 Marauder and 1 Untouchable in a Gold Mine fight vs Frostlings (Frozen and Immobilized by the Ice Scape and Harpooners). He discovers a Halfling Village on the surface, very close from him.

Turn 4
Hiliadan attacks the Halfling Village (4 vs 5, shown on video) after emerging from a Cave Entrance: he then starts migrating it to Goblin.

Turn 5
Hiliadan clears the Great Farm near his newly migrated Goblin outpost, gets a Tiger as a reward and moves back UG to complete the Quest the independent Goblin outpost gave him. He starts the production of a Settler on the surface in his newly migrated outpost and rushes it. At his throne, he produces a Stone Wall, which will put a Mana Node in his domain when it's completed, and whose completion should coincide with the completion of the Hunter research. He meets the Giant Dwellign in the center of the UG.

Turn 6
Hiliadan summons an animal and gets a Warg, he clears a Gold Mine and loses the Warg. He thens clears a Magma Forge with a Lesser Fire Elemental and does not lose units though they are all badly injured. He moves closer to completing the Quest of his Goblin Outpost. His Boar finds a Cave Entrance and gets to the surface to find the surface Dwelling. His first Settler is produced and he launches an Untouchable.

Turn 7
Hiliadan clears a Mana Node, a Gold Mine (from the Quest of his Outpost) and a Great Farm, gaining a Swarm Darter and a Dire Monkey in the process. His leader reaches level 5 and his Theocrat level 5 too. He launches a Siege Workshop at his throne and rushes it to one-turn Hunter starting on turn 8. The Outpost under his control starts a Builder. He researchs Dispel to try to get Terraforming, as he reaches Racial Governance 1 and choose the economic bonus, which is useful only when Wetlands are in Outposts or Villages's domain.

Turn 8
Hiliadan clears 3 sites and fight 1 stack of roamers: a Vault of Knowlede (shown on video), a stack of Scoundrels, a Scroll stack, and a Brigand Hideout. He gets about 200 RP from it and thus research a 200 RP skill, Hasty Plunder, and then launch Druidry I in 2 turns (instead of 3). His Theocrat reaches level 6. He starts a Builder's Hall at his newly settled Outpost and a Shooting Ground at his throne, before starting production of Hunters.

Turn 9
Hiliadan clears a Mana Node and loses a Swarm Darter by not being careful with the Phase of one Wisp (2 attacked the Darters). He then moves back his troops toward the next 2 sites.

Turn 10
Hiliadan clears 2 sites: first a Magma Forge, where the Flash Bomb of an Engineer blinds his Leader and Dread Monkey, preventing him from taking down some enemy units and thus forces him to sacrifice a Tiger to avoid losing other units. His Baby Shock Serpent does not level up as it's difficult to get to melee on this map. Then he clears a Gold Mine and levels up his Serpent. His Leader also levels up. On the surface, he sends back his Boar toward a piece of water, to see if it contains a Merfolk Dwelling. His Village starts building a Laboratory, while his first Hunter's production is finished at his Throne.

Turn 11
Hiliadan clears an Ancient Ruin and manages to deal with a charge on round 1 from the 2 Ogres, 1 Baby Hunter Spider and 1 Boar (shown on video for the tactic), and then an Animal Den. He Befriends the Spider on the Ruins and 1 Baby Shock Serpent in the Den. He buys his Goblin Outpost as a Vassal and after transforming his 2nd Mana Node into a Destruction Mana Node (+5 mana, +5 RP), he launches a new Transform strategic spell, focusing on it instead of summoning. His Theocrat hero reaches level 7 and takes Blessing of Health and avoids Healing to be efficient in auto tactical combat. His exploring Boar is killed by roamers, he sends a Hunter to scout.

Turn 12
Hiliadan meets chiveicrook, who was completing a Quest at the Giant Dwelling at the center of the map (he plays Dwarf and thus started UG as Hiliadan). He finds his opponent on the last movement of his Leader who thus exposes itself to an attack from his enemy: Hiliadan sends 1 Elite Warg Rider, 1 Expert Baby Shock Serpent, 1 Hunter Spider Baby and 1 Dread Monkey to defend his level 6 Leader, vs 1 Elite Martyr, 1 Veteran Martyr, 1 Ogre, 1 Expert Dwarf Axeman and the level 4 Theocrat Leader of chiveicrook. He takes twice the ranged damage upgrade, twice the HP upgrade and once the defense upgrade for his Leader to prepare for the fight (not shown on the video because I thought about it afterwards). His 4 other units, led by his Theocrat, go through a Rune of Cold Fury and move toward the Giant Dwelling.

Turn 13 (no sound)
chiveicrook kills the 3 Wisps of Hiliadan's Quest with the Giant Dwelling then retreat west with his army, which also includes 1 level 5 Halfling Sorcerer and a second Ogre (in addition to the units described on turn 12). At this point, he has no vassal or settled Outpost.
Hiliadan immediately receives a 2nd Quest from the Giants and completes it by killing a Frost Wyvern. He gets an Ogre as a reward. He then retreats to combine his two stacks, totalling 10 units (vs 7 for chiveicrook). He has 3 Hunters at his Throne, and 1 scouting on the surface (picking resource piles). He starts casting a Summon Wild Animal, after having transformed three Mana Nodes into Destruction Mana Nodes (and short of transforming his 4th one) as he needs to reinforce his main army. He cannot afford to build anything more than 1 more Hunter at his Throne.

Turn 14
chiveicrook continues to retreat west with his 2 stacks.
Hiliadan kills 1 Cherub of chiveicrook that is flying over Water with a Swimming Baby Shock Serpent, which reaches Elite level. He sends 4 Hunters from his Throne to scout and attack chiveicrook's Throne. He sells the Boar mount to buy a Warlord hero. His Wild Animal summon yields another Baby Shock Serpent. On the surface, his lone Hunter finds a Merfolk Dwelling on the north west corner of the map.

Turn 15
Hiliadan clears a Haunted Boneyard with his main army (shown on video) and a Watch Tower with 4 Hunters, 1 is killed by the 4 Tigran Defenders and the 3 others are saved only by Twisting Roots (shown on video). He builds 1 more Hunter at his Throne and refrains from building more units or buildings to save gold for a new Settler, which will bring him to "Very Happy" Race Happiness. He starts the research of Druidry III.

Turn 16
chiveicrook researchs Exalted Martyr, and thus have 1 Elite Martyr evolved into an Exalted Martyr. He splits his Leader and hero's stacks in two groups. His hero gets Vision Range Upgrade and True Sight.
Hiliadan discovers a city or vassal from chiveicrook and another independent Town or City (big city). After hesitating to launch a Master's Guild to 1-turn Goblin Butchers (that would require a War Hall) to counter the Exalted Martyrs, Hiliadan goes for Hunters, calculating that he could get 5 Hunters for a lower price for the same time as he would need to get just 1 Butcher. He clears a Necromantic Circle and a Shrine of the Fallen Angel and his Theo reaches level 8 while his Leader gets to level 7.

Turn 17
chiveicrook gets a Quest from the Giant Dwelling and thus do not vassalize it immediately. His Sorcerer stack moves next to Hiliadan and toward a Column of Champions.
Hiliadan takes the opportunity and buys the Giant Dwelling for 148 gold, getting 30 gold, 8 mana and 4 RP (which actually seems to be 2 RP, to be checked!) from the Vassal in exchange, a good deal! (his Partisan spec gives him a -10% discount on buying the Dwelling) His 3 Hunters kill 3 roaming Scoundrels near chiveicrook's stack, removing the XP opportunity for him. His Goblin Marauder goes further into enemy territory, apparently unseen by chiveicrook. Hiliadan's main army clear an Inn and takes the Orc Outpost and migrate it to Goblin (3 turns). At his Throne, one more Hunter is built and his Warlord is dispatched with 1 Hunter to complete a Quest from his Goblin Vassal.

Turn 18
chiveicrook has his level 6 Leader and level 3 Rogue hero near his Throne. His Sorcerer stack clears the Column of Champion and 1 Martyr gets to Expert, while the two others reach Veteran. The Sorcerer reaches level 7.
Hiliadan buys the Merfolk Dwelling as Vassal (300+ gold). He completes the Quest of his Goblin Vassal with his Warlord hero, 1 Hunter and a summoned Spider. His Leader's stack kills 3 roaming spiders and clear their Den, Befriending one more Baby Vampire Spider. He starts researching Eldritch Animal (2 turns).

Turn 19
chiveicrook sends an Ogre with a Settler to settle a site near his Throne, and passes by the concealed Marauder of Hiliadan (Cave Concealment), apparently not seeing it, but indicating his position to his opponent. He sends a Dwarf Prospector to dig some Dirt Cavern Wall near his Throne. He also buys his Vassal, but leaves it undefended.
Hiliadan closes in on chiveicrook with 2 Hunters from the North-East and 1 from the South-West (from the surface). He prepares to split his army in two, one stack led by his AD Leader (level 8 now) will go through the surface as they can Swim, Float or Fly. The other stack, led by his Theocrat, will move through the UG. He clears a Mana Node and a Gold Mine.

Turn 20
chiveicrook kills the concealed Marauder of Hiliadan with his Expert Ogre and a summoned Cherub. He does not garisson the Vassal he bought the previous turn. His Leader's stack clears a Well of Souls west of his Throne but he loses a Martyr in the fight.
Hiliadan clears a Watchtower with his Warlord stack and loses 1 Hunter. He repositions his Leader and Theocrat's stacks, preparing himself to get the buff from a Shrine to the Fallen Angel. He casts Insect Plague on the Throne of chiveicrook and takes his undefended Outpost. He starts researching Killer Instinct to try to unlock Scorched Earth.

Turn 21
chiveicrook takes back his Outpost and moves his Leader back toward his Throne.
Hiliadan clears an item stack but loses one Elite Baby Shock Serpent in the tough fight (3 Baby Shock Serpents, 1 Zephyr Bird, 1 Wisp, 1 level 8 AD Leader vs 5 Dwarf First Borns and 1 Dwarf Forge Priest), despite the Regrowth on 4 of his units (shown on video). His Leader's stack thus splits from the rest of his army and moves on the surface, while his Theocrat leads his 2nd army UG toward a Dranonian Outpost near chiveicrook's lands. Hiliadan starts researching Shaman (4 turns).

Turn 22
Hiliadan clears a Hall of the Forefather (and gets Meandor's Autobiography with Invoke Death, and a Chalice with +2 resistance and Touch of Faith; fight shown on video) and then a Well of Souls with his Leader's stack. His Theocrat clears an Animal's Den but loses 1 Baby Hunter Spider. His Warlord's stack clears an Inn and loses a Baby Spider too. He starts building an Observatory at Peskin to get to 130 RP and 2-turns Druidry IV but also gets a Great Farm in its domain.

Turn 23
chiveicrook tries to disjunct Insect's Plague on his Throne but fails. He moves back his level 8 Sorcerer hero with 2 Exalted Martyrs to his old absorbed Vassal.
Hiliadan fails in his attempt to clear a Lost City (shown on video) with his Theocrat's stack and loses a Kobold, a Vampire Spider Queen and an Elite Warg Rider in the battle (afterk killing 3 Matriarches). His Leader and Warlord's stacks heal and do not do any fight this turn. He starts building Barracks at Hillbery, preparing to produce Butchers later.

Turn 24
chiveicrook succeeds in disjuncting Hiliadan's Insect Plague on his Throne and kills a Concealed Hunter with his Sorcerer's small stack.
Hiliadan clears 3 sites with his Leader's army, evolving his Mature Shock Serpent into a T4 King Shock Serpent: a Shrine of the Fickle Mermaid, a Great Farm and a Vault of Knowledge. His Theocrat crosses water with his surviving army from the botched Lost City clearing. His Warlord clears a Flowrock Quarry in Hillbery's domain and loses two units against Very Lucky Halflings (due to the Shooting Stars Cosmic Event... bad idea to attack under this Event!).

Turn 25
chiveicrook moves his Sorcerer hero and 2 Exalted Martyrs north-west of his old Vassal turned Outpost to kill a Hunter from Hiliadan. He gets 1 Aweman at his other Outpost to defend it.
Hiliadan clears a Crystal Tree and an Inn with his Leader's army and recruits an Orc Shocktrooper there (his Baby Shock Serpent reaches Elite). His Warlord's army clears a dangerous Haunted Boneyard, losing 1 Hunter in the process. As a reward for the clearing, he gets a +2 vision range item, the Bowan Signet Ring and sends it to his Leader. His Theocrat's army clears a Gold Mine and stay out of vision range of chiveicrook's Draconian Vassal. He builds a Siege Workshop at Hillbery (to 1 turn the Butchers) and a class building at Pestin to build Hunters with the Vault of Knowledge's MCU there.

Turn 26
chiveicrook moves his Sorcerer's stack in a position where he can strike Hiliadan's troops if they stay in range of attack of his Dwarf Outpost.
Hiliadan clears a CP site with his Leader's stack and moves over the Cave Entrance, ready to attack chiveicrook next turn. He summons two Eldritch Animal and gets two Mammoth, which reinforce his Oger and Gryphon Rider UG. His Warlord stack clears a item stack and gets a Inflict Dazzled item (and reaches level 5). His Theocrat's stack clears a Trading Post and takes the Draconian Vassal of chiveicrook. He starts researching Cloaked in Shadow and launches the construction of his first (Trooper) Shaman.

Turn 27
chiveicrook kills a bait Hunter with his Sorcerer and 2 Exalted Martyrs. His Cherub scouts near his Throne to find other sneaky units from Hiliadan.
Hiliadan enters UG with his Leader and kills chiveicrook's stack of 3 led by his Sorcerer, without loss. He then sends his Ogre and 2 Mammoths to conquer the Outpost of chiveicrook, defended by an Expert Ogre. The defenders kills two of the attackers but the Outpost is taken. Hiliadan's Theocrat clears 3 sites: an Inn, a Magma Forge and a Necromantic Circle, converting a Draconian Elder. His Warlord clears an Animal's Den. He researches Guerilla Tactics, hoping to unlock Scorched Earth. He also recruits a Dwarf First Born at an Inn with his Theocrat and 2 Orc T1 with his Goblin Marauder to take the 2nd Outpost of chiveicrook the next turn.

Turn 28
chiveicrook moves his Axeman from his Outpost to his Throne to defend it.
Hiliadan takes the Throne of chiveicrook with 6 units against his 2 T1. He also takes the Outpost left undefended. He loses badly a Sphynx Temple fight and gets his level 10 (11 during the fight) Theocrat killed... Fortunately for him, the game is probably almost over.

Turn 29
chiveicrook moves away on the surface with the remnnants of his army.
Hiliadan summons an Eldritch Animal and gets a Gryphon, who is sent in front of the hunt to find chiveicrook, and indeed finds 4 unhappy units out of the Cave Entrance. His Warlord moves closer to his throne. Hiliadan does another stupid fight and loses an Ogre and a Hunter, clearing a Scroll stack. He starts researching Long Strider and casts Resurect Hero (2 turns needed).

Turn 30
Hiliadan gets an overview of the full army of chiveicrook with his Gryphon. He terraforms lands to Wetland to increase Happiness (and population growth in small cities) in his cities.

Turn 31
chiveicrook clears a Lost Library and mind control an Orc Priest. He casts a Cherub and sends him east to scout.
Hiliadan spots the Cherub and kills it. He finishes the research of Long Strider, researches Hunter's Finess for free (thanks to a happy festival at his Throne) and launches Beast Mastery to gets +2 resistance and Mind Control Immunity on his animals before the final fight. He clears a Trading Post defended by 2 Human Knights, 2 Human Civic Guards, 1 Human Priest and 1 Human Longswordsman with his level 5 Warlord, 2 Hunters (one Elite, one Expert) and 1 Veteran Blight Doctor, achieving a nice 4 vs 6 (shown on video).

Turn 32
Hiliadan continues to hunt chiveicrook but is at least 1 turn behind. Confident that Divine Justicars will bring all his units in the stack of his Theocrat back if he wins a fight, he plays a fight at a Cataclysm Box without trying to avoid deaths. He gets a very nasty surprise when he discovers that all the units dead after the Theocrat himself are not brought back, and loses a Dire Panther and a Gryphon Rider, deaths which could have been easily avoided had he known before. He clears a Shrine to the Fickle Mermaid to gets back MP, then a Sunken City where he gets a Lord of the Deep as a reward, and an Oyster Reef.

Turn 33
chiveicrook splits his armies to move faster, entering UG with his Leader, hero and 3 Exalted (and Orc Black Knight) while the rest struggles to cross Mountains.
Hiliadan clears a Great Farm and Mana Node on an island, leveling up his Mature Shock Serpent to King Shock Serpent. He continues to produce troops: 1 Butcher / turn, 1 Hunter with Focus Chamber / turn and 1 Shaman every 2 turns.

Turn 34
chiveicrook sends his last troops underground but keeps his 2 stacks split, his Leader moving toward the Village of Hiliadan.
Hiliadan enters the UG and kills 5 of the units of chiveicrook, then creates a blockage at a chokepoint with 10 units, including 3 T4. His Leader takes +1 def, +5 HP and +20% Spirit Protection in preparation of the last fight. His Warlord clears a Flowrock Quarry 4 vs 5 (Blight Doctor + Hunter + Butcher + level 6 Warlord vs Dwarf First Born, 2 Boar Riders, 1 Dwarf Forge Priest, 1 Dwarf Prospector), losing a Hunter by negligence. Horned Gods are 5 turns away.

Turn 35
chiveicrook surrenders through a suicide attack on Hiliadan's army.

Published on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 08:23:47 +0200

Written by Hiliadan
Yes, the fact we both started UG can explain there were more cities UG than on the surface. But that doesn't explain the dirt cavern walls. Well, if the issue appears again in other games, we'll have to investigate more and see if there are some issues in the RMG.

Published on Fri, 30 Jun 2017 20:47:45 +0200

Confirmed by chiveicrook
I suffered from starting unit losses, poor gold income and had to backtrack a couple times because of annoying roaming independents. When I saw your army (near the giant dwelling) my heroes were somewhat underleveled. Splitting the army was the biggest mistake, however. 

The map thing is weird. Could it be linked to the fact we both started UG? (we did both start UG, right? <smiletext0> ) I didn't touch settings since last game, which looked pretty normal (apart from being a bit empty on my half of the map)

Published on Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:51:18 +0200

587 | Age of Wonders 3

Published on Thu, 29 Jun 2017 14:06:52 +0200

Screwed up early as usual and thus sealed my fate :-) Good luck in next game :-)

Published on Tue, 27 Jun 2017 12:49:13 +0200

Triumph said it was working as intended so we continue like this...

Published on Mon, 26 Jun 2017 22:12:00 +0200

Well, most likely the game will be finished very soon anyway :-)

Published on Mon, 26 Jun 2017 17:14:59 +0200

Hello, I faced a potential bug or ability with imprecise description and sent a PM to judges to ask for a reload to avoid it. So we're probably delayed a bit, sorry about that. Should not be an issue to finish the game, given that we're turn 32 and quite advanced already!

Published on Sun, 11 Jun 2017 16:35:21 +0200

You usually played just after I played my turn and I would have been able to play a 2nd turn most of the time but I prefer to keep it at 1 turn a day to have more time to do other stuff, so no need to put pressure on ourselves and play in the morning for you, etc. If we lag behind at the end of the round (which I doubt), we know we can speed up and finish the game.

Published on Sun, 11 Jun 2017 15:17:42 +0200

Had a busy weekend as well so it didn't matter.. Just noticed your timezone :-) I will try to play this game in the mornings; should make it possible to play more than 1 turn a day with some luck <smiletext0>

Published on Fri, 09 Jun 2017 18:32:46 +0200

Hey! Sorry won't be able to make my turn today because it's already pretty late here in China and I have to wake up at 6:45 tomorrow for the wedding of a friend. I'll do double turn tomorrow or Sunday to keep up.

Published on Fri, 02 Jun 2017 17:24:58 +0200
System notification

Round 3 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #39
Please click here to read the rules. In order to avoid advantaging one team or the other, for each match, the team who will host the match was randomly selected.The first team in the "turn order" above (who is also the team on top in the tree here) must host the game. Tournament Game #39 Round $roundza ! When players do not show up for their match, the Tournament Judges have the right to change the match!

Published on Fri, 02 Jun 2017 13:23:59 +0200

I joined, we can start. Good luck!

Published on Fri, 02 Jun 2017 13:00:38 +0200

Hello guys,

Settings looks good and class/race received from both players.

Best of luck and have a good game!

Published on Thu, 01 Jun 2017 22:52:47 +0200

Just sent my class/race and also hosted the game. (main branch 1.21)

PW: match39


Published on Thu, 01 Jun 2017 11:46:39 +0200

Hey chiveicrook! I think the judges haven't received your class/race yet? (don't send it to me of course! )
You're also the host, so waiting for your screenshots of the settings (remember to host with the main branch this time, not the beta branch as for round 2).