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How best to balance all heroes and their abilities and also make them more interesting?

In a previous poll, improving all heroes and their abilities came on top of priorities (my-league.com/games/273/downloads/screens/47398/273/149440595220170408_poll_directions-balance-mod.png)

The Poll was started on: 2017-06-03 12:11:32
The Poll ended on: 2017-07-03

Heroes and their abilities are fine, no need to change anything 1 (4% )

Create new top (and intermediate) abilities for classes lacking them (mainly Dreadnought) 15 (56% )

Boost existing lackluster abilities (e.g. Rapid Reload, Armor Piercing, Infiltration Squad, Bomb Squad, Tree Crusher) 18 (67% )

Reduce the upgrade points needed to choose spells to 4 CP except for very strong spells (e.g. Chaos Rift) 11 (41% )

Reduce the upgrade points needed to choose Casting Points (now, 10 levels and 49 points are needed to reach 85 CP for instance) 11 (41% )

Introduce sub-classes for each class (e.g. Monk, Paladin, Priest for Theocrat) to create new viable hero builds and prevent heroes from having all top class abilities (e.g. Convert and Divine Justicar would be in 2 different sub-classes) 12 (44% )

Slightly increase the cost of very good and always used abilities (e.g. First Strike, True Sight, Tireless, etc.) 9 (33% )

Rework the starting items to provide equal XP opportunities for all classes (e.g. 3-shots options for Dreadnought and Warlord) and limit the interest to kill starting heroes for their weapon (e.g. items replaced by skills, which cannot be stolen) 14 (52% )

Let heroes start with no combat spell but give them a few upgrade points on level 1 to compensate 8 (30% )

Total votes 27

News and polls are provided by the community. Interested in becoming a news writer? Contact our team

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  • 429 reports total of 526 matches

  • 42 active players of 147 players

  • 8 newcomers of 315 players

  • 112 Live-Multiplayer-Reports of 406

  • 294 PBEM-Reports of 406

Meta Statistics

Statistics are an important element to find out how balanced a game is. It is therefore important to submit as many reports as possible, since the more data is collected, the more appropriate the statistics are. Find out which setups were the most successful ones and which combinations prevailed against others. For example, if you found out that Rome could always win against Carthage, you would already gain a good indication of which nation you should choose. For professional players, knowing and using statistics to their advantage is a must.

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"Man only plays where he is human in the fullest sense of the word, and he is only completely human where he plays."

-Friedrich Schiller-

"My interest is in improving the website. For questions and suggestions, I always have an "open ear" for you. "

client 1 muffinmanWebsite

"I am grateful for every bug because you are reporting to me, for every idea, for every tournament that you want to do with us, so that we can be proud of our community! "

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" In France, we have a saying "little by little, the bird builds its nest", that sums up pretty well how we are relentlessly building the Battlefield with and for the AoW3 community so that it becomes its hub of services. "

client 1 Hiliadan Administration & English


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