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As every year we met us in the LAN, this time (again) in Homburg / Efze, Germany.
Altogether we were 12 players, 8 in CIV and 4 in AOW, unfortunately we got some cancellations.

In AOW3 we played a total of 5 games, with 2 team games and a FFA game.
The other two games was a great game against 4 AI and a very fast game with three players.

Unfortunately, there were permanent problems with the Internet connection in AOW,
we hope for the next succession.
With next games from truimph is better solved (hopefully),
so that no internet access for LAN games is needed.

The next LAN will take place in 2017 on September 30th and continues until Tuesday to the day of German Unity. The places are limited to 15 and everyone is allowed to join, the place is confirmed only if a deposit Of 25 euros has been paid.

Interest - Then carry on -> here

Our LAN Winner is EARL1893

Thank to all aow players : blackcat, gladis, earl and mark
With lan income, the payment for the server is save 2017!

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Created on: 21.11.2016 at 12:01:53

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Published on Thu, 01 Jan 1970 01:33:36 +0100

Congratz to EarL! Nice to have such events, it's a shame Germany isn't closer from China!