Tourney won by Player Ezekiel !! (Tourney)

A great tourney eventually found his earned end!

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A tourney ended successfully:

Thanks to all those who participated in this tourney !!
Congrats to the winner(s)! And a big thanks to the organizer myl_supporter!
The following matches were played:
Round 1: Game#1 Refineus beat Th30n
Round 1: Game#2 Ezekiel beat Sin Arcain
Round 2: Game#3 Sin Arcain beat Refineus
Round 2: Game#4 Ezekiel beat Th30n
Round 3: Game#5 Ezekiel beat Refineus
Round 3: Game#6 Sin Arcain beat Th30n
And the winner was Ezekiel.
He will get an extra place in our Hall of Fame!
Good luck and have fun in the next tourneys!

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