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What are the best mods according to you?
Please rate all the mods you know from "To be avoided!" (-2) to "Must have!" (+2). Rate "Don't know" for mods you are unfamiliar with. Please vote only once. Links to the mods: shorturl.at/bkPW5
 To be avoided!Bad modNeutralGood modMust have!Don't know/No opinion
Racial Class Unit Reskin
PBEM and Single Player Balance Mod
The Old Man and the Sea
Empire Building Mod
Chivalrous Intention
More Colors for Coat of Arms
Racial Heritage Mod
Hero Development Mod
Shadow Realm Expansion - Content & Shadow Realm Expansion - RMG Integration
Extended Settings - More Game and Map Settings
Decodence - Map Editor Content + Decodence - RMG Integration
Racial Watchtowers
Extra Support Units
Hero Profession Mod
Insectoid Race
New Arsenal
Lost Library Revamp
Movement Orders First
Structure Reward Variety
Legendary Units

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