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Top News

Live MP Tournament planned

join to get fast 8 players.

A Small Tournament is planned -> https://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=tourneymain&tourneyid=7
When the interest is good, we will increase to 16 and we will plan an 2on2 tournament too.

Rule Discussions

Live MP Tournament 2017

We will collect Live MP players in a nice live multiplayer random tournament.
The Tournament is limited to 8, when the interest is great, will be increased to 16 players.
We plan to play this tournament on MP Mod from griffith.

The map is random selected on medium size with ug.
Why random? Because players have to improve their situation on map and opponent and not after
a fix line of settings and not using advantages with own-defined Leaders on this fixed settings.
With this rule the standard rule, use another class/race on next game will not more obsolente.
It is a small tournament, just accept or not play!
When the interest is great an 2on2 tournament is planned too.
We will play classic turns!

Further settings are:
- Start town: Village
- Starting units: Weak
- Starting distance: Far
- Roads: Few
- Roaming units: Average
- Treasures: Average
- Cities: Few
- Dwellings: Few
- Ressource structures: Average
- Visit structure: Average
- Treasure structures: Average

-Water Slider at 25-40%
- Undiggable walls and Diggable Wall Sliders down to 15%
- All other sliders left untouched at standard 50 %

- Each Player is given a team number (two different teams, one for each competitor)
- Ironman Mode: on
- Seal Victory: off
- Unifier Victory: at 2 Beacons
- Tactical Combat Mode * Against AI: Autocombat
                       * Against Humans : always manual combat 
- Game speed: Normal
- Starting Resource: Standard
- Starting Skills: Normal
- All Heroes Have Resurgence: Never
- Defenders Strength: Normal
- Cosmic Events: Medium
- Maximum Number of Heroes: 2 (1 Leader + 2 heroes)
- Maximum Heroes Level: 13

- Map Exploration: On
- City Founding: On
- Random heroes match player race: Off
- Empire Quests: On

1. One round cannot exceed 2 week. If neither of the players won 2 week after
the start of the round, then one should surrender and take a screenshot of
the score and provide it to the judges. The team with the highest (combined) score then wins the match.
If scores are very close, the judges can decide that it is a draw and ask the players to replay
the game with a shorter (for instance 1 week) deadline.

2. Players can arrange whatever settings (e.g. no dwellings) they choose, but in the absence of consensus,
the settings described in the “In-Game settings” above are to be considered the default.
The team hosting the game is automatically and randomly chosen by the Battlefield website.
If for any reason (e.g. no DLC), the designated host team cannot host the game, then the other team does.
The host must take screenshots, preferably in windowed mode (showing the date and hour when the screenshots were taken),
of the settings and post them publicly (so that his opponent and the judges can access them) before the match starts.

3. If one player temporarily cannot play in the week of the round (e.g. because of holidays, or personal issues),
and warn the opponent reasonably in advance, then the player will lost the game, when a reserve date can not be found.

4. if the game is crashing, the game is to relaod between 10 min, or the player will lost game who will not appear.

5. When the game can not played, a third player have to host the game.

6. Banter and taunting is allowed, rudeness, swearing and racial (or other prejudicial) language is not. Repeatedly trolling will lead to forfeiting the match.

7. The decision of the Judges is to be respected. Players breaking the rules get a total of 3 warnings before being disqualified from the tournament entirely. Judges may disqualify a player without warnings if their behaviour is deemed to be completely out of order (e.g. racism).

8. Player must play the latest version of the game and the mod (exclude of Beta).

9. If you feel one of the rules had been broken, but you carry on playing without reporting to the judges, then you have no recourse.

10. Players should not voluntarily exploits bug or weaknesses in the game. Players should report any bug or exploit to judges or on the official forum when they discover them. Judges can decide to ban players using exploits from the tournament.

Arbitration process
The main judge is Markymark.
Others judges are welcome.
Latest News

Interview of Skuns453Lirik902 - finalist of the 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament

Interested in getting some insights into the strategies of some of the best players of AoW3? Want to know what they think are the best combos and units? This is the third of a series of 4 interviews with the players who qualified for the final phase of the 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament. This article and the 4th one will present the finalist and the winner of this 32 players tournament.

Skuns453Lirik902 is currently ranked #33 with 947 points on the Battlefield. His best ranking ever reached was #25 but he never crossed the threshold of 1000 points and is thus not yet considered a "Veteran" player, unlike Fistandantilus (see his interview in our previous article) or gabthegab, the winner of the tournament (who is actually "Master"). You might think he got to the final phase by accident and that's partly true since he did not face the strong No Life or Pothead Pixie but instead fought Blackcat (ranked #34) on round 3 of his 8-players sub-tournament because the two players dropped out of the tournament, and then the winner of the sub-tournament, Sjow, quitted too so Skuns was promoted to the final phase unexpectedly (see interview of Sjow). But that would be underestimating Skuns! Rated as a "Strong" player by xlnt and the top player gabthegab himself, Skuns is capable of beating top 8 players like Fistandantilus or Jonny Thunder. His high number of defeats (Skuns has also a win ratio of 23% - the worst in the top 40 -) is partly explained by his willingness to confront top players like cbower, SeeR, DarkRider, xlnt, Jean de Metz, etc. Unlike other players with high win ratio but few "high level encounters", Skuns faced the best and was sometimes not yet ready for them.
Skuns has a special affection for Frostling Necromancer, a combo he played 7 (or 8, a report is not clear) out of his 17 matches reported on the Battlefield. He tried it on the final against gab but was outplayed by his opponent's Dwarf Necromancer. In his other matches, he played almost all the classes (see his interview below for some explanations why), except Sorcerer, but seemed to have less success than when playing Necro.

The three other players qualified for the final phase all answered the same questions which the Battlefield team asked them and their answers have been already released (except for gabthegab, for which they will be soon). You can find the interview of Sjow in an article already published and Fistandantilus in last week's article.

Skuns453Lirik902's latest results  (many matches against top players... and many defeats! )

1/ First a little background on your IRL (if it’s not secret!): where are you from and how old are you?
Skuns453Lirik902: I live in Russia, Nighny Novgorod city. And I'm 32 years old.

2/ When did you start playing AoW and AoW3?
Skuns453Lirik902: I started playing AoW3 about 2 years ago. I had never played previous parts of this series.

3/ Do you usually play AoW3 in single player, PBEM or multiplayer?
Skuns453Lirik902: When I started playing to AoW3, I was interested only in single player games. But once I finished all the missions of the basic game campaigns with all DLCs , it was the saddest day because the great journey had ended.   I tried to play single player scenarios but after going through one of them, I realized that it was too boring.   Then I tried to play live multiplayer games. But with my bad internet connection, I was able to play only PBEM games. I played some matches and I liked it. However, I later fixed the problem with my internet connection and was able to play live multiplayer games. I started multiplayer with matches with the AI to practice. But I soon realised two things: 1) It's too harsh and too uninteresting to play against the AI with autocombat; 2) Almost all sessions were protected by passwords and I had no idea where to find them out.  So I continue to play PBEM games.  
Sorry for such an extensive explanation.  May be I should be more concise.

4/ How did you choose your combos during the tournament?

Skuns453Lirik902: From the start of the tournament, I did not quite understand correctly the rules of the tourney. I thought that it was not allowed to repeat combos during the tournament.   So I started the tourney with my strongest combo. 
Also, as it turned out, I was completely unprepared for the tournament with its specific difficulties (after playing Single-player mode). And I had to adapt with all of this in a very short period of time.    
So after my first tourney match I tried to find a new combo which could be as strong as my first one. These attempts were conducted in the tournament and outside it. 
Later I found out how wrong I was concerning tourney rules.  But for some reason it did not become easier to play.   Almost all opponents had their own strategy. Each of them brought to me their own difficulties.
[Editor's note: see more stats on the top combos in the meta statistics of the Battlefield]

5/ What is your favourite class/race and why? With what specialisations?
Skuns453Lirik902: My favourite class/race is Necromancer Frostlings. Necro - because it's not only the most powerful class, but it also has no morale penalties with any race even when you are evil [Editor's note: Necro's cities are not affected by Morale and thus by Race Happiness so the fact that you raze cities of that race or declare war to independents of that race do not penalize your cities as a Necro, though you do get Race Happiness penalties].   Also only Necro has 2 T4 unit, with the Archon Titan who could be easily converted (before PBEM mod [Editor's note: Skuns is refering to the PBEM & Single Player balance mod]).   And Necro is not Necro without Stiffen Limbs and Whispers of the Fallen.  Frostlings - because their starting army is the most powerful (for me) despite some weaknesses. With specialisations: Destruction and Fire. One of them has also master upgrade specs to have +5 addition Research Points.

6/ In your opinion, what are some of the best units by tier?

Skuns453Lirik902: T1 - Wisp (can floating and teleport), Spider Babies (especially Hunter and Vampire; can evolve), Tigran Cheetah (have the ability Pounce, very weak, but dangerous)
T2 - Pikemen like the Frostling Royal Guards (but some of them are T1) with their First Strike, Mammoth and Mammoth Riders (has some weakness, but also powerful melee strike, almost like for a T3)
T3 - Troll, Shadow Stalker (unkillable ), Shamans (especially Orcs and Tigrans), Draconian Flyers, Death Bringers 
T4 - all Dragons (especially Obsidian and Golden), Manticore Riders (especially Tigran), Dread Reapers (not so strong, but very dangerous), Juggernaut (devastating), all Eldritchs

7/ What was the hardest match you played in this tournament?
Skuns453Lirik902:The hardest match for me was most likely the first match against XLNT   In this match I lost my cities very early. And maybe if xlnt had not been afraid of my AI partner he could have won [Editor's note: when he hosted the game, Skuns did not understand the settings and set up a 2vs2 with 1 AI allied to each human; it was later decided to let xlnt and him continue the game like this; that's not normal Duel tournament settings]. But he lost many turns in vain while my Necro army grew. And his chances to win became smaller and smaller. 
But during the match with Jonny Thunder, there were also some hard moments. My main forces were sent to his throne. And my throne was almost not protected. I saw that his small mobility army was sent to my back but I had no such mobile units to catch and kill them. But I didn't expect that he would sacrifice all his stacks to kill my leader.   And I was so lucky that he lacked one turn to capture my throne when my leader was into the Void.

8/ What results do you expect for the 3 players in the final phase?
Skuns453Lirik902: I think that the result of final phase will be: 1) Gab; 2) Fist; 3) Me (without a single victory  ) .
[Editor's note: in the end, gab won as expected but Skuns beat Fistandantilus twice and thus ended up 2nd]

Roster of the final phase of the 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament

9/ Any advice for players who would like to improve?
Skuns453Lirik902: Only for PBEM! If you doubt in your skills, then you should investigate the classes with mind control specs first. And don't forget - never wage war with Dwellings.

If you're interested by more information about competitive plays, please check this piece of news: videos of competitive games
team 1

What are your difficulties when playing Necromancer?

Necromancer is one of the strongest class. Nerfing it for balance reason can make it too difficult for average players. This poll aims at better understanding everyone's difficulties with it.

The Poll was started on: 2017-04-05 18:27:20
The Poll ended on: 2017-05-06

No issue, Necromancer is very strong! (0% )

Lack of healing for Undeads (0% )

Lack of healing for heroes who became Undead after Harbingers of Death is researched (Arch Lich) (0% )

Lack of economic (gold, mana, research, production) bonus because of the lack of morale for cities, translating in a lack of economic competitiveness, especially in late game (0% )

Higher than usual losses against certain sites because of Fire and Spirit weaknesses (0% )

Higher (physical) damage taken by Ghouls due to their lower defense (0% )

Low population growth because of the way Undead city works (0% )

Another difficulty not listed here (and I'll explain here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/226840/discussions/0/133260492057660101) (0% )

Total votes

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