Game #666 Tournament game#46 | Round 4 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #46

Hiliadan vs  El_Lobo

Match Details

Rating 3 - Regular Game
Amount of Humans:2
Kind of Report:2017 PBEM Duel Tournament
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 43
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 HiliadanWarlordTigrans2300here
2 El_LoboNecromancerHumans100-41here
Posts to the game:

I'll post a link to the playlist of videos I recorded for this game after I upload them (will take some time, especially if China keeps severely restricting VPNs as it is now, which means no YouTube). The game ended in 36 turns, El Lobo had a difficult map (rapids cutting the map 20/80, independents on the other side of the rapids, and no nearby Cave Entrance) and a bad start, while I strongly expanded and got Monoculture on turn 28.

Published on Sun, 17 Dec 2017 05:50:16 +0100

Confirmed by Hiliadan
I finished uploading the videos of our game, please check them in this playlist:

Here is the recap of the game from what I know:
Turn 1
Explanations of the plans for the game for Hiliadan: big expansion to benefit from the city bonus of Tigran (+5 gold, and RG2 + 10 gold/observatory), Grey Guard Master (+5 gold) and Warlord (War Effort: +10 gold), production of an army of Pouncing Berserkers and mobile Monster Hunters to crush El Lobo.
Hiliadan cleared a Great Farm (shown on video) and a Gold Mine. He refuses a Halfling Dreadnought hero and builds a Builder's Hall but does not rush it as its city happiness is at 293 (and not above 300).

Turn 2
Hiliadan repositions his troops to attack a Gold Mine. He refuses his 2nd hero, an Orc Sorcerer, to try to get a Necromancer, Theocrat, Rogue or Arch Druid. He rushes his Builder's Hall.

Turn 3
Hiliadan rushes his 1st Settler (but realizes he would have had to rush it on turn 2 to be able to reach RG1 on turn 6 instead of the usual turn 7). He clears a Gold Mine with his new Tigran Arch Druid hero and the rest of his army and his Leader reaches level 2, taking Field Medic to heal his injured units. He casts Scout Death March on one of his Cheetah and finds his closest Tigran independent city, and buys their favour, to try to get a Vassal Quest as soon as possible to increase his Racial Governance level faster.

Turn 4
Hiliadan settles at a site with a Gold Mine and a Great Farm. He starts building a Laboratory at his Throne (to accelerate research and gets an Observatory to benefit from Tigran RG2 later on). He clears a Magma Forge and then take a pause to get back HP. He reveals a Dragon Dwelling with the Cartographer Tent and sends his Warg to make contact with it.

Turn 5
Hiliadan clears a Great Farm and gets a Dread Monkey as a reward. His AD levels up to level 2 and he takes Druidry I (not shown on video, forgot) to later be able to use Summon Ancestral Spirit. He starts a Builder's Hall at his new outpost. His Warg makes contact with the Dragon Dwelling which immediately proposes peace.

Turn 6
Hiliadan clears a Gold Mine and moves in position to clear a Lost Library. His Dread Monkey and Warg scout on the surface and UG. His Leader reaches level 3 and takes Break Control in preparation of the Lost Library fight.

Turn 7
Hiliadan clears the Lost Library and loses 1 Cheetah (shown on video). His AD reaches level 3 and takes Nourishing Meal. A Laboratory is finished at his Throne and Scout starts its production, to go take a Gold stash on the water. A Settler will follow. RG1 is reached and the economic -15% on Settler is chosen, while a Quest for Vassal is accepted at the nearby Tigran Outpost.

Turn 8
Hiliadan produces a Scout and launches the production of a Settler (4 turns) at his Throne. He casts Scout Death March on the Scout who takes a gold stash on water. He receives a proposal from a Dreadnought hero with Fearsome and prepares himself to accept it (he clicked on "Not now" before realizing he could take the gold stash and get the gold to recruit the hero, so has to wait for 1 more turn). His main army moves toward the Tigran Outpost, where the hostile Bard (from Quest) Charmed Hiliadan's Warg.

Turn 9
Hiliadan completes the quest from the Tigran Outpost and gets it as a Vassal + 1 Sun Guard as a reward. He clears Ancient Ruins with a tough defender sets (show on video) of 2 Apprentices, 1 Bard, 1 Monster Hunter, 1 Berserker. The Dragon Dwelling proposes to join as Vassal but for more than 600 gold. He recruits the Dreadnought and takes Lightning Rod Banner with it as he will soon clear sites with shock damage. His Leader takes Defense Command and Melee Command after reaching level 4, while his AD waits for level 5. He rushes a Settler (3 turns left) to settle and get +32 gold/turn from it, and builds a Cheetah at his Outpost.

Turn 10
Hiliadan clears a Great Farm and his Leader and AD reaches level 5, taking First Strike + Martial Arts and Lesser Befriend Animal + Call Ancestral Spirits. He then clears a Mana Node and befriends a Baby Reed Serpent. He launches a Settler at his Outpost and a Cheetah at his Throne, and cast Raise Militia on his Outpost, starting to build a small secondary army for his Dreadnought hero.

Turn 11
Hiliadan does only a small fight vs his Warg (which was charmed by a Bard on turn 8 this turn, waiting to get his CP back to engage a Mana Node with his Dreadnought's stack and skipping the Tomb which is defended by a Dread Reaper (waiting to get Blood Brother on his Leader). He starts building a Berserker at his Throne (2 turns) and settle his 2nd Outpost with an unguarded Settler (risky!). He gets a Hard Quest from the Dragon Dwelling for 2 Fire Wyverns.

Turn 12 [sound to re-record]
Hiliadan clears a Brigand Hideout (and kills 3 Lost Souls who gathered there too) and a Mana Node (losing 1 Cheetah). He rushes his Settler (had 3 turns left) and launches a Scout at his 2nd Outpost. On the surface, he meets the Fey Dwelling which immediately proposes Peace.

Turn 13
Hiliadan kills 3 roaming Scoundrels, clear a Watchtower and a Necromantic Circle, leveling his Reed Serpent twice and Leader + AD once (to level 6 both). His AD takes Vision Range Upgrade to help find the best paths UG. His Dreadnought clears a research stash and also levels up, taking Guardian Flame. A Shrine is launched at the 1st Outpost (Lab in the video but then changed opinion) and a 2nd Berserker at the Throne. Training Regimen's research is launched after Basic Seafaring (and Warlord I) are researched thanks to the RP stash. The 3rd Settler starts moving toward destination.

Turn 14
Hiliadan clears a Gold Mine but due to a mistake in positioning, his Baby Reed Serpent is Panicked and do not get any XP. His Dreadnought moves to clear the Shrine to the Spider Queen, which will then be settled to g et extra RP (and Gold from Tigran, Grey Guard and Warlord's bonuses). A Goblin city is spotted in the fog of war on the surface.

Turn 15
Hiliadan clears a Trading Post, kills 3 Scoundrels and clears a Shrine to the Spider Queen, losing 1 Cheetah. He finds El Lobo with his western Scout but does not see a Watchtower in the fog of war, meaning his Scout will be seen by EL Lobo. He launches 1 more Settler at his Throne, aiming for 8 cities to get Monoculture. After buying his Vassal, he reaches Very Happy Race Happiness.
El Lobo has a level 4 Leader with Crystal Skull (+2 vision range, True Sight, +5 HP, +1 resistance, Fast Healing).

Turn 16
El Lobo moves Sheila the Spoiled on her Gold Wyvern to catch Hiliadan's Scout.
Hiliadan moves the Scout away toward the West but he's probably going to be caught by Sheila. He clears a Vault of Knowledge, which finishes his Monster Hunter research. He also clears Ancient Ruins and launches the research of Essence Harvest. He starts building a Laboratory at his 2nd city, as he will get RG2 in 5 turns (+12 XP per turn at 90/150). The Fey Dwelling proposes to join him as Vassal for a payment.

Turn 17
El Lobo kills Hiliadan's Scout with Sheila the Spoiled, reaching level 5.
Hiliadan kills roamers, clears 1 Inn and 1 Research stash, with his Dreadnought's army. His Leader's army clear a Bandit Camp. He buys the Fey Dwelling on the surface (for 238). His AD reaches level 7 and takes Entangling Touch. Essence Harvest is researched and Fertility Rites' research is launched.

Turn 18
El Lobo scouts with a Lost Soul on the top center of the surface map.
Hiliadan loses a Scout to 3 roaming Lost Souls and a High Elf Union Guard to roaming Animals. He clears a Probable Defeat Tomb with his Dreadnought's army (shown on video) and gets a nice +4 def, Strong Will armor as a reward. He clears a Watchtower and kills the 3 roaming Animals with his Leader's stack: his Baby Reed Serpent evolves. He starts researching Voluntary Union.

Turn 19
Hiliadan gets a Buttercup Fairy as a tribute from the Fey Dwelling but waste it on 3 roaming Lost Souls and die fighting them. He clears an Animal's Den with his Leader's army and Befriend a Dread Monkey. His Dreadnought moves back toward the Cave Entrance closest to his Throne with his army. After a Settler and a Lab are finished, 2 Observatories are launched to benefit from Tigran's RG2.

Turn 20 (epic manual combats)
El Lobo builds a Watchtower at the delta at the end of the Blight lands.
Hiliadan clears a Sphynx Temple and kills the Titan + 4 Archon Infantry of the Dragon Dwelling's Quest (both shown on videos), losing 1 Dread Monkey and 1 Bleak Warg but gaining 2 Fire Wyverns and completing the Quest. His Leader reaches level 9 and takes Tireless, his AD reaches level 8. He builds an Observatory and a Settler. Scout Death March is used on his Scout.

Turn 21
El Lobo keeps a Lost Soul near his Watchtower at the delta.
Hiliadan gets a 2nd Quest from the Dragon Dwelling 1 turn after having completed the 1st one, he kills the 5 Undeads on the same turn and gets 2 more Fire Wyverns + the Dragons are now his Vassals. He also clears an item stack site with his Leader's army and the Heart of the Volcano with his Dreadnought's stack. He reaches Tigran RG2 and chooses the economic upgrade. Terraforming is researched and Warlord II is launched (+100 RP/turn).

Turn 22
El Lobo loses his easternmost Goblin Outpost to roaming Spiders.
Hiliadan clears a Shrine of the Fickle Mermaid, a Reed and a Raging Maelstrom with his AD's stack, losing 2 Fire Wyverns to bad positioning in the Maelstrom, but evolving his Reed Serpent to King Reed Serpent. His AD reaches level 9. His Dreadnought's army clears a Mana Node and the hero reaches level 6. A 6th city is settled on the surface, with the Heart of the Volcano in its domain.

Turn 23
Hiliadan screws up at a Boneyard fight and loses his Leader. His Throne is not defended but El Lobo is in theory far away from it. He also clears two Gold Mines with his Dreadnought and takes the Watchtower El Lobo built and razes it.

Turn 24
El Lobo razed one of his city at some point. His Builder is still building roads in the south-west of the map.
Hiliadan clears a Flowrock Quarry defended by 2 Gryphon Riders, 1 Union Guard, 1 Longbowman and 1 Swordsman with his Dreadnought, 2 Berserkers, 2 Cheetahs, several of them badly hurt (shown on video); he then clears a Lost Library with the same army. The Dreadnought reaches level 7, before that, he took Wizard Hunters and +20% Physical Protection. The AD's army clears a Shrine to the Fallen Angel. Fire Wyverns scout 2 Reanimators and 1 Builder from El Lobo. Hiliadan will get RG3 around turn 35.

Turn 25
El Lobo's Leader (level 7) now mounts the Gold Wyvern of Sheila the Spoil with an army of 4 Reanimators, 1 Swordsman, 1 Archer and probably some Cadavers.
Hiliadan razes the Watchtower El Lobo had built. His 2 Wyverns move toward his Throne. He clears 1 Inn and kills 4 roaming Animals and Elemental with his Dreadnought's army. His AD's army clears a Wizard's Tower Ruins 5 vs 6 but with Regrowth from the Shrine cleared the previous turn (and loses 1 Cheetah) and then kills 3 roaming Scoundrels. The excellent Great Healing Shower secret spell is obtained, as well as about 600 RP and a Freezing Breath item. Swift Migration is researched and Expansionism launched. A Siege Workshop is rushed to built a Forge in 3 turns after that.

Turn 26
El Lobo's Leader kills the Scout from Hiliadan.
Hiliadan finds a Fortress from El Lobo south of his Throne and gets ready to take it with his 2 Wyverns as it looks undefended. He does 4 fights with his AD's army (3 Scoundrels, 1 Mana Node, 1 Great Farm, 1 Orc Outpost) and migrates the Orc Outpost to Tigran, meaning he'll reach Monoculture on turn 28 after his last Settler's city gets out of the ground. His Dreadnought's army does 2 Gold Mines and 1 Vault of Knowledge, losing 1 Cheetah to bad positioning and "wasting" 90 CP on Great Healing Shower and Steadfast Ward on the Vault. Expansionism is researched and Banish started (as still no Grey Guard spells in the research book). The Forge is launched (4 turns).

Turn 27
Hiliadan takes the undefended Stone Fortress of El Lobo and razes it. His AD got attacked by 1 Reanimator and 4 Lost Souls and his army lost a Champion I Sunguard. He clears an Inn, recruits two Orc Great Swordsman and Raise Militia then attacks a Vault of Knowledge with his 6 units. His Dreadnought's army clears a Haunted Boneyard with 5 units (shown on video) and manages this difficult fight thanks to Steadfast Ward. The Orc city is migrated to Tigran, bringing the total to 7 Tigran cities. The 8th is being settled. A Lab is started at the migrated Outpost and a Scout on the surface at the city with the Heart of the Volcano.

Turn 28
Hiliadan scouts inside the domain of El Lobo's throne and sees 2 Reanimators, 1 Archer, 1 Longswordman, 1 Lost Soul, and then takes Haste Berries to escape away. He reaches Monoculture and rushes his Arcane Item Forge to get the corresponding EQ on turn 29. His Dreadnought clears a Column of Champion, uses Great Healing Shower to almost heal back to 100%, reaches level 10, then clears a Necromantic Circle. His AD clears a Necromantic Circle too.

Turn 29
El Lobo moves north with his Builder.
Hiliadan reaches Master Smith Empire Quest and gets a Slip Away use item. His Leader regroups with his AD and they clear a Forbidden Sanctum defended by 1 Fallen Angel, 2 Wraith Kings, 2 Apprentices, 1 Phantasm Warrior by summoning 2 Ancestral Spirits (shown on video), then a Flowrock Quarry. The reward of the Forbidden Sanctum (50 CP, 641 mana, Hailstorm) is forsaken for 400 gold as Hiliadan is worried about the AI casting Hailstorm in auto combat. The Leader reaches level 12 and takes Toughness, +1 HP, +1 def, +20% Frost Protection. The AD reaches level 11 and takes Call Beast Horde. The Dreadnought clears a Well of Souls and an Animal Den. Mana reaches 4! 1 more Shrine is launched.

Turn 30
El Lobo clears a Shrine of the Elven King with his Leader's army and a Builder.
Hiliadan screws up his Death March and arrives 1 hex away from his target Haste Berries. He does clear 1 Dungeon (getting a Flyer and an Ogre as rewards) and a Flowrock Quarry. His Leader reaches the maximum level (13). His Dreadnought clears an Inn and recruits 2 Halfling Nightwatches (other option = Frostling Ice Queen, not the best match for Tigrans). He lacks mana and launches 2 Temples.

Turn 31
El Lobo clears a Column of Champion and his Leader reaches level 10, he also Ghouls an Orc Priest. He sends 2 Reanimators and 4 Cadavers back toward his Throne.
Hiliadan finishes the research of Purging Burst and launches Cardinal Culling (3 turns at about 200 RP/turn). His Dreadnought clears a Shrine to the Earthen Mother and kills the Bone Dragon and Wyvern from the Fey's Quest, receiving a Toadstool and a Buttercup Fairies. His Dreadnought reaches level 11 and keeps his 26 points, to be able to take Destabilized Mana Core with 29 points. His AD clears a Brigand Hideout and gets almost killed after trying an epic act of destruction (shown on video), he reaches level 13. Hiliadan recruits 4 units at an Inn UG to defend his Village against roamers, and consequently Produce Merchandises at 4 cities to stay at Wealthy Empire (and sell 1 item). His Leader, AD, Flyer, King Reed Serpent start moving toward the Throne of El Lobo.

Turn 32
El Lobo clears a Ziggurath and moves north. His Champion 1 Lost Soul (with Blight Concealment) kills Hiliadan's Scout and another Lost Soul gives him vision range on the Fey Dwelling of Hiliadan (1 turn too late! it could have canceled the Quest).
Hiliadan's Dreadnought reaches level 12 when clearing 1 Trading Post, 1 Mana Node, 1 Crystal Tree. His Leader clears a Necromantic Circle and gets ready to fly on a Gryphon mount (the egg hatches on turn 33), take a Shrine of the Fickle Mermaid and move toward El Lobo. Two small armies clear 1 Mana Node and a gold and mana site. A Monster Hunter takes the Goblin Outpost of El Lobo but cannot move away since Scout Death March does not work on MH.

Turn 33
El Lobo clears Ancient Ruins and a Mana Node and ghoul an Ogre and an Apprentice. He sends his troups nears his Throne to clear a Tomb, and starts building a Watchtower near his Throne.
Hiliadan clears 1 Coral Reef, 1 Sunken City (getting about 500 RP and a Lord of the Deep) and 1 Shrine of the Fickle Mermaid with his Leader's stack, getting his MP back. He scouts the Throne to destroy the Watchtower under construction and see only 2 defenders: he sends his AD and takes True Sight to confirm, and then sends his Leader alone to kill the Reanimator and Lost Soul. It works and he gets the Throne, then sending a Fire Wyvern and Flyer to garrison it (thanks to Death March). His AD, King Reed Serpent and Lord of the Deep move around the rapids to reach the Throne. His Dreadnought clears a Watchtower, razes it to complete a Quest, a RG tent, and a Brigand Hideout but fails to reach level 13. He loses the Buttercup Fairy. He continues to regroup his armies to be able to face El Lobo's Leader.

Turn 34
El Lobo moves his remaining units toward his old Throne to try to retake it. His Leader and his Champion I Lost Souls take the old Goblin Outpost and ghoul the defending Monster Hunter. His remaining main army moves south.
Hiliadan realizes the purging of El Lobo's Throne means the Bell Tower disappeared (it's a Human building and now the city is Tigran), seriously harming his chances of success vs the remaining units from El Lobo. He regroups his 3 stacks around his Dreadnought and start to chase El Lobo.

Turn 35
El Lobo attacks Hiliadan at his previous Throne and loses. The spell Great Healing Shower (and the lack of mana of El Lobo to disjunct it) plays a big role in the battle. His army and Leader move north for a final battle.
Hiliadan reaches Heptatopia. His armies get ready for the final battle. Warlord V's research starts.

Turn 36
El Lobo's Leader kills a Scout and Marauder of Hiliadan (and ghoul the last one). 4 units out of 10 desert his army and he moves east.
Hiliadan catches El Lobo's army with his Dreadnought then cast Death March and finishes his opponent's Leader.
Recap of the game and display of the scores.

Published on Tue, 31 Oct 2017 23:50:40 +0100

Confirmed by El_Lobo
Confirmed by El_Lobo

Published on Wed, 25 Oct 2017 21:36:44 +0200

Confirmed by El_Lobo
Good game from Hiliadan but a horrible one from me. I was so confident before the start but turn 3 ruined the game. My leader was nearly level 12 so not much behind Hiliadans and some of my troops I recruited after turn 3 have had champion level 2 so also not so much behind Hiliadans troops. I've made a good progress since my first match but unfortunately I couldn't show it in this game. Congratulation!

Published on Wed, 25 Oct 2017 17:00:40 +0200

666 | Age of Wonders 3

Published on Sat, 21 Oct 2017 02:47:49 +0200

Okay, good to know.

Published on Fri, 20 Oct 2017 18:28:37 +0200

I'm on business trip until the 25th or the 26th and the wifi is really really bad (a remote place in China...). I'll try to connect on 4G but today I can't, so I won't able to play my turn, sorry.

Published on Fri, 20 Oct 2017 18:28:01 +0200

I'm on business trip until the 25th or the 26th and the wifi is really really bad (a remote place in China...). I'll try to connect on 4G but today I can't, so I won't able to play my turn, sorry.

Published on Tue, 10 Oct 2017 23:19:36 +0200


I don't think that's necessary. On the weekends I am not online so often but during the week we can make some more turns. I think we won't need the rest of the 30 days to finish. Losing the whole army in turn three is not compensable on a small tournement map. I think you won't need much time to rush over my weak troops.

Published on Tue, 10 Oct 2017 16:44:38 +0200

Hi El Lobo! What's up with our game? We've skipped playing the turn in 24 hours several times. Maybe we should put the turn timer on?

Published on Sat, 07 Oct 2017 16:56:02 +0200

My bad, it's Human, not Elves. Was thinking about something else.

Published on Sat, 07 Oct 2017 16:47:21 +0200

Conflict in reported race/class for El_Lobo, if correctly filled in now?

Published on Sat, 07 Oct 2017 16:27:23 +0200

I hadn't read the edits (I had read your post before you edited I think). A disastrous early game fight can still be compensated later on - even though it's harder on a smaller map obviously - so don't despair.
Halflings are very dangerous vs high tier units like heroes and you definitely need to plan for the worst (i.e. a lot of Lucky) when fighting them. It was on a Gold Farm I guess? Otherwise on a Magma Forge, remember the -2 def and -2 res debuff, that seriously hurts and you can be one-shot by a Jester.

I updated our class/race.

Published on Fri, 15 Sep 2017 17:38:16 +0200

Okay, no problem. We'll finish this in time and if not I am the winner because you delayed it! Deal?

Edit: This game is over before it began. I just fought 4 halflings. First round: Jester krit with 28 damage and Throw chicken crit with 20 damage against my hero, 2nd Round: farmer dodged 2 of three attacks, pony rider crittet with 30 against my leader and adventurer crittet two attacks. I could surrender right now...

Edit 2: So the ponyrider dodged 3 attacks in a row in the last combat round. I have no army left. This fight was just ridicules. They have had a moral of 200, nothing more. I havn't surrendered any game right now but continuing this really makes no sense.

Published on Thu, 14 Sep 2017 18:03:05 +0200

Sorry, won't be able to play my turn in 24 hours today as I had a big turn to play in another game with the timer expiring + some judge duty to do. I'll play my turn tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to play 2 turns a day a few times to compensate this in the future.

Published on Tue, 12 Sep 2017 16:21:35 +0200
System notification

Round 4 : 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament #46
Please click here to read the rules. In order to avoid advantaging one team or the other, for each match, the team who will host the match was randomly selected.The first team in the "turn order" above (who is also the team on top in the tree here) must host the game. Tournament Game #46 Round ! When players do not show up for their match, the Tournament Judges have the right to change the match!

Published on Sun, 10 Sep 2017 20:26:15 +0200

Is it necessary to rehost?

I have sent the PW to you.

Published on Sun, 10 Sep 2017 15:05:54 +0200

I'm ready to join once you give me the password. <smiletext0> You may need to rehost if you want to move to slot #2 as changing slot has been known to cause bugs (and has been reported to devs).

Good luck, have fun & may the force be with me!

Published on Fri, 08 Sep 2017 18:41:28 +0200

good to go, but start i position 1, don't give Hiliadan extra advantage!

Published on Fri, 08 Sep 2017 18:25:48 +0200

Game is hosted with the following settings. You'll get the PW when everything is right. :-)

Published on Fri, 08 Sep 2017 10:22:12 +0200


I'll host it the evening. Havn't had mucht time this week.

Published on Thu, 07 Sep 2017 16:35:57 +0200

Hi El_Lobo! Ready on my side, looking forward to our game! <smiletext0> Looks like you're hosting.

If another judge than me can confirm I did send my class/race at the same time as confirming the settings once you've posted them, we should be good to go. <smiletext0>