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LMP Tournament Video
Video from Final Game Dreadreapr vs Azazzir

2016-09-23 09:14:28| Posted by myl_supporter

Here you find the video for the final game (39 parts uploaded)


Thank to Dreadreapr


Initial progresses on the Shadow Realm community-made expansion
The community-made expansion is making progress and it is time to have a quick look at one more unit from the new Dark Elf Dwelling, an ancient faction which might return, and one of the structure encountered in the Shadow Realm!

2016-09-18 13:23:10| Posted by Hiliadan

About 3 months after the first piece of news announcing the community-made expansion, it is time to give a few updates on the project!

As announced in the first article, the Shadow Realm expansion will add one new layer (the Shadow Realm), one new race and one new dwelling. More content may be added if the volunteers working on the expansion manage to complete it in their free time. The dwelling will be the Dark Elf Dwelling, which has been developed mainly by Gloweye (idea and coding) and Charlatan (art).

Dark Elf Sharpshooter by Charlatan, work in progress, made in Blender

The Dark Elf Dwelling is well advanced. As for the rest of the project though, it currently lacks someone with skills in using the software Maya to weight paint the 3D models developed by Charlatan for the Dwelling: if you are or if you know of any such person, please contact Hiliadan or any other person involved in the project! The project would also welcome very warmly any person with other graphical skills (icons, 3D models).

Archon models developed by Flenoom, in collaboration with Zaskow, which are parts of the assets the expansion could use

The team working on the expansion would like to sincerely thank Triumph Studios for their support to the game and to the expansion itself. Triumph fixed many bugs in their latest v1.705 patch and took time to work on one issue specifically hampering the expansion (related to the map editor’s way of dealing with memory).
The fix from Triumph may allow us to also include some nice maps (and maybe more) in the expansion!

Example of structures that players will encounter in the Shadow Realm, the Sword of the Ashen Rose, by Charlatan, made as a tribute for Ramlethal (a.ka. Shiara384 on the AoW forums) - several of the structures that will be included in the Shadow Realm were first made in tribute to players who helped Charlatan in his work, and are now included in the Decodence mod

The expansion progresses slowly but progresses nonetheless. We will keep you updated: more on following news!

PBEM balance mod v1.17 released and v1.18 soon ready
After some delays, v1.17 of the community PBEM balance mod has been released on a new "beta branch" of the mod. It corrects a few bugs found in v1.16 and update the descriptions of abilities, to increase users' confort while using the mod. The changelog of v1.18 is also ready: this version tackles Death March and Arch Druid's evolve mechanisms, both of which were considered over-powerful. New releases will now be first pushed to the new "beta branch" and will be released on the main balance mod only after several days/weeks of tests.

2016-09-10 07:33:52| Posted by Hiliadan

Before going through the history of the release and the changelog, let's remind everyone what is the balance mod and why everyone should use it to improve his/her game experience.

What is the PBEM balance mod?

The PBEM balance mod (which you can download from its Steam Workshop's page) is a mod mainly developed by Zaskow, cbower and Hiliadan which aims to balance the game for PBEM and single play, that is to say to make it possible for any combination of class/race/specialisations chosen before the game starts to win a match if after the start of the match, the player makes good strategic and tactical choices.
The mod has been developed with the AoW3's community and changes are integrated only after a consensus is reached regarding the need to add these changes to the mod. It is thus not a mod based on the opinion of its developers but a real community mod. Changes that do not achieve their initial aims are edited or removed and the mod has already been through several iterations to, little by little, make AoW3 more balanced.

Why PBEM players and single players should use the PBEM balance mod?
Triumph does not balance the game any more. Its latest official patch, v1.705, does not bring any balance change and instead focuses on bug fixing. Triumph stated that they are happy with the current balance of the game. It is thus now the job of the community to balance the game and your best choice if you want a more balanced game is to use the balance mod!

The game suffers from several big imbalances that the mod corrects:

- Necromancers can win games in 10-20 turns by reanimating Death Bringers and Titans and Ghoul Cursing all the units of the maps with their heroes/leader and their Death Bringers with 100% chances of success thanks to Inflict Despair

Illustration of why Necro is OP - Round 5 of the 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament - Hiliadan vs Eskild (who changed his name to Ezekiel later) - Necromancer Draconian mirror match

- XP farming is encouraged in the official version because touch abilities (Touch of Faith, Bestow Iron Heart, etc.) provide XP whenever they are used and the limits of XP each unit can yield when it is hit is too high, meaning that players have huge incentives to stall fights to use all their touch abilities and to limit damages caused to enemy units to harvest as much XP as possible from these units (this can also be seen in the videos above)

- Mind control abilities are too strong and can be accessed too early, making mind control strategies dominant and production/summoning strategies unable to compete

- Slayer's Doubt and Stiffen Limbs last until the End of Battle in the official release, making high-level sites very easy to clear in early games

- Dreadnought and Halflings are too slow and too weak respectively making them uncompetitive. This (and the Necro) dominance can clearly be seen in the statistics of the latest 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament

- And many more smaller issues

If you are a PBEM player, you definitely need to use the mod. Using the exploits and imbalances listed above to win removes the fun of the game (it is too easy!) and being defeated by an opponent using them is equally not fun because there is nothing much you can do to win.

If you are a single player, you probably like to face some difficulty when you play a game. Playing an unbalanced game is like playing with cheat codes: you can win easily but it is not really fulfilling. The balance mod pays attention not to bring changes that can reduce the fun for single players (and if you find some changes remove fun from the game, please come discuss them with us so that we find solutions). Using the mod thus brings you the benefits of a more fulfilling game without any drawbacks.

An example of a fun capacity added to the game by the balance mod: Brew Brothers can now make it possible for Halfling Farmers to throw their chicken on the enemy a second time! Their Fortifying Meal reset the countdown on Throw Chicken

History of the v1.17 and v1.18 releases
v1.16 was released around 15 July 2016 (see news about its release) and a few bugs were discovered soon after. The idea was to correct them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, for diverse reasons, our team of moders, Zaskow and cbower, were not able to work on v1.17 until recently. Similarly, three key balance issues were identified after the release of v1.16 and it was decided to correct them for the second round of the PBEM 2vs2 Team Tournament organised on the Battlefield (see news about the launch of its first round). v1.18 would thus nerf Death March, Arch Druid (AD)'s evolving Spiders and Serpents, and remove Dominate from Arcane Forge's items.
In the end, v1.17 was released on 5 September 2016 on the beta branch (you can download it on the Steam Workshop) and v1.18 should be released soon.

What's next?
As explained in the article about the release of v1.16, a big new release - v1.2 - is planned for the Winter, with many new changes to make all specialisations attractive, limit the capacity to keep huge armies without income, further balance Arch Druids, balance Pounce, but also changes such as healing becoming once per battle, mind controlled units getting an increase in their upkeep and a rebalance of high-level sites (see forum's discussion about this last topic).
An intermediate version may be released for round 3 of the PBEM 2vs2 Team Tournament to further balance Necro.

Triumph's developers have been very supportive and included a few improvements in their new v1.705 release to make several changes possible through moding. They also corrected many bugs reported by the PBEM community. The balance mod's team would thus like to really thank Triumph and give them a big cheer for listening the community and giving it tools to improve the game!

Bug fixes
– Tigran RG 1 Economic – settlers gain 15% discount (was 20% in v1.1).
- Brew Brother’s Nourishing Meal reset Throw Chicken’s countdown for Halfling Farmers and give Bolster to its target (was not working in previous versions). The ability is renamed Fortifying Meal
- Inflict Despair causes "Holy Weakness" (non-stackable) and "Despair" (stackable) on the target and is strength 9 (non-stackable). Holy Weakness gives 30% Spirit weakness. Despair gives -200 morale. (was Inflict Despair, strength 10, causes "Despair": 20% Spirit weakness, -200 morale and stackable) (was not working as intended in v1.15) [this is still work in progress as of 10 September 2016]
- Ice Queen’s Last Rite of Winter’s description is corrected

Display improvements
- The following abilities have their description updated to take into account changes brought by the balance mod:

  • Summon Eldritch Animal

  • Summon Banshee

  • Produce Bard

  • Produce Evangelist

  • Flash Bomb (ability renamed for Engineers, was Flash Bang)

Flash Bang has been renamed Flash Bomb for Engineers, as they benefit from a reinforced ability compared to the Flash Bang Dreadnought's spell (Flash Bomb can blind units in a 1 hex radius; this effect was introduced in an earlier version of the balance mod to boost Dreadnought)

  • Inflict Ghoul Curse

  • Fortifying Meal (ability renamed for Brew Brothers, was Nourishing Meal)

  • Halfling Economic Racial Governance 3 (Champion)

  • Energy Drain

  • Inflict Despair

  • Last Rite of Winter

  • Slayer's Doubt

- The following abilities have new descriptions (they were introduced by the balance mod):

  • Lesser Befriend Animal

  • Lesser Control Undead

  • Lesser Charm

  • Lesser Convert

  • Ghouling Strike

The Ghouling Strike ability, which replaces Inflict Ghoul Curse for Necro heroes and leaders, has an updated description: it mentions that Mind Control Immune units and Archangels (the T4 from Keeper of Peace Master) are immune

v1.18 (not yet released)
- Dominate cannot be added to items built with the Arcane Item Forge

Arch Druid
- Baby Spiders and Serpents evolve on Champion grade (was on Elite)

- Necromancer heroes and leaders can choose Raise Corpse at level 1 for 4 points (was free and from level 0, i.e. inherent ability)

- Sorcerer heroes and leaders can choose Inflict Stun for 6 (was 5)

- Death March costs 40 CP to cast (was 20)
- Death March causes units getting extra movement to become Exhausted for 3 turns (including the turn when it is cast).
Exhausted units cannot receive extra movement from Death March any more.
- Death March causes units getting extra movement to get Cannot Regenerate and Cannot Heal (they cannot be targeted by Healing, Bestow Iron Heart, Guardian Flame, Nourishing Meal, and they cannot use Slip Away) until the end of the strategic turn

This article is dedicated to cbower, who stopped playing AoW3 recently but contributed significantly both to the balance effort, and to helping other players improve through videos, Academy games for new players, and all the advice he gave.

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Round 1 of the PBEM 2 vs 2 team tournament has started!
16 teams and 32 players will fight for several months to win the first PBEM team tournament organised on the! The first two rounds will be bloody as the three favourite teams meet straight away! The winning team will get a nice cup in real life.

2016-08-10 18:39:33| Posted by Hiliadan

Announced in a piece of news in June (Registration for a PBEM 2 vs 2 team tournament will open next week), the first PBEM team tournament ever organised for AoW3 started about a month ago, on July 15th. 16 teams of two are currently fighting each other in 8 matches. This is a double elimination tournament so the losers of this first round will drop in the loser bracket and will have a second chance to stay in the tournament by fighting each other.

The tournament uses v1.16 of the PBEM balance mod  which solves most of the official release's balance issues (see the different articles about the balance mod for more details, especially the latest one: PBEM balance mod v1.16 released) and allow a good PBEM experience for competitive level matches (but is also strongly recommended for casual players, including single players).

A poll was run to ask to players from the who they thought would be in the top 3 of the tournament.

Results of the poll (also viewable here)

The favourite is thus B&I - Hiliadan & cbower, part of the team A Song of Blight and Ice (B&I) which also includes Ezekiel (Eskild) and AlXStormrage, who fight under the banner Bastard of the North in the tournament.
Coup de Grâce, gabthegab and Tussel, and King Serpents, marcuspers and Evgendil (their full team also includes Jean_de_Metz who fights for The green elephant and Jonny Thunder who fights for rrrrookie & jonny thunder) are also favourites.

Unfortunately for these three teams, they will fight each other in the first two rounds of the tournament!

Tournament's roster - Coup de Grâce faces King Serpents on round 1 and the winner is likely to face B&I on round 2 (or the loser if B&I loses)

What may explain the position of favourites of these teams? Their ranking and previous results probably.

  • B&I - Hiliadan & cbower:

    • Hiliadan: 3rd highest ranked player, he has one of the lowest win ratio (60%) of all of the 6 players but he lost mainly against gabthegab (twice in large FFA) and cbower (three times, including in the previous Duel Tournament) as well as twice against Lightform - playing Necromancer before it was nerfed - in the previous Duel Tournament

    • cbower: 2nd highest ranked player for a very long time, he played 28 matches and still has an excellent win ratio (77%), his only nemesis is gabthegab, whom he never beat.

    • B&I has two very strong and experienced players but may struggle against gabthegab

  • King Serpents:

    • marcuspers: 9 matches and only 1 defeat. With less matches played, less is known about marcus except that he and Evgendil know each other very well and are very used to play together.

    • Evgendil: 10 matches and 2 defeats only, including one against Hiliadan & cbower. A very strong player, Evgendil does not hide his love for Archdruid (and especially Elf Archdruid). His performance with other classes will be watched closely!

    • King Serpents relies on two players with exceptional win ratio but who almost never faced the other favourites (no match against gabthegab and 1 defeat against Hiliadan+cbower for Evgendil+Jean_de_Metz but marcuspers was not involved). The match up against the 2 other teams is thus more uncertain.

  • Coup de Grâce:

    • gabthegab: the uncontested king of PBEM. 24 matches, 24 victories. 1 tournament (SeeR's PBEM tournament) won and currently in a very good position to win another one (2015 PBEM Duel tournament). Humiliatingly crushed cbower in 3 turns in their last tournament game, gabthegab is the single player to beat.

    • Tussel: less well known than gab, he will have to demonstrate that he can play efficiently with him. Currently ranked 9th, Tussel plays both PBEM and live MP and fared relatively well in the live MP tournament organized on the

    • Coup de Grâce gathers two strong players but the gap in skills between the team mates may be wider than in the other two teams.

Current ranking of the favourites

You can check videos from the previous PBEM tournament (a 1vs1 tournament) through the related piece of news: Videos of PBEM: competitive play and previous duel tournament

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PBEM balance mod v1.16 released
Following tests and debates on balance, v1.16 closes the door to some remaining exploits for Necro and Theo and fixes a few issues with v1.1. It is a must-have for all PBEM players and for single-players interested in playing a balanced game! Thanks to Zaskow and cbower for the coding and to the community for feedback on balance!

2016-07-14 19:09:36| Posted by Hiliadan

A little more than one month after the release of v1.1 of the balance mod for PBEM, v1.16 is ready. v1.16 contains fewer changes (less than 10) than the major v1.1 release but some of these changes are critical for balance as they close some remaining loopholes that could have plagued the PBEM 2vs2 team tournament organized on the Battlefield (see the news about the opening of registrations).

Full changelog of v1.16 (v1.15 changelog and v1.15 to v1.16's changelog) compared to v1.1 (v1.1 changelog):
Bug fixes
– Tigran RG 1 Economic – settlers gain 15% discount (was 20% in v1.1).
– Brew Brothers’ Nourishing Meal work again (v1.1 made it unusable)

- Ella the Runaway, Frostling Sorcerer, has Throw Ice Ball (was Charm) as a starting skill
- Amok the Beastfriend starts with Awaken Spirit and 2 points available (was Befriend Animal)
Velvet the Assassin’s Hero Slayer ability is correctly shown in Unit Panel (his skill only works against HERO units, not LEADER units)
Yarati the Spellstealer starts with Steal Enchantment

- Inflict Despair causes "Holy Weakness" (non-stackable) and "Despair" (stackable) on the target and is strength 9 (non-stackable). Holy Weakness gives 30% Spirit weakness. Despair gives -200 morale. (was Inflict Despair, strength 10, causes "Despair": 20% Spirit weakness, -200 morale and stackable)
- Energy Drain has a spirit strength 10 chance of draining 20 of the target’s MP and is non-stackable (was 50% and stackable)
- Ghouling Strike does not work on Machines, Undead, Dragons, Elementals, Incorporeals, Ghouls, Leaders and the (Pure Good T4) Archangel now.
- Ghouling Strike and Inflict Ghoul Curse (from Deathbringers) do not work on units with Mind Control Immunity any more
- Immune to Ghoul Curse cannot be dispelled any more

- Slayer’s Doubt last 3 turns (was until the end of battle)

- Each time Ice Queen uses Last Rite Of Winter, it loses 48 HP (was: sacrifice Ice Queen)

One example of a change brought by v1.16 - a bug fix for Tigran economic RG1: Tigran economic RG1 was supposed to give a 15% discount on settlers since v1.1 but it gave 20%, it is now corrected

Please note that many descriptions are currently incomplete or lacking. The texts will be added in the coming days, through the release of v1.17.

The next planned release is v1.18 which is planned in about 2 months, to be ready about 1 month before the start of round 2 of the PBEM 2vs2 team tournament. It will aim to address the most pressing issues regarding:

  • The evolve mechanism of Serpents and Spiders;

  • Arcane Forge's ability to build mind control items (especially items with Dominate; see the forum discussion addressing this issue);

  • Other critical balance issues that could affect the tournament, such as Warlord's Death March.

Why Dominate needs to be removed from the Arcane Item Forge: Dominate has a cooldown, which means it can be used several times per fight and can thus be abused (picture from AoW 3's Wikia's page on the Arcane Item Forge)

Then, v1.2 will be a new milestone in AoW3's balance and should contain more changes to the game and is aimed for this Winter:

  • Balancing specialisations to make all of them equally attractive (forum discussion);

  • Fixing the possible exploit of huge armies with no income (forum discussion);

  • Further balancing Archdruid and especially Tigran Archdruid as well as the pounce issue.

Experienced players are strongly encouraged to take part in balance discussion in the official forum.

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Videos of PBEM: competitive play and previous duel tournament
cbower, marcuspers and Hiliadan recorded parts of their recent games from the 2015 Duel tournament (still ongoing) and competitive games on the Battlefield website, you can watch them on Youtube! Other players are strongly encouraged to record videos too!

2016-07-02 13:14:20| Posted by Hiliadan

Some of the best PBEM players of AoW3 have recorded videos of recent matches to share them the community and provide insights on both tactical combat techniques and strategies on the world map.

Let's introduce the authors of the videos first!
cbower (profile) is the 2nd highest ranked player and has been so for a very long time (he faced twice gabthegab in the PBEM Duel tournament but lost each time, and never managed to beat him outside the tournament), he is also an old live MP player.
Hiliadan (myself, profile) is currently the 4th highest ranked player and though he has stayed in the top 10 for a long time, his ranking was less stable than cbower in recent months! As cbower, he is part of the A Song of Blight and Ice  or B&I team.
marcuspers (profile) joined the Battlefield more recently and climbed the ranking very quickly with his team mate Evgendil, they both have a crazy win ratio higher than 90% and are known to be very good Archdruid players (especially as Elves).

Ranking of the 3 authors on the Battlefield, based on the results of the matches they played

Three videos come from the (still ongoing) 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament, more precisely from the matches framed in green below.

  • Round 5 of the tournament - Hiliadan vs Eskild (who changed his name to Ezekiel later) - Necromancer Draconian mirror match

This match lasted 11 turns and was a wake-up call to convince people who still did not believe Necro was overpowered in the official version. It thus contributed to the update of the community PBEM balance mod and to the release of its version 1.1 (described in this article).
A playlist contains the matches' 7 episodes, each episode is about 3 to 22 minutes long and show 1 or 4 turns. All episodes are commented.

For those interested to see a demonstration of the strength of Necro, the watching of episode #5 is strongly recommended where Hiliadan (more than?) doubles the size of his army and just exterminate Eskild who has no way to fight back.

  • Round 6 of the tournament - Hiliadan (Goblin Theocrat) vs cbower (Dwarf Rogue)

This match also lasted 11 turns and ends up in the defeat of Hiliadan, who made a big mistake in a fight in a Shrine around turn 7 and lost his leader, and was eventually killed by the superior armies of cbower.
A similar playlist of 6 episodes commented by Hiliadan illustrate this short match:

  • Round 8 – final between cbower and gabthegab - Dwarf Necromancer mirror match

Again, this match illustrates the issue that plagued the latest matches of the tournament: the dominance of Necromancer. Both top players chose Necromancer and both chose Dwarf, a very strong race providing strong starting units (the rest of the units being Ghouled or converted on the way to the enemy). This was probably the 4th or 5th match between the #1 and #2 players and the result was the same as always: a victory from gabthegab. This time, the victory was especially quick and violent, the game ending on turn 3 by an ultra rush of gab on the units of cbower, not ready for such a fast encounter.
cbower unfortunately did not edit the videos so they are relatively long, but the advantage is that viewers can see all the decisions taken and exactly how the tactical fights are played.

marcuspers did not participate in the Duel Tournament (but is participating in the PBEM 2 vs 2 Team Tournament, see below) so his videos are related to other games he played and reported on the Battlefield website.
Marcus is recording several of his games and commenting them while he plays. He seems to play his turns faster than cbower () so videos are about 10 to 30 minutes and each one display one turn. He played several team games with Evgedil and it surely brings another level of strategy to watch his videos and understand good and bad practice in team games!

  • 2v2 - Marcus (Dwarf Necromancer) & Evgendil (Frostling Rogue) vs Orlyzz (Draconian Necromancer) & DreadReapr (Human Warlord) (report of the game)

19 turns with a rush-like attack of Evgendil and Marcus, crushing DreadReapr before he could expand.

  • 2v2 - Marcus (Tigran Archdruid) & Evgendil (Elf Archdruid) vs Eskild (Dwarf Theocrat) & AlXStormrage (Human Dreadnought) (report of the game)

Team King Serpents beats team A Song of Blight and Ice with its classical line up of 2 Archdruids.
The recording started late for this game and only turns 42 to 46 are available, with videos from 8 to 42 minutes (which is understandable, given that later game, turns take more time to be played).

Game won by DreadReapr with his favourite class, Warlord.
Videos show turn 30 to 40. The first fight between the 2 players happened in turn 36, which may explain the defeat of Marcus, as the Warlord players had more than enough time to expand.
The game was lost on turn 55 but the last turns walking through the UG to reach DreadReapr (and lose). The videos include some epic fight and have been considered "very nice" by gabthegab, so you should watch them!

Thanks a lot to cbower and marcuspers and let's hope there will be more videos in the future, including of the PBEM 2 vs 2 team tournament which is about to start (see Registration for a PBEM 2 vs 2 team tournament will open next week).

The addition of a video section on the Battlefield website was discussed at one point, and it will probably be added in the future, to keep tracks of the best videos more easily!

Comments (including from the authors of the videos) welcome below!

A community-made expansion is under work!
Several fans of Age of Wonders 3 are working together to create several mods which will result (probably in several months) in an expansion for AoW3: new layer, Race and Dwelling are to be expected!

2016-06-18 09:50:40| Posted by Hiliadan

Following a brainstorm launched by Gloweye, several AoW3 lovers have been discussing ideas for a Shadow Realm expansion and started work on it! The expansion would build on existing mods and works and would aim to add at least one new layer (in addition to the surface and the underground: the Shadow Realm, a new Race and a new Dwelling. All the work for this project is conducted by volunteers with their own personal constraints and it is thus difficult to promise any date of release, but little by little, this expansion should emerge and be released for AoW3's community!

Shadow Realm by Charlatan (from Decodence's mod)

The main contributors to the expansion should be: Charlatan, vfxrob and iHunterKiller for 3D modelling, Gloweye, Eomolch and Dr_K for mod coding, and Bob5 for particle effects. Hiliadan is supporting their work by coordinating and summarizing inputs. Other persons contribute ideas, e.g. esvath and HousePet.

Dark Elf Executionner by Charlatan, work in progress, made in Blender

More information will be provided in following news, to update the community on progress!

Registration for a PBEM 2 vs 2 team tournament will open next week
A 2 vs 2 PBEM tournament should start on July 15 and gather about 32 players, with registration opening on 15 June

2016-06-09 10:26:28| Posted by Hiliadan

Following a poll asking the type of tournament people would like to participate in, on which PBEM 2 vs 2 tournament came on top with 18 players interested, it was decided to organize such a team tournament on the Battlefield!

In order to prepare for this tournament, the team functions on the Battlefield have been significantly improved and balance fixes have been released through the PBEM balance mod (see the news PBEM balance mod v1.1 released! for more information and the full changelog). The improvements for teams include:

  • a revamped interface to create and administer your team that you can access through the menus \"My Account\" -> \"My Team\"

  • a team ranking!

  • a team chat, accessible in the chat page of the Battlefield: People registered in a team have a new tab, named with the tag of their team, and can chat there with their team mates.

  • an improved team page, displaying the team latest matches, members, ranking, etc.

In the future, new improvements are planned, for instance a function to post gaming blogs visible only by your team mates to share strategic information on an ongoing game.

The tournament will be played with the PBEM balance mod v1.15, a version based on v1.1 and fixing additional issues linked to Necro, XP farming and conversion - Example of a change brought by v1.1: Human eco RG1 gives only 15% discount (was 25%) on settlers

Players who plan on joining the tournament are thus strongly encouraged to register or join a team on the site, in order to benefit from all these functions! You can see a list of existing team through the Community menu.

The tournament will be double-elimination, 2 vs 2 and PBEM. It will be hosted on the Battlefield website and will thus benefit from its existing functions, such as roster visualization, meta-statistics, ranking, match reports, etc. A dedicated page will be opened on 15 June for teams to register. You will not need to have an officially registered team to participate.

Roster visualization: Example of the latest 16 players Duel PBEM tournament

The rules and settings are under final discussion on the official Triumph forum. Three settings are being discussed by participants:

  1. Random heroes match player race: on or off?

  2. Maximum Heroes Level: 15 or more?

  3. Continent and water slider at 25% or Land and water slider at 50%?

You can see arguments for the current settings here.
Please do share your opinion on these 3 settings on the comments of this article or anywhere appropriate.

If you want to participate to this tournament, please join the 2016 PBEM tournament player pool to get the latest news regarding the tournament!


Balance mod:

Turn timer = 1 day
Medium Map with Surface and Underground on Continents
Normal Game flow speed

Start town: Village
Starting units: Weak
Starting distance: Far
Roads: Few
Roaming units: Average
Treasures: Average
Cities: Few
Dwellings: Few
Ressource structures: Average
Visit structure: Average
Treasure structures: Average

Water Slider at 25%
Undiggable walls and Diggable Wall Sliders down to 15-20 %
All other sliders left untouched at standard 50 %

2 teams of 2
Seal Victory: off
Unifier Victory: at 2 Beacons

Game speed: Normal
Starting Resource: Standard
Starting Skills: Normal
All Heroes Have Resurgence: Never
Defenders Strength: Strong
Cosmic Events: Medium
Maximum Number of Heroes: 2 (1 Leader + 2 heroes)
Maximum Heroes Level: 15

Map Exploration: On
City Founding: On
Random heroes match player race: Off
Empire Quests: On

1. One round cannot exceed 2 months. If neither of the players won 2 months after the start of the round, then one should surrender and take a screenshot of the score and provide it to the judges. The team with the highest (combined) score then wins the match. If scores are very close, the judges can decide that it is a draw and ask the players to replay the game with a shorter (for instance 1 month) deadline.
2. Players can arrange whatever settings (e.g. no dwellings) they choose, but in the absence of consensus, the settings described in the “In-Game settings” above are to be considered the default. The host is automatically and randomly chosen by the Battlefield website. If for any reason (e.g. no DLC), the designated host cannot host the game, then another player does but the designated host needs to be #1 player in the turn order. The host must take screenshots, preferably in windowed mode (showing the date and hour when the screenshots were taken), of the settings and post them publicly (so that his opponent and the judges can access them) before the match starts.
The host should set up the turn order for the teams as follow I / II / I / II (and not I / I / II / II).

3. If one player temporarily cannot play his turns in 24 hours (e.g. because of holidays, or personal issues), and warn the host reasonably in advance, then the host should temporarily change the turn timer to accommodate him.
4. In the event of a crash (from your PC or from AoW), reloads are allowed BUT the player who crashed needs to take appropriate screenshots, pictures or videos (with a mobile phone for instance) and sends them to the judges. Reloads should be counted by all players and reported to the judges. If no proof of a justified crash or in case of repeated reloading (during one match or during the tournament as a whole), the judges have full power to disqualify the player.
5. A team cannot play the same class or race that it played in its latest match. BEFORE the match, you must let the Judges (but not your opponents) know what class and race you will play for your upcoming match by private message in the Battlefield website. For example, if your team played Human Theocrat and Warlord Frostling in your last match, for your next match, you cannot be Human, Frostling, Theocrat or Warlord (all the 4 are forbidden).
Both players in a team can play the same class/race as long as they respect the restrictions explained above.
6. Banter and taunting is allowed, rudeness, swearing and racial (or other prejudicial) language is not. Repeatedly trolling will lead to forfeiting the match.
7. The decision of the Judges is to be respected. Players breaking the rules get a total of 3 warnings before being disqualified from the tournament entirely. Judges may disqualify a player without warnings if their behaviour is deemed to be completely out of order (e.g. racism).
8. When awaiting judges’ decision (as soon as his opponent requests arbitration), the host must remove the turn timer and may need to revert turns to come back to the situation existing prior to the issue being judged.
9. Players must play with the latest official version of the game (no beta). If the official version is updated during the tournament, players must update to it as soon as it is released both on GoG and Steam (and turn timer must be removed while waiting for the GoG release). Players must also play with the PBEM balance mod At the beginning of the tournament, v1.15 of the mod will be used, that is to say a version of v1.1 corrected for potential issues or including additional changes to fix Necromancer, XP farming and mind-control abilities. All the games may be updated to a newer version if all the judges deem it to be stable and necessary for game balance (they may require the non-binding opinion of the players through a poll).
10. If you feel one of the rules had been broken, but you carry on playing without reporting to the judges, then you have no recourse.

Arbitration process
The main judge is Hiliadan.
Assistant judges are: Markymark and Fistandantilus.
When arbitration is necessary:
1. If 1 or 2 of the judges are involved in the game which needs arbitration, the 3rd judge should name two temporary judges to replace them for this arbitration. If all 3 judges are involved in the game, they need to all agree on a 4th person not involved in the game as a temporary judge, which will then design 2 other temporary judges; the 3 temporary judges will conduct the arbitration;
2. The players should both send necessary files to the judges (screenshots, videos, their latest saved game which can be found here in Windows: C:\\Users\\[user name]\\Documents\\My Games\\AoW3\\Profiles\\[profile name]\\PBEM) by email or any other means
3. The arbitration will be taken at the majority of the 3 judges and the decision taken is definitive. If one player refuses it, he is disqualified.

PBEM balance mod v1.1 released!
Zaskow and cbower collaborated to deliver v1.1 of the community mod fixing Necro, conversion and XP farming issues

2016-06-04 06:09:43| Posted by Hiliadan

After several months of works and many debates on the best changes to ensure a better balance for the game, v1.1 of the PBEM balance mod has been released on 31 May (and then subsequently updated on 1 June and 3 June to correct minor bugs)!

Thanks to Zaskow and cbower for their hard work to code this mod. cbower made the strength changes to mind-control abilities while Zaskow did all the other work.
Thanks too to the many people who contributed to the balance discussion: Zaskow, cbower, Lightform, marcuspers, Fistandantilus, AlXStormrage, Evgendil, Dementrophobic, BBB, Jolly Joker, ifoso, Starfleck, mauvebutterfly, Domino25, Lykus, DreadReapR, myself and more!

This mod aims to balancing the game to remove exploit mechanisms such as XP farming or Necro's crazy power surge through Greater Reanimate Undead and Inflict Ghoul Curse. It also aims at making all class, race, specialisation, etc. viable at a competitive level to increase diversity and make many strategies playable.
All players of AoW3 are encouraged to use it and PBEM tournaments organized in the Battlefield website will use it.

Example of changes brought by v1.1: Convert is now strength 7 as long as Produce Evangelist is not researched

v1.1 will be polished to integrate bug fixes, full description of the abilities in the Tome of Wonder and in unit panels and additional changes for the main issues it seeks to fix: Necro's exploits, XP farming and mind-control. This will lead to a v1.15 which will be used in the 2 vs 2 PBEM tournament which will be organized on the Battlefield (registrations open on 15 June and tournament should start on 15 July).

Meanwhile, the effort to balance the game continues and a v1.2 is in preparation to further balance specialisations, heroes and evolving units. Further work could include balancing strategic spells. Your feedback is always welcome and required on all the changes proposed! You can find a list of updated proposed changes here:

Example of changes brought by v1.1: Halflings now have 15% Physical Weakness. The Halfling Brew Brother has Inflict Cripling Wounds, and its Nourishing Meal has been changed, as well as his Throw Cleavers ability.

Full list of changes of v1.1 compared to the official version (can also be found at the bottom of the summary table of the balance work):

General changes
– Nymphs and Nightshade Fairies deleted from reward set on Spring of Life. Blight Tusk Boar and Bleak Warg added to reward set instead.
– Max XP interactions for each tier were changed to 6/8/10/12 for tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 accordingly (was 10/10/12/14).
– Heroes and leaders do not get XP any more for touch abilities (Healing, Touch of Faith, Awaken, etc.)
– Base XP gain when you kill a hero is now 7 (was 25) and the XP bonus based on the hero’s level are now: 2 points for each level (was 5 points for each additional interval of 5 levels)
– A new map size is available: “Duel” 65 x 73
– Unity Beacon Tower costs 700 gold (was 1200)
– Unity Beacon Fire costs 700 mana (was 1000)
– Call Beast Horde – minimum and maximum amount of beasts was changed to 4-5 (was 2-3), time to life – to 4 rounds (was 7), new animals added to the animal set. Chances to summon unit of certain tier are: T1 – 43%, T2 – 30%, T3 – 20%, T4 – 7%.
– Poison Domain is Tier 3 now and costs 300 research. Maintain cost – 15 mana, Mana cost – 80. Poison damage – 10.
– Befriend Animal is available at level 5 for Archdruid heroes and leaders (was 3) and costs 4 (was 3)
– Leaders and heroes’ Befriend Animal has strength 10 (was 12). When Summon Eldritch Animal is researched by the player, its strength is improved to 12 for its leader (not heroes).
– Flash bang – Launches a mana-infused flash bang that bursts apart into a mixture of light, scraps, and flames. Deals 4 fire and 4 physical damage to target enemy unit and attempt to Blind (with strength 7) all units in 1 hex radius (was Single target) for 2 turns. If Blind was unsuccessful, affected units lose 25% of their movement points. Blinded units have a maximum attack range of 1 hex.
– Engineers gain +8 HP.
– Engineers can build Roads.
– Maintenance ability heals 5 HP per Machine unit in stack now (was 3).
– Ram of Flame/Frost Tank inflicts 20 dmg now (was 16).
– Reload of Cannon now needs 3 action pts.
– Structural Insight now moved to Rogue Class.
– Hero’s ability Tree Crusher costs 4 pts now (was 10).
– Musketeers’ Fire Musket does 28 ranged physical damage (was 25)
– Stiffen Limbs now works only 3 turns (was To End of Combat) and costs 50 RP (was 60).
– Dead cities give more RG XP pts (40% now, was 35%).
– Dead cities now gain +5% to all types of income for every level of Necromancy skill.
– Inflict Despair – lowering strength to 9, Spirit Weakness inflicted by this ability will be lowered from 20% to 10%.
– Greater Reanimate Undead – works only on YOUR undeads, restores 75% HP (was 100%). Needs Lesser Reanimate Undead as prerequisite.
– Necromancer heroes and leaders (at level 9 for 7 points) have the ability Ghouling Strike: once per battle, can inflict Ghoul Curse (strength 9) and is a melee attack with +5 Physical +5 Blight bonus (was Inflict Ghoul Curse)
– Necromancer heroes and leaders can choose Convert Undead at level 5 for 5 points (was level 5 for 4 points)
– Leaders and heroes’ Control Undead has strength 6 (was 8). When Summon Banshee is researched by the player, its strength is improved to 8 for its leader (not heroes).
– Panic Attack and Mass Battlefield Panic – increased strength to 10 (was 9).
– Urban Cover now works on Infantry and Support too (except Succubus).
– Frostling Scoundrels now have Arctic concealment and Projectile Resistance on Bronze (as other scoundrels have).
– Structural Insight now moved to Rogue Class.
– Rogue heroes and leaders can choose Charm at level 7 (was 5) for 5 points
– Leaders and heroes’ Charm has strength 7 (was 9). When Produce Bard is researched by the player, its strength is improved to 9 for its leader (not heroes).
– School of Enchantment cannot appear in skill book before turn 10.
– Mass Stasis – spell strength changed from 13 to 11. On failure affected units lose 25% of move pts, not 50%.
– Mend Magical Being now has cooldown 2 turns and lost trait ‘Once per battle’ for Apprentice
– Fix for hidden +5 research bonus from laboratories and observatories if you learn Magical Structures before Arcane Study.
– Summon Fantastic Creature costs 100 CP (was 110).
– Denounce City skill becomes cheaper – tier 3 spell (was tier 4), research cost 300 (was 400), mana cost 40 (was 60) and maintenance 15 mana/turn (was 20).
– Leaders and heroes’ Convert has strength 9 (was 11). When Produce Evangelist is researched by the player, its strength is improved to 11 for its leader (not heroes).
– Theocrat leaders and heroes can choose Convert at level 9 (was 7) for 7 points (was 5)
– Training Regiment discount works on Warbreeds now
– Pounce ability (Tigran Manticore exclusively) – starts with 1 turn cooldown, targets can retaliate.
– Draconian Monster Hunters now has 14 fire range damage (was 11). Price increased +5 gold.
– Orc Archer cost is 60 gold (was 70).
– Draconian Raptor now has melee attack 10 physical + 3 fire (was 6 physical + 6 fire).
– Last Rite Of Winter doesn’t sacrifice Ice Queen now and cost 50 gold to cast.
– Halfling Nightwatch costs 45 gold now (was 50).
– Halflings have 15% physical weakness (was 20%).
– Jesters cost 70 gold (was 75).
– Jesters get High Morale on Veteran, Solace on Elite (was Scorching projectile and Explosive Death on Elite)
– Brew Brothers’ Nourishing Meal resets the counter on Farmers’ Throw Chicken.
Brew Brothers have Inflict Crippling Wounds
– Brew Brothers ignore ranged penalty
– Brew Brothers’s Nourishing Meal has an effect similar to Bolster on its target
– Halfling economic RG3: Lucky Cloverfields in the domain of Halfling cities generate +10 gold, +10 mana and +100 Happines. Haste Berries in the domain of Halfling cities generate +10 production. Sunflowers in the domain of Halfling cities generate +5 mana, +5 gold, +5 production and +5 research. Pumpkins in the domain of Halfling cities generate +10 gold and +10 mana (was only the Lucky Cloverfields bonus)
High Elves
– Class supports have only racial 20% blight weakness (was 40%).
– RG 1 Economic – settlers gain 15% discount (was 25%).
– RG 1 Economic – settlers gain 15% discount (was 25%).
Other Changes
– Fix for wrong description of Polearm bonus damage (IRL it’s +4, on display was +5).

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$eer Tournament story
Whisky alarm in france

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