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Whisky alarm in france

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Gabthegab just got the price from $eer

The Story behind the whiskey and why I say its "the best in the world " (not the most expensive) is as follows :

The Master Distiller that has been in charge of making Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey has been doing it for a long long long ....time. This Bottle is a Blend from Many Different Years productions carefully blended together to make an incredibly smooth tasting Whiskey. It was Produced At the same time or just aftter the one known as "Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Whiskey " ( which is the one that won "best whiskey in the world " in this years World Sprits Awards.....
I have been working in the liquor industry for 10 years .... Have tried both...(and many other types ) This Final "Retirement" Batch made by the Master Distiller is the best I have ever tasted. They only made a very limited amount.

Enjoy GAB

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Thank you $eer our canadian tournament organisator!

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$eer Tournament story
SeeR has officially challenged gab the gab to experience his first loss in a 1v1 DUEL with estimated 26 - 30 mods

gab the gab may choose either live or pbem for this challenge

however $eeR thinks a live mp video might be super entertaining.....4

just food for thought