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What direction should the Balance Mod take in the coming months?
Please choose all the answers you think are important (multiple answers allowed and advised!).The mod:
Possibilité Nombre
The mod balanced the game, no need for further balance 1 (3 %)
Converge with the live MP mod(s) 1 (3 %)
Decrease rewards or increase risks for high-level sites 10 (30 %)
Balance Seals and Unifier victory conditions 6 (18 %)
Balance late game (OP end-game spells, T4 abilities, etc.) 12 (36 %)
Make non-summon strategic spells more interesting 13 (39 %)
Balance Racial Governance (make all choices interesting and races more equal) 17 (52 %)
Make concealment strategies more viable (e.g. less True Sight units) 12 (36 %)
Balance further Necro (Whispers of the Fallen, some techs and abilities) 4 (12 %)
Reduce costs of unused tactical spells (Cunning Escape, etc.) to make them more viable 12 (36 %)
Make Emperor AI tougher, while avoiding ultra strong late game as much as possible 10 (30 %)
Balance starting (pre-researched) spells to make all starts more equal 9 (27 %)
Further balance "leveling and mind-control" vs "production" (reducing XP counters for T3 and T4, boosting production classes and/or increasing upkeep further for mind-controlled units, etc.) 8 (24 %)
Boost the class/race combinations that are currently weaker (e.g. Goblin Sorcerer much weaker than Draconian Sorcerer) 12 (36 %)
Make currently rarely used units more useful (e.g. non-cavalry units produced at War Halls) 21 (64 %)
Make all heroes and their abilities more interesting (e.g. boost Dreadnought’s late game abilities) 18 (55 %)
Make all Secret spells equally interesting (or at least make the worst ones more interesting) 12 (36 %)
Voix totales33