Tournament 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament

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Eleven players donated some money, for a total of 98€. 13€ was taken to cover Paypal transaction fees (3% to more than 6% of donations) and some go to the BF’s server maintenance (as announced at the beginning). There are 4 prizes: - winner of the tournament: 15€ gift on Steam or GoG + AoW3 item with a value of 12€ including delivery fees (t-shirt or similar, based on the budget) - gabthegab - finalist: about 15€ gift card - Hiliadan (since Jean de Metz didn't participate to the prize money) - 3rd place: about 10€ gift card - marcuspers (since Jean de Metz didn't participate to the prize money) - lucky prize: about 15€ gift card, randomly attributed to one of the participant who contributed financially to the tournament. The more a player contributes financially, the bigger his chance to win the lucky prize. For instance, if 100€ are collected and a player contributed 10€, he will have a 10% chance of winning the lucky prize. - rrrrookie (decided to put back the money for future prizes) Only people contributing 3€ or more were eligible for the 4 prizes. The payment system was implemented through Paypal or direct bank transfer. Overall, 18+15€=31€ are available after paying for the overheads and all the prizes.

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